Enchanted Doll nude going on ebay soon

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Dear Enchanted Doll Fans:

My Christmas gift to you this year is not only the launch of that elusive resin line, but also an ebay auction of a Porcelain nude doll!

It’s been almost a year since my last ebay auction, and I thought that perhaps it’s time to hold another one for my poster girl Ruby. It’s been a long time since I had made a Ruby, but she is one of my most beloved dolls and I really look forward to working on her again. I’m casting the parts today and plan to work around the clock in order to hold the auction around November 25th. That way she can arrive to her new owner just in time for Christmas. Gift wrapped and everything.

I’ll be posting shots of Ruby at every stage of the process as she progresses towards completion, so that you can get acquainted with her as she is born.

41 Responses

  1. Annina says:

    oh i bet she will be amazing and blow our minds! very exciting, and i wish i had really big money to bid along, i foresee a high price. time to play the lottery!

  2. Maura says:

    Oh, Ruby is my favorite (with Sapphire)! It will be amazing to see her birth step by step! And yes, Annina, it will be really hard to get her….*sigh*

  3. Amal says:

    Oh one can dream !

  4. Emily says:

    Dream, and dream, and dream.
    I adore Ruby!!!

  5. I am thrilled at the news of seeing progress shots, unveiling her creation… that will be so special!

  6. terri says:

    I can’t wait! I’ll be watching your every post!

  7. MigMig says:

    I will be following the project, although not the auction.
    Marina, it is great to see you back and posting all these wonderful news.

  8. Orangey says:

    How special, I look forward to seeing the creation process for Ruby, she’s really a stunning doll. I’m kind of afraid of the auction though, haha, I think many people are starved beyond recognition for an ED, we’ll see how it turns out! What a wonderful Christmas present for whoever wins the auction.

  9. Jessica says:

    Gosh, I love Ruby. I didn’t know you would make one again. I don’t suppose you do layaway?
    Sadly, I suspect she will be beyond me.

  10. Jayne says:

    My birthday is the 29th……..if only! :)

  11. Manü says:

    Wow what’s good news Marina, Christmas will bring to one of your fan a beautiful girl…..
    You’re Ruby mold is one of my favorite as everyonne here i think… i hope she will belong to someone who love her so much,that you do.

  12. Jon Songserm says:

    Ruby Mold always be my most wanted

    happy for one who get her!!

  13. Jean says:

    WOW! I´m looking forward for it! :) i don´t have enough money to bid …but still…<3

  14. Anne (UK) says:

    This is great news Marina. I’m excited to see the new resin line and the progress work on Ruby.
    As a very lucky Ruby owner myself I can only say what an absolutely stunning sculpt she is. I’ve had my girl for over two years now and love her more each day!

    Anne xx

  15. Helewen says:

    I look forward to see photos of Ruby at every stages of the process!

  16. swdolls says:

    How much are you selling your resin dolls? Do you have a set price already?
    Sau wei

  17. Mike says:

    How can i find your ebay auction online? I’m interested in looking them up, especially the moment you new one is available. Please let me know. Thanks. :)

  18. corinne says:

    chere Marina
    j’ecris de france pour vous dire combien j’admire vos poupées et votre travail,comment faire pour aller sur cette vente sur ebay?c’est mon anniversair le 23!…on peut rever!meme à bientot 52 ans!quel est le prix d’une poupée resine et d’une poupée porcelaine?j’éspére une reponse et vous souhaite toute la reussite que vous meritez