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Three is a profound number. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know the origins of its importance, but I intend to find out.

A third magazine this year has featured Enchanted Doll on its cover. Woo!

The cover girl is the Mermaid Song held in Chad’s hands, so Chad’s hands are sharing the spotlight with her. The magazine is called Tattoo Extreme. Inside, there is an eight page spread about tattooed, porcelain dolls. It’s printed in Taipei, Taiwan and it’s all about ink and body art. I’m very pleased that I was featured alongside some very talented tattoo artists even though I am technically not one of them.  The spread looks fantastic. I wish I could tell you where it can be bought in North America, but I don’t know. But you can go to their website and order a copy from there.

Stand by for more magazines

The spread can be viewed in my Published work section

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  1. annina says:

    congrats Marina and Chad’s hands! :)
    so cool that you are on three magazine covers already, fingers crossed for many more!

    ooh i love the photo with Mermaid song and Fiori together! and aaah, i’ve loved the photo with Mermaid song next to your sketchbook for months now, i always have it open in a tab to look at!

  2. Oooooo I agree, those new shots are a delight to see, especially the full-page spread of Siren and Peacock (Fiori)

    Congratulations marina, getting intoall these magazines must be thrilling you to little bits… but I sure bet you wish you knew how to read in about 20 different languages!

    Ps. 3 is a number that took on a great significance in many cultures and traditional Folk Stories. The king usually has 3 daughters or 3 sons, some poor peasant girl is given 3 tasks to complete, Cerberus guarding the gate of Hades will have 3 heads, etc etc… the church later adapted it as well.. with the holy trinity, which you are exploring yourself : )
    From an Art perspective, we were always taught that three is the smallest number for a “body of work”, two being just a pair and one a beginning.
    Here’s hoping it doesn’t stop at three for you, (which it won’t!)


  3. Marina says:

    Yes, I realize that three has been regarded as a very important number throughout history and across cultures and practices.
    I want to know why three and when it started. Exactly. Who decided it was important? Is there a physiological, psychological or mystical reason for this?
    Why three?

  4. miss LK says:

    Yay!!! ED featured in the Tattoo magazine from my hometown Taipei and my Fiori is in it! I have to ask a friend to get a copy for me.

    Congrats Marina and Chad!

  5. aneemal says:

    Congratulations! It must be nice to see your work appreciated by a wider audience.

    Like a lot of symbolism, the significance of the number 3 probably can’t be pinned to one origin… but, I like this explanation:

    ‘In the number three we have the first geometric figure. Three lines are necessary to form a planar figure and three dimensions are required to form a solid.

    Three therefore represents that which is solid, real, substantial, complete and entire.’

  6. Manu says:

    Congrats Marina,
    for your work in this magazine,your tatoo on your dolls is very and extremely beautiful,i never see something like that .
    now than i have my own Ed’s i can really appreciate all your details and precision of tatoo.

  7. noxy says:

    Congrats Marina! And congrats to Chad for getting his hands on the cover as well! I love the pics in the mag, especially mermaid song and fiori, and the one of Frei and Noir. So awesome

  8. ~Mia says:

    ~* ~Congratulations Marina ~**~

    I tried to purchase one, but it looks like
    they are not willing to sell unless you put
    all your info and even after that…
    they want cell phone number–which I do not have-
    oh well….

  9. Anelis says:

    in case you are interested, the third magazine is a greek one published every sunday by eleutherotupia (a greek newspaper) ^^

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