Enchanted Doll on the book cover.

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Extreme methods of Surviving is the title of this book in English, and the result of my very first attempt at a ball jointed, porcelain doll is on its cover. I made her in 2005 and she became my guinea pig and an ancestor to most of my porcelain dolls. I learned so much from this first doll. After I assembled her, I wrote a report to myself about the mistakes I had made with sculpting the joints and molding them and what can be done to correct them. She was followed by an intense two years of improvements and re-sculpts and re-tries until I had my techniques and methods more or less established. I’m still learning and improving of course, but I will never forget those driven, insane years in my journey to articulated porcelain dolls.

The book is authored by Marcia Bechara, from Sao Paulo and it’s coming out in Brazil this summer. It contains a compilation of fictional stories about survival of non-traditional and subjective obstacles in life. I’m looking forward to getting my copy of it, but unfortunately I won’t be able to read it unless somebody translates it for me.

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  1. Crystal says:

    I think it was an excellent idea to actually write down the mistakes you made. I realize the brain gets more and more skilled as we repeat a task but it’s really smart to be able to refresh your memory as to what it was you did or did not want to do again. After all I’m sure there must have been many steps in the procedure.
    Congratulations on getting on the cover!

  2. annina says:

    congrats on the book cover, sounds like an interesting book and this photo is very fitting for it!

  3. Melissa says:

    How great it is to see a pic of your first BJD in porcelain. And very interesting to keep a copy of your trials of making her and then each new doll until you came to the workable conclusion. Congratulations on the cover!

  4. Hey, Marina!

    Thanks a lot for this superbe picture. Everybody is talking about it here in Brazil, they are just loving it!

    The piece above is the official invitation to the launchment. I will try to translate some estories for you, for sure.


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