Enchanted Doll in Vogue Japan. Again.

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vogue 301

Just got this in the mail the other day! The Enchanted Doll/Lux spread is 7 pages long, with each one of my dolls representing a scent of Lux soap: Soft Luxury, White Charm, Floral Touch, Velvet Luxury, Dream Daylight.

Pretty Cool. Oh, and look, who is that hiding behind the page? Is that the new ebay auction doll? I guess we won’t know until I post her pictures next week… ;)

vogue 300

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  1. Anthony says:

    This spread is SUBLIME!!! I am in love with your dark haired beauty and the shot through the bubbles makes this that shot all the more incredible…. Just glorious!!! I have my copy in the mail to me as I type^^

    And yes, the first thing that caught my eye was that glorious creature. Marina, I am convinced she is the most beautiful Enchanted Doll I have ever seen, and that is hard to say since all of your beauties are so absolutely stunning in their own right, but that girl has stolen my heart and mind and has no intentions of ever giving them back I fear^^ I wait with bated breath to see her completion. Though I’m already a gonner for that girl… Dream of all dreams that girl is to me.

  2. Marina says:

    Thanks, Anthony!

    That girl’s been capturing hearts all over the place. And nobody’s even really seen her outside of Vogue yet.
    I’m saving her for something special. You just wait. ;)

  3. Marina how could you! Ok its just us three here…Please show me and Anthony a sneek peak close up of her…We won’t say a word..

    May I ask Marina, do you finish a doll and say to your self ” she is the best Ive ever done” and next doll is created and say to your self “No this is the best doll ever” They get better and better..

  4. isabel pacheco says:

    Waooo sublime Marina, very very beatifull.

  5. Sylvia Leticia says:

    ***PURE BEAUTY***

  6. Crystal says:

    The Vogue spread is so beautiful! Each of the girls is so different and individually give off their own special vibe and emotion.
    Your extrodanary ebay girl is going to set off so much nashing of teeth and pulling out of hair for so many! LOL!
    The craving and coveting will be excruciating!
    Looking forward to seeing all of her. Does tomorrow qualify as next week???

  7. Marina says:

    Tomorrow does not qualify as next week. Monday, on the other hand….maybe.

  8. Anthony says:

    Ohhh Marina please don’t give me something else to loose sleep over!! Isn’t the upcoming auction for my dream of all Enchanted Doll dreams enough?^^

  9. Ho-Ling says:

    Waoo !! it`s so beautiful!!
    could I ask which issue of Vogue Japan?
    Thank You~~

  10. kerrie says:

    Gorgeous work~! Thank you for sharing your incredible dolls.

  11. Oli says:

    She is the most beautiful doll I’ve ever seen!!!

  12. I’m dreaming of these gorgeous dolls! Beautifully displayed, in Vogue Japan. Now, to hunt one down???

  13. Maia says:

    Beautiful, once again! So very enchanted. I’ve already ordered a copy! Ho-Ling, this is in the October issue… the one with Tao Okamoto on the cover.

  14. Bertha says:

    I am so lucky to be able to see this book in person. The pictures are unutterably beautiful. The lay out, the dolls and everything is so pleasant to the eyes of beholder! Just love love them all!

  15. Thank-you, Maia! I just ordered a copy of Vogue Japan, too! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  16. Glynis says:

    Marina,it’s next week !! :)

  17. Crystal says:

    Where’s the doll?????? We all want to see!!!!

  18. She is so beautiful!!!!! I want so much to see more photos…Please!!!!!

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