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vision11This fashion magazine is based in Copenhagen. I just got it in the mail yesterday. It’s the August 2009 issue, so those of you living in Northern Europe might be able to buy it outside of Denmark this month.

This is one of my favorite features, despite the fact that it’s only one page long, because of the way the content of the interview is framed by the writer. The article features the photograph of the media favorite- The Bride of Frankenstein. Yup, they just loooove her. I think my other dolls are getting jealous of the attention she is getting.

You can read the full article here

In other news- I just finished that special tattoo I had mentioned a couple of posts ago. I’m rapid drying it so that it can go in the kiln this afternoon and be ready for painting tomorrow.

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  1. Huuurrraaay!! For both the magazine feature and the tattoo!
    It’s interesting to hear Bride of frankenstein is the favourite for media, there are plenty of reasons when I think on it.

    I just finished reading it, you’re right, it’s very good. I like the aspects they’ve chosen to linger on, and the points brought up. It’s a gret introduction to you and your work.

    You’ve got quite a collection of media now : ) You’ll need a separate shelf soon!

  2. annina says:

    ooh nice, i agree, very well written article! looks like a cool magazine, i had never heard of it before (but i almost never get out of the house). i’ll look for it tomorrow when i go grocery shopping, it would be really cool to find this one!

    i do think that you make the most beautiful toy in the world! ♥

  3. noxy says:

    Aww, loved the article! It was great! And yay on the tattoo! It’s got me curious though. Exactly what needs to dry before going in to the kiln? I don’t think I’ve yet grasped the whole tattooing process. Doesn’t squelch my excitement in seeing it though! Woot!

  4. Marina says:

    All of the parts need to get “cleaned”, aka sanded to create the nice, silky smooth finish of Enchanted Doll’s skin. This cleaning, or sanding is done in water over several hours. Tattoos are also engraved while the piece is wet. But wet parts can’t go in the kiln because they will explode or warp from rapid temperature climb.

    That’s why, Noxy, they need to dry for several hours before going into the kiln. They are in the kiln as I’m writing this. Tomorrow morning we will see what I’ve made. And whether it was worth my time.

  5. annina says:

    i would love an Enchanted Doll HQ documentary to get a glimpse of your work Marina! they could send it on National Geographic channel!

  6. Marina says:

    Oh, Annina, that’s very sweet of you to say that I’m National Geographic worthy, but i don’t think I’m quite that caliber. Yet.
    My career is very young. A fetus, really. I will need to wait and work productively for a few more years in order to get a National Geographic documentary made.

  7. annina says:

    hah if you say so Marina! of course you are constantly developing but i feel you’re already a (living) legend as a dollmaker and artist :>
    looking forward to that documentary, i just know it’ll happen!

  8. ~Mia says:

    I agree ! You are already a legend in the doll world -I am sure I am not alone in that opinion/fact(!)

    I’ve always loved that photo of you holding Echo-The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter!
    OOH! I think it would be neat (lots of work too) to arrange the dolls in a group and have you in the middle..that would be a beautiful photo too!

    I would love to see something like that on a full page magazine!!Our favorite doll artist surrounded by her exquisite creations!

    I also love the photo of you that Chad recently took holding up the book /book cover–you have beautiful eyes Marina!

  9. anchor says:

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