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Hey hey Enchanted Doll enthusiasts! Tune into CBC News Arts segment on Sunday to watch a 5 minute special on Enchanted Doll!

Mercedes Grundy with filmmaker Lisa Wu have made a short feature on me and my dolls. We filmed this piece over the course of two days at my home studio right before my knee surgery in February, and it was difficult keeping it a secret this whole time. The segment is airing on the show Exhibitionists, this Sunday at 4:30 PM.The video can also be seen on CBC’s website .

This feature contains a surprise appearance of my most recent and secret new doll Madame de Pompadour. She is slated to be auctioned off at the Luxeford jewelry auction in Hong Kong November 2016. The auction dates were moved from May 2016 to November because I got hospitalized for a knee surgery and missed the shipping deadline. Photos and story of Madame de Pompadour will be unveiled in May. Any questions regarding the auction itself can be directed to Luxeford

Thank you Mercedes and Lisa for making this film, thank you Ben Taft and Chad Isley for contributing footage, and thank you CBC for airing it!

I’m too self-conscious to watch it myself – I can never watch my own interviews – so you guys will have to tell me what you think about it.

How was it?


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  1. sarah says:

    Such a lovely segment! I do love how you confront the preoccupation that society has with labeling art or dolls depicting nude mature women as somehow vulgar-

    I think I hadn’t realized until this video how much you resemble your dolls!

    Madame de Pompadour- she is… wow, she is truly epic. I think the most amazing doll to date!

  2. Lynne says:

    Oooh just watched it!! It was fab short but very
    sweet! Loved the little glimpse of Madam P at
    the end, she is glorious x

  3. Jacci says:

    its a good piece. bringing the attention of the body image problem to the forefront is really what caught my attention. because it does affect so many girls and women. also, Madam Pompadour, all i can say is, that hair. wow. not to mention i love her tattooed hands holding that small gold ship. very cool.

  4. Sylvia Leticia says:

    I love it!!! And I love seeing You… how passionate You talk about your Dolls. Each one is part of your Heart. And now I have my own Enchanted Doll… and my Collection is complete ;-} *Thanks Marina*

  5. berthawong says:

    Will tune in for sure! Looking forward to see you and your doll live!

  6. Merri says:

    Wow!! Loved it! Marina you really should watch it….then you’d see how charismatic you are! What a treat to see Madame P. She is beyond words, surely your best doll yet!

  7. Gaynor says:

    Wonderful film. Madman P has surpassed all my expectations. Her face possesses such coquettish charm and the wig has a confectionery like quality to it – eye candy! Marina, your artistry is outstanding.

  8. Anthony says:

    Incredible <3….. It was filmed beautifully, I especially love the detailed revolving shots of the dolls….. Madame de Pompadour's surprise cameo was EVERYTHING I needed in my life^^…. Incredible Marina, just gorgeous <3

  9. Sonia Anne says:

    I enjoyed coming into your ” Magical Kingdom “! When you speak, we can see that you are very dedicated to your passion for dolls and love your work, very much. You don’t want them to be, ” just dolls ” but for them to have, meaning, substance and character and I love, how you portray this, in your special video. It was an honor, to watch your video and I hope, that in the future, you will be able to do more videos, so we can all capture and understand the true meaning, behind your beautiful Enchanted Dolls. Madame Pompadour is exquisite!

    I only hope, that one day, us Enchanted doll lovers, will be able to meet you and maybe, even have a tour of your Studio, where most of your hours are spent, creating, amazing Art! Your well, put together video, gave us a good idea.

    Good luck with your upcoming Auction, on Madame Pompadour!

  10. Елена Куртик says:

    Очень красивое видео! Действительно удалось передать волшебную атмосферу Вашего кукольного царства. С огромным нетерпением я жду фотографий Мадам Помпадур, хочу разглядеть ее подробнее. Но и то, что я видела, производит чрезвычайное впечатление.

  11. Syaron says:

    Splendid interview, Marina. It is so open, so honest and to the point regarding your work and the way your dolls are perceived throughout the world. They are adored, admired, and treasured by so many while others vilify and censor them. I am reminded of the stunning reaction to one of your dolls by Ebay when they censored her for nudity. Yet, one can buy all sorts of naked photos of real women on Ebay, unchecked . This reaction mirrors the way women are treated and portrayed throughout the world, today and through history. Idolized, terrorized, hated and loved, adored and raped and killed, sometimes loved to death. Your spoke so eloquently of this juxtaposition and the way your art reflects these conflicting relationships. It was perfect. And on another note, I have always enjoyed watching your hands in action. They speak for you, whether in the act of creation or the act of your discussion. Your expressive hands capture and display your innermost thoughts.
    Madame P is pure rapture.

  12. Crystal says:

    Lovely little video! Enjoyed seeing all those beautiful girls slowly being displayed. And wow, you have the best studio an artist could ask for!
    Lady P is magnificent! Her eyes are so sparkling! You have reached new heights yet again! You keep making each new girl more beautiful then the last! But how? when I keep thinking they could not get anymore beautiful! And I also think the blushed pink on the wig makes it so feminine and just adds so much more then if it had been all blonde!
    A jewelry auction is the perfect place for her! A stunning little jewel in her own right!

  13. Jayne Wourms says:

    Marina that was wonderful! I have always known how lucky I am to have one of your porcelain creations but I am truly counting my blessings today. Your were sublime. So pretty and you spoke so eloquently! You really do need to watch it and feel as proud of yourself as everyone else is. FYI-Madame P is sublime!! I will order an auction catalogue as a keepsake when the event get closer. Fingers crossed she is another record breaker (how could she not be?)!

  14. Елена says:

    Я наверное пропустила этот момент – но как звать этого очаровательного пса?)))

  15. Sonia Anne says:

    I watched Marina’s segment about her and her dolls on the Exhibitionist, on CBC and enjoyed it more and more, each time I watch it! I was over at my niece’s house and made sure that she found the channel for me, and my niece, her friend, my sister and I, all watched it. They did not know Marina’s Enchanted dolls and were utterly amazed! My niece said, I’m not really into dolls, but oh my gosh, these are beautiful! They also were amazed, that one doll could take up to 500 hours, to complete. After the segment was over, I told them a little bit, about Marina and her beautiful dolls and they all, really enjoyed it! It was a wonderful afternoon! And Marina was, especially charming, when she spoke. When I came home, I yet again, watched the video. Thank-you, Marina and Chad and to all, who made this happen!

  16. Sonia Anne says:

    Thank-you, Chad. It certainly made my day!

  17. Kiersten says:

    I finally got time to sit and watch it! It was a lovely interview! You did a great job, your ideas were very clear and thought provoking. Madame P looks SO stunning! And you looked pretty too :D

  18. Jasmine says:

    Congratulations! Marina, you’re such a wonderful person and it shows when you speak!

  19. Laïla says:

    Just watched it and it made me fall in love again with your dolls. You are beautiful to watch ! Mostly when working on your doll… it’s a delight ! You should do more videos like the ones you did for Cinderella. Thanks for the sneak peak of Mme de Pompadour, can’t wait for the photos !

  20. Alice in Wonderland says:

    So lovely to see you at work in your beautiful studio…the surrounding dolls can only be more inspirational to create new works…I will bid on Mme de Pompadour…just to be able to say I bid on your lovely creation and yet know someone will out bid me She will be someone’s treasure❣
    Why not sell a compilation of your videos on CD’s or include in your next book…love seeing your videos and your intense steps of the creative process.

  21. Crystal says:

    Well, I hope all is well.

  22. Katia says:

    Such a beautiful video! Your dolls make me feel and think about so many different things! They are so life enriching. Thank you for your art, Marina

  23. Jacci says:

    where in the world is Marina Bychkova ;) we miss you lady!

  24. Sonia Anne says:

    Marina, please let us know that you and Chad are ok. We do miss you! I do understand though, that you too, need ” time out “. xoxoxo

    • Jacci says:

      i’ll bet she’s on one of her summer vaycays. remember the videos she shares of the camping and white water rafting she does? those are fun to watch, so she may just be out having fun, taking a break from city life. though i know Chad does the videos, and makes them pretty awesome. so maybe we’ll see one soon about all the fun in the great outdoors.

  25. isaac says:

    are marina and chad ok? theyve been gone for months i hope all is well :( xox

  26. Beautiful work and brilliant technique!

  27. my-doll says:

    Good job and will be looking forward to see more from you in the future.

  28. Glynis says:

    Marina,a bit off topic from the doll,I went to quite a posh wedding over the weekend,always a worry what to wear ! I wore a very simple top and skirt and my Enchanted lantern pendant,I got soooo many compliments about it,I always forget how fascinated people are by it Anyway a few asked where I got it, I said I was really very sure you weren’t doing them anymore but gave them your website. I just thought I would let you know,so if any random requests start appearing you know who to blame !! Lol. Hope all is well with you and Chad.

  29. Greta says:

    I hope everything is ok with Marina and Chad…!

  30. Sonia Anne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving , Marina, Chad and families! I hope you don’t have as much snow as we have here, in Edmonton! Brrrr….

  31. Crystal says:

    Okay, I know there is an auction next month! When will the stage be set? We have to start the drum role!

  32. Crystal says:

    I did mean “roll”

  33. Anna says:

    That is a brilliant interview and a pleasure to watch. I love what you speak of and the concept of shame and the female body. It resonates so strongly with me. It wasn’t until I came across you work that I began to experiment with creating sculpture and indeed exploring the female figure. From roughly made small bjds to life size creations. Your strength and passion as an artist has made a huge impression on me. Subsequently it has given me the courage to go forward in new directions and by myself. You are brilliant. I accept I will never be as brilliant, however I love creating things and that is enough for me. Madame de Pompadour is so SO awesome. I have been imagining what it would be like to hold her, the little ships are gorgeous. The amount of time that goes into the dolls… It makes sense because they are so powerful. I have sorely missed looking at your work and reading your blog. It is such a pleasure. Go you! :)

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