Enchanted Little Red Riding Hood

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At 3 years old, I first heard the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. At 6 years old, I made my first jointed doll. At 10 years old, I promised myself that one day I’d make a beautiful Little Red Hood doll. At 30 years old, I finally made it. It took me 27 years to go full circle. I feel like I’ve touched the origin of my being.


Do you want more pictures?

64 Responses

  1. mscorbett says:


  2. sandy says:

    yes yes yes more pics

  3. Joanna N says:

    Omg!! Yes , please, more photos!!! You get over with each new doll. This Little Red Riding Hood is so beautiful, so sweet face and the cloak…. breathtaking!!

  4. Ana Bidault Terra says:

    She took my breath away. Congratulations!

  5. Marilie says:

    She’s the perfect Little Red Riding Hood! I love all the little embroidered details. And of course, we always want more pictures ;p

  6. MollyTheWanderer says:

    Yes I want more! More! Her shoes look new, her hood/cloak is lovely, I want to see what she’s wearing under there! So awesome!

  7. Tisha says:

    I’m in awe of her … BRAVO girl !! I have a new
    FAVOURITE …. Just like that :)

  8. Andrea says:

    YES PLEASE!! I love it :)

  9. Wombat says:

    Your creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful, as always.

  10. Rosana says:

    Marina… this is pure magic. Gorgeous!

    More pictures?! Oh yes, please!!!!!

  11. Zoë says:

    oh my goodness more pictures PLEASE, her face is just majestic! Her beauty makes me tear up literally…

  12. Orangey says:

    Dang woman, give us a warning will you?! This is so stunning, all of the pretty details for my eyes to see *_*. Ahh, I love the golden accents of her outfit, her beautiful shoes. Truly another masterpiece, her face is a vision of beauty also~


  13. Hazel says:

    More pictures? YES PLEASE.

    And then some more. :)

  14. Katie says:

    Beautiful! *sigh* little red riding hood was always my favorite :)

  15. Jody says:

    Wow! She sure looks mischievous ! Very compelling! More pictures, please!!!

  16. Kat says:

    Oh, my! I’m truly begging for more pictures..of the doll, of her stunning cape, of that yummy basket, …more, pretty please!

  17. Marina you are wicked! More pictures..well ya! The lantern pure magic……. formidable!

  18. Liz says:

    She have become one of my favorite dolls so far. The dress is a masterpiece, goes well with her fragile face and blond hair. More pictures, please!!

  19. Glynis says:

    Errr do we want more pictures??? YES , oh I mean “yes please”!! Stunning absolutely stunning

  20. Amoreen says:

    Marina, once I wrote you that your dolls make me feel like they were all that I dreamt of since I was just a little girl. And now, when I saw these pictures, I understood that fact even more, with all its power! Is there any word in english or russian (whatever ;-), that goes beyond awesome, beautiful, endlessly gorgeous, moving,or anything exsists?… She’s to die for! I even have very similar picture of Primavera with red hood that I put her with paint. just don’t know how to put the link…I am confused now, Little Red Hood will probably become my number one… My beloved Primavera, will you forgive me?…
    Marina, if you don’t want to all your fans to have a heartattack… have you considered to stop to make dolls?… ;-) Just kidding, she is absolutely amazing. Not to mention extremely suggesstive posing for the photos! And that little lantern… I am totally IN LOVE! More pictures, please!!!!!!! And… maybe some video? Please!!!!!

  21. Amoreen says:

    If I’m not wrong, she’s wearing slippers without any ornament, isn’t she? And… how did you put the light in that little lantern?

  22. Niiv says:

    She is awe-striking! Exactly how I pictured her… So fragile and yet so strong, a beacon shining in the dark and the mischief in her eyes is beautiful. Her cloak is an absolute masterpiece, I love the deep red combined with gold and pearls. The use of the lantern is superb. As Tisha said above, a new favorite. More please!!

  23. Eiko says:

    She is gorgeous. I’d love to see more photos.

    I think she is one of my new favourites. Will she be for sale?

  24. Marina says:

    I might put her up for sale eventually.

  25. Ali says:

    I’m so happy you finally got to make her! I’m so excited about her, and she’s just lovely! ;O;

  26. pookah says:

    the doll is a beauty but it is not a surprise (because all your dolls are stunning)
    what I absolutely love is the story behind it, about this artist’s life circle. (sorry if my English is weird)

  27. jacci says:

    she’s beautiful. i love the lanturn pic. definatly please post more pics. btw, there is a great series of books on faerie tale women who arn’t damsels in distress and one is called Red Hood’s Revenge. a very different take on Little Red Riding Hood. the books are by Jim C. Hines. just thinking of the darker meaning behind the story of Little Red Riding Hood reminded me of the book. you make so many beautiful faerie tale dolls just thought i’d mention it

  28. joycewjy says:

    what a beautiful girl!i love her beautiful face and honey brown hair.your dolls always make people crazy!!i wish i could have your doll one day.

  29. Nada says:

    This one is so enchanted. One of the best ever in my eyes. The Yoga girl?

  30. lavandula says:

    absolutely stunning!

  31. Jayne says:

    Seriously, do we want more pictures? Hell yeah, bring ‘em on :)
    Marina, she’s divine♥♥♥

  32. Amal says:

    If you weren’t a dollmaker, I imagine you’d be in real demand as an Art Director for film… this version of the cape is way more magical than the one in the most recent Red Riding Hood film, with Amanda Seyfried, although I did like the really really long train on that one…

  33. The Old Maid says:

    Yes, please! She is awesome!:)

  34. Merri says:

    No wolf would want to eat THIS Little Red Riding Hood…..he’d be too mesmerised by her beauty!!

  35. Sabrina says:

    Love her, love her, love her!!! :)

  36. Crystal says:


  37. Kate says:

    Ahhhh I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see your little Red–but not 27 years :) I just knew it would be amazing, and she is! YES of course more pictures! Love the lamp and little basket and does her cape have hand pockets? So so precious. I will be squealing all day now!

  38. Kate says:

    Re: Amal

    Yes, I dream of an Enchanted Doll stop motion animation movie someday!! :)

  39. She’s wonderful. Doesn’t it feel great when you accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do?

  40. Dollutional says:

    Truly amazing. She is lovely.

  41. Vocalmaid says:

    Да,нам мало уже фотографий,хотим кино!!! Пора выходить на широкий экран с каким-нибудь известным талантливым режиссером. Нетрудно догадаться,кто это мог бы быть… И композитор тоже согласится его любимый как только они вдвоем увидят это чудо))))

  42. Alivtina says:

    it is peerless! I’ve never seen a better red hats than this! I would like more photos, please. It is fascinating!

  43. Amelia says:

    Marina, this is your most breathtaking doll yet. Congratulations on yet another design done perfectly!

  44. Aeroksana says:


  45. Sailor orbit says:

    How is she able to hold the lantern? Are her fingers that strong?

  46. Sailor orbit says:

    Oh and please take close ups of the jewelry and purse.

  47. Marina says:

    Trick photography.

    Lantern is quite heavy. It’s suspended on a fishing line from a rigging above the set. A cake candle is burning right behind it to produce flame. Both have been skillfully edited out of the shot by Chad. I’m shining a lamp onto the doll from the left just out of frame, to create a warm glow supposedly given off by the lantern.
    Also, Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

  48. I’m intrigued by the little slip of her shoe peeping out from beneath the cloak too, looks like a new design!
    I’ve always loved the tale of little red riding hood, and thought a cape for one of your dolls would be a fantastic idea

  49. Sonja says:

    This is one of your best dolls and you chose the just right shade of red for the cloak, it’s not too bright, pink, purple or dark, but the perfect “default red”. The embroidery is very beautiful and I can’t wait to see what she wears under the cloak since knowing you it will be an absolutely perfect yet unexpected enough to make you red ridding hood stand out.

  50. Eva says:

    Oh my god… is that made of real silk velvet? O.O

    I doubt anyone else is going to say no, but I’m definitely going to add my voice to the chorus of “yes please more pictures!”

  51. Aeroksana says:

    This trick photo is STUNNING!
    You just wizards with Chad!
    Honestly, I thought that there really is lit a candle, like a doll Chandelier. This is how I unreservedly believe you :)

  52. Maia says:

    BEAUTIFUL! For lack of better words….

    Of course, we would all love to see more pics. Love the posing and also photography. Stunning!!

  53. Ali says:

    How could you, Marina? Revealing all those amazing photography techniques, /and/ ruining Christmas all in one comment? If the sight of these dolls hadn’t already broken my heart, I’m sure that would have.

  54. Isabella says:

    Red Riding Hood was my favorite story ever.
    My brothers tell me often , that when I was four years hold I was trying to tell the story and when I started to say:
    Once upon a time there was a little girl who was called Red Riding Hood …
    My brothers strated to had fun on me, saying no it was green or yellow or blue!
    I was so mad that I was starting again and again from scratch!
    Can you belive that I’ve never managed to finish the story!!! I like your romantic version the design is gorgeous!

  55. Annina says:

    i was gone for some days, what a joy to come back to her, she is beauuuutiful.
    i love her cape!

  56. Marina says:

    Sorry, Ali.

    But I’ve got another revelation for ya, in case you haven’t guessed it yet. For someone who makes pretty dolls for a living, I’m kind of a cynical person.

  57. V says:

    omfg, shes ridculously gorgeous.

  58. Annina says:

    is SHE the extra photo in the second edition of your book?
    she would go so well in any book, ah if you still did prints, i would get one of her!

  59. Sissym says:

    She is SO beautiful.

  60. Shynii says:

    Just found this and my goodness is she beautiful! So delicate looking

  61. Marianna says:

    She’s so beautiful, Marina… Im wordless…
    i just love her! I love the beautiful gems you put on her cloak, and yes the red cloak is just stunning! :)
    She’s the perfect Red Riding Hood.
    Your dolls have been enchanting me for a long time… No wonder they are called Enchanted Doll!

    PS: Очень красивые куклы!
    Я буду ждать любых новостей о Красная Шапочка! Кроме того, если она на продажу плохо с нетерпением ждать ее покупке, если вы будете продавать ее.
    Марина <3

  62. Alejandro says:

    This doll makes me stop each time I come visit your blog. She’s magnificent, she looks so fragile and delicate. Lovely outfit and the embroideries add more magic to her enchantment *(n_n)* I dream about having such a treasure in my hands. I love your work.

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