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Probably like many other girls, ever since I was little, I was infatuated with the notion of Cinderella’s lost glass slipper. It is probably the most magical and famous fairy tale in the history of all fairy tales, while the image of this supposedly  beautiful slipper is always so elusive and captivating and absolutely irresistible. I have a theory that the reason the tale of Cinderella is the most recognizable fairy tale in the West is because it appeals to feminine sensibilities with a plot line about romantic love, an extreme make over, a family drama and a pair of beautiful shoes. I believe there are currently a multitude of wildly popular reality TV shows concerning those exact same plot points. The formula works.

I always wondered what Cinderella’s extraordinary slippers looked like, and of course I always wanted to wear one of them, just one for some reason, as if the lost mysterious slipper was more magical than the completed pair. And now Cinderella’s lost slipper is found!


I’ve been getting requests to convert a Marie-Antoinette shoe into a pendant by drilling a hole in it, but I found that option undesirable, as the shoe was a bit to wide to hang flat around the neck. So, I modified a shoe by making it quite a bit smaller and narrower, specifically to be worn as jewelry. It can be ordered too!


There are two finishing options for Cinderella Slipper Pendant: in gray sterling silver(above) and in bright sterling silver (below).



There is also a flat-back slipper option, where Marie-Antoinette shoe has been cut in half. The advantage of a flat back slipper is that it sits flatter on the skin because it’s flat on one side. Also, it’s lighter than the full slipper and can be made into earrings. Here is the difference between a full slipper pendant and the flat back pendant:


This is a flat back Cinderella Slipper pendant in action:



There you have it. Cinderella Slipper Pendant.

I’m just about to mail out all the January shoe orders, and if some of you who ordered a pair of shoes want to have a slipper pendant added to your package, I can certainly do that. I only have a few of them on hand though, as this was my first casting. Those of you who were interested in ordering one please email me (inquiries@enchanteddoll.com). All the January shoes are going out tomorrow or Wednesday.

A sterling silver pendant is $120 CAD.

A pair of sterling silver earrings is $230 CAD

Which shoe is your favorite?

41 Responses

  1. J. David says:

    Such a darling design! I love it!

  2. Jon Songserm says:

    Love the desigh, may be it could adapt to cham braceletor ring to!

  3. Jayne says:

    You are a wicked, evil woman!!!! Off to empty my piggy bank.
    They are absoutely gorgeous! I was going to try and make my silver slippers into earrings, until I realised how heavy they were. I would habe ended up with ear lobes resting on my shoulders :)

  4. J. David McKenney says:

    what about one earring?

  5. Love love love love!!!!

  6. Jpost says:

    the grey silver finish! ohI wish I could afford this, so very lovely!

  7. noxy says:

    Ooooh they’re beauuuutiful!! My fave has to be the full slipper pendant in the gray sterling silver. They shall fall on my ever growing wishlist. *happy sigh*

  8. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I love this so much! I definitely like the gray silver full shoe pendant best. Honestly tho, I would like to have a persian slipper pendant, as it feels much more Cinderella to me. Someday, I’ll have a huge order for you Marina!

  9. MollyTheWanderer says:

    Oops, also this reminds me of that book I read when I was little “The Ballet Shoes”.

  10. O-ran-gee says:

    Oh my dear lord, why do you do this to me? Okay… I need one, they are so pretty. I’ll have to decide between flat or full shoe. I really appreciate that you thought of design first and worked to create something pretty and functional instead of just drilling a hole in the shoe and stringing a chain on it.

    I’m leaning more toward the flat shoe because I like necklaces laying flat on the skin, but hmmm, I don’t know yet.

  11. Jenny H says:

    Well done Marina! These are beautiful, and very flattering. I agree with Monika. Love!

  12. Habox says:

    Usualy I like gray, but today like bright sterling silver :=).

  13. Anika says:

    Absolutely darling!

  14. Annina says:

    ah so lovely, my favourite is the full shoe with gray silver finish!
    such a beautiful creation! ♥

  15. ranjiangzi says:

    It’s beautiful~~I like
    flatback in Gray silver finish
    haha,I have the same idea with you this several days,I even want to try to make the doll head necklace and doll hands earrings=-=

  16. Its me, I wanted a hole drilled or something so I could ware it on a chain..YIPPY YIPPY…..Its Xmas for me today…So could I please have the price for the Gray Silver finish (full shoe)Thank you! Could you please say out of what the chain is made of. Is it tarnish free…-_-

  17. Carmen says:

    I love the bright silver one, it reminds me of the glass slipper.

  18. Ya I think I would need the price list for the 3 types. Love! Love! Its crazzy cause I don’t ware jewelry at all, but this is special!

  19. They are more than beautiful designs

  20. Helewen says:

    They are beautiful! Now I “need” one, I guess I’ll have to save my money for a pendant and for a doll ^^. Is it possible to order the pendant without the chain or with a different type of chain? The ball chain is a bit fragile and it is a nightmare to repair so I try to avoid it.

  21. ~Jenny~ says:

    I’d love to see a shoe-ring on my hand. Seems to be a nice size to have on one’s hand.

  22. Astera says:

    These are all splendid, but my favorite is the dark grey full shoe. The dark grey offer more contrast and makes the motives more visible. The full shoe can be handled, tuned this and that way…and since I am always on a hurry, I would not have to be concerned about accidentally put it on the wrong side. Of the half shoe I really like the tiny decoration on the inside…will it appear also on the full shoe?
    …I love the way you worked the flowing motives of the shoe into the pendant ring, too. Great idea, great realization! :)

  23. Marina says:

    I’m so glad you guys like the shoes!

    Christine: the price of the pendant excluding the chain is at the end of the post. They are all the same price.

    Astera: there is no wrong side of the full shoe. Both sides are equally beautiful and pretty.

  24. O-ran-gee says:

    I’m so confused whether I want a full or half shoe… So confused.

  25. Marina says:

    I’ll put some more pictures up in a little bit to help with a decision.

  26. Astera says:

    Exactly, there is no wrong side in the full shoe! :) It’s perfect under any point of view! Easy choice for me! :D

  27. O-ran-gee says:

    Marina, I thank you <3. This is actually a hard choice. I just have a feeling the flat back pendant is easier to wear, and looks a bit better as a necklace. But I still like the pretty full shoe. I’ll wait to see the other pictures.

  28. An Bidault says:

    I love it! I love it! I want one!! I’m fascinated, I want one for my next birthday :D

  29. Lucius says:

    These shoes are beautiful, as is the rest of your work. You are a true artist, Marina.

    As for Cinderella’s shoes, Charles Perrault’s transcription of the traditional fairy tale may have mixed up ‘pantoufle de verre’ (glass slipper) for it’s homonym ‘pantoufle de vair’ (squirrel skin slipper). Glass slipper is more poetic though.

  30. MigMig says:

    Oh, oh, oh! is all I can say!
    Grey silver slipper is the one…

  31. Ya hoo! I justed placed my order for the Grey silver full slipper. So so happy. Thank you Marina

  32. Ok just noticed the difference. The half shoe is larger and has the full worked heal. As for the full shoe is smaller and has a simple heal. Darn what should I do…….na Ill stay with the full shoe..

  33. MissLK says:

    All 3 are beautiful!

    I’m partial to the little etching on the sole of the half shoe and the elaborate heel but love the sculpt of the full shoe…

    For the full shoe, do we get to choose the left or the right shoe or am I just crazy?

  34. MissLK your to funny. Right foot first!:)

  35. Katarina says:

    Lovely, they grey silver is my favorite


  36. ~Jenny~ says:

    I have one question about the sterling silver. How often do one need to clean it to prevent it from turning “dirty”?

  37. […] Some more shots of the three shoe pendants mentioned in my last blog post. […]

  38. Teddi says:

    Ohhh, These are beautiful!

  39. Jessica says:

    I loved it!
    I´m Brazilian and I´m your fan.

  40. […] Some more shots of the three shoe pendants mentioned in my last blog post. […]

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