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I’m pleased to announce that the Enchanted Doll tins have finally arrived and are now available for purchase!

It took four of us just over an hour to unload an entire container of these, but the next day I was sore all over and covered in bruises. A big thank you to our helpers- we would have there all day without you, and I would have been even more bruised.

Those of you who are interested in owning one or several of these beautiful tins can now place your order by emailing us at inquiries@enchanteddoll.com with the text “ED tin order” in the subject line.

Chad and I are leaving on October 2nd and will be gone most of month, so we only have two weeks to take and mail out your box orders before we go. We’ll do as many as we can manage, but feel free to place your requests while we’re away and we can process and ship them out once we return in late October/ early November.

Boxes are $49.00 CND each. Shipping will be quoted to your specific location and will depend on the number of boxes you want. If you are a Canadian resident in another province there is a 5% tax depending on which province you are in exactly. No taxes for international orders. Shipping is world wide.

Feel free to email us with any questions about the boxes.

31 Responses

  1. MissLK says:

    Hi Marina,

    You might not have the answers as yet but just curious… Are these 3 tins limited edition or there will be re-orders once the 1st stock runs out?

    They are very beautiful but secretly I’m hoping I will be able to order beautiful resin EDs to come in them one day so perhaps I will wait.

    ps. sometimes in 2011 I’ll be performing the uploading of my own products, too – better get in shape now;)

  2. Sarthak says:

    Hello, tried sending the mail but it just bounces back, i get the delivery failure notice, nonetheless, caould you please give me an idea as to in what price range would the dolls roughly fall into ?

  3. Suok69 says:

    Hi Marina.
    The resin line looks so real now. Especially with all these boxes unloaded. I have a great hope, that one day I will be able to order one of your dolls. I really apreciate you enthysiasm, endless talent and energy, that you put into your dolls. For some reason, your dolls make people happy, creative and very friendly. Keep creating and make us happy.

  4. Jon Songserm says:

    As Mill LK said I’ should wait until the Resin Line commin’ out, it so hard for me to stand for the feeling of epty tin.

    congratulations for your big step again!

  5. Marina says:

    Resin dolls will not be mass produced. Only a few will be made each month. Depending on where you are on the wait list, the wait for a resin doll may be at least several months and possibly even over a year. For the first year I anticipate that we will be operating on a one doll per person basis.

    Once the line is launched later in the fall, wait times can be estimated.

  6. shufang Hong says:

    I got this website coz i saw the photos from the blog of pixnet. just want to tell you. your works are really amazing!!  I like them very much!!︿︿
    And i had written a short article to introduce you to the readers of my blog . had mentioned about u and so does the copyright. ︿︿

  7. Manü says:

    Congratulations Marina
    Those box are magnifique, the design and the color are very good painted and i like the cartoon effect.
    i will order one when i get chance again to have a spot for ED’s
    Very good work and congratulations to all the team

  8. Annina says:

    did you change the address, is it really enquiries with an E? as it used to be inquiries with an I
    gonna email to both just to be sure!

  9. Annina says:

    yes the one with E bounced back.

    in my hurry i didn’t comment.
    this is so exciting and wow that is some picture of the unloaded boxes in boxes, that tweet of Chad comes to mind.

  10. Kim says:

    Love these tins; would rather wait to order one with my resin doll order.

  11. Orangey says:

    Wow, that is a lot of boxes, hah.

    I sent an inquiry, I’m still pondering between the two by Nati, hmmm.

    I can’t order a resin anytime soon, but a tin, yes, I want a tin~

  12. Hazel says:

    Congratulations! That IS a lot of boxes… Makes me wonder where in the world you’re going to store them! xD

    Sending you an email right away.

  13. Swdolls says:

    Hi Marina and Chad:

    I sent you an email request one ED tin about 2 days ago. I am wondering how do we know if you received our order request when we don’t get an email confirmation back from you? Is it possible to set up an automatic response in your email so we’ll know you’ve received the order?

  14. pinktink says:

    When I open a tin I want to see a gorgeous resin ED staring up at me… Sigh…
    Can’t wait for more resin info!

  15. Linda says:

    Congradulations Marina…..

    One step at a time. You are building your business & offering such exciting creations. Its wonderful to see what you will come up next.
    Your work is inspiring!


  16. swdolls says:

    I received my tin today. Wow, Enchanted Dolls are big dolls. I didn’t think the tin will be this big. love it!

  17. jo ellen says:

    hi i e-mailed enchanted dolls about the tins, how did you buy your tins? thanks

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