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This preliminary announcement is to signal the beginning of the Second Annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest!
That’s right, as a part of celebrating my birthday, I am giving away one nude doll as a present to one lucky winner of the contest. My last year’s birthday contest was so rewarding that I decided to not only to give away another doll, but do it every year from this day forth.

The Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest is now an annual event. And a talent competition.

The general rule for entering the contest is simple: Make something in the theme of Enchanted Doll and send it to me as a birthday gift. The entry that blows me away, will take the winning prize of Nude Enchanted Doll.

The competition is open to any media: drawing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, doll art, writing, poetry, illustration, animation or film. Any form of creative figurative expression whatsoever. If you think you can come up with a math or physics equation for Enchanted Doll-go ahead and enter it, if you believe you should write a ballad about Enchanted Doll-do it, if you know you can bake a delicious Enchanted Doll cake and deliver it to me for my birthday- then go for it. Mmmm!

Bottom line is that you can use whatever talents you have to create something beautiful and my favorite one will take the prize.

This is the general information you need to know to get started on your entries. I will make a more formal announcement with info and deadlines later this week.

Now, let’s make beautiful things.

56 Responses

  1. Maura says:

    What a sweet tradition you started! An exchange of gifts for you B-day…*starts thinking furiously*…hope to come up with some good idea soon! Thanks for the opportunity ;)

  2. Kasia says:

    I’m fond of your dolls, byt can’t afford any of them =) I’ll try to switch on my creativity to produce something interesting =)

  3. annina says:

    that’s so cool, i’ll start writing down ideas!!

  4. Marina this is too cute. And all I can do is laugh, I think I premonitioned your competition…. but I’ll definately think something up for your birthday. A good way for all us fans to show our appreciation of this little porcelain world you’ve created for us :-)

  5. Hazel says:

    Oh, I’ve been hoping for something like this (since it would take ages for me to afford an ED due to my current employment situation)! There are so many talented ED fans but I’d like to try anyway. Thank you!

  6. MissLk says:

    This is a beautiful invitation and a sweet challenge. Marina, you will be flooded with packages that the local post office will start an investigation :)

  7. Helewen says:

    It’s really generous to make the contest an annual event and making something on the theme of enchanted dolls seems like so much fun! My head is already filled with a tone of ideas :D

  8. Laura says:

    Wow, what a beautiful idea!!!!! I need to seat down and think about it very deeply. Marina – you are very generous person. Thank you for this opportunity.

  9. Heidy says:

    Oh my, this is great! I really love this!! I hope I have a nice idea soon!! Thanks a million Marina, you’re creative, generous and great!!

  10. noxy says:

    This is wonderful news! So glad to see this year it isn’t just an entry form and a forum post! I’ve already got ideas shooting through my head… can’t wait to read the official announcement. Hehe. :D

  11. aneemal says:

    Oh my! What have you let yourself in for!!! I don’t envy you when it comes to making a decision!!!!!!

    You’re going to get more gifts this year than all the other years put together!

    Will the entries be anonymous… so that the winner will be a suprise to you too??

    Thanks for giving us hope!

  12. anima says:

    Looking forward for the results and crossing fingers !!

  13. wd_kimmy says:


    When is the deadline?

  14. Claudia:S says:

    I am in!
    Great idea!
    Not only you will bet getting many gifts, but it will be so interesting to you to see what we will come up with, having your dolls as a theme! Really great idea!

  15. Brigitte says:

    How wonderful and exciting! :3

  16. Andrew says:

    It’s on!! the mind is up and running….you’ll be getting a lot of wonderful things this year!!


  17. usghi13 says:

    Where should I send the present?I don’t know the address.Can we send more than one?

  18. Cay says:

    Wah ! So cool ! What a good idea ! And it is so exciting !

  19. Manü says:

    Always Marina the Generous, even if i already have my own enchanteddolls i decide to participate, of course i would like to leave the place for someone who dream to have one.
    but when you have one ED’S you would like to have more, and only life know, the contest will be more fun this year.i’m waithing the annoucement, but is that mean that we have to send you the project before your Birthday, and could it be also a enchanteddolls costume, or an accessoires, thanks Marina for your kindly gift to the one who will win, Take care

  20. Tirelessartist says:

    Марина, извини, твою тему закрыли, так пишу сюда. Но не выдумала же я про падарки (цитата из твоего же блога “send it to me as a birthday gift”) :)
    Знаишь для меня Ñ‚Ñ‹ долго была примером как кукольника так и бизнесмена (бизнесмена даже больше), но то как Ñ‚Ñ‹ подала эту идею конкурса – вызвало улыбку. А твоя реагция вызвала улыбку ещё по больше. Ненадо так реагировать, не все же в этом мире враги… и не всё деньгами мерят ;)

  21. Alanielle says:

    Thank you for a great possibility to give you a part of my inspiration with your dolls… and to have a chance to win this wonderful piece of art!

  22. Anne (Paris) says:

    Great idea Marina!

    Depending on the deadlines, i think i’m gonna try something!

  23. Erin says:

    I keep meaning to draw one your dolls. I guess this is my incentive :)

  24. silvana says:

    Hum!!! You are so very creative. I love this idea and i take the challenge!

  25. Orangey says:

    Oh lord, I need to try this! I was just thinking about your last contest and decided to check if you were having another one. This new tradition is wonderful. I know there are many talented folks that love your dolls, I’ll just have to try my best *_*

  26. Tatiana says:

    Здравствуйте Марина! Мне нравятся ваши куклы, а дочь вообще по ним с ума сходит. Хотела бы для нее куколку попробовать выиграть, но не пойму по срокам. Сроки конкурса не смогла найти где обговорены.

  27. Ilona says:

    Great idea! And inspiring! xxx

  28. Cheryl says:

    Hi Marina

    Happy Birthday!

    Oh my goodness, I have admired and adored your beautiful enchanted works of art for some time now, and have only dreamed of actually having my very own! This is a wonderful thing that you do and cannot wait to see how creative everyone and myself can be…..

  29. Hagny says:

    I’d like to see previous winner’s work :)

  30. Sarandipitty says:

    Oh Marina!

    I am so excited about this I can’t even begin to express it. Ingenious idea you had as usual. We are all inspired by your work but making you presents takes it to an entirely new level! I so wanted to win last year but didn’t have the time to be very active on your forum. By the time I could read through all the interesting discussions I was out of the loop entirely and could not keep up.

    I already know exactly what I am going to make!!! So excited!!!! Even if I don’t win, I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    :) Sara

  31. Lindsay says:

    Wow, I’m so nervous and excited *_*. I have all these ideas flowing through my head, but I don’t know which to do. I know there will be lots of great things coming your way, so I’m a little discouraged, but I’ll try anyway. There’s always a chance. :] I can’t wait for additional information!! I’ve adored your dolls for so long, Marina, that I’ll be terribly sad if i don’t win :[ But I still can’t wait to see what others have to offer. :]

  32. Zoloe says:

    Oh great contest, i adore this amazing dolls.
    Go to drawing^^

  33. elyse backman says:

    does any one know where to send the birthday gifts im 1/2 finished with mine and started thinking about how to ship it and got a little concerned

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  35. Natalia Vazquez says:

    Marina:gracias por el sorteo que haras me gustaria mucho ganarme la muñeca de porcelana ya que me encanto es tan bonita es la mejor que he visto.

  36. Takuya says:

    I’ll take my chance too!
    It is a great idea to organise this contest!
    I realy hope that i will find an idea that you will appreciate!

    Thank for giving us a chance to have one of your amazing dolls!


  37. toysurprise says:

    ok honestly i need to be one of these dolls …

    its just kinda destiny it hot doll form


    consider my request please

    and umm

    amazing work done here

  38. Lumina says:

    Hey, haven´t been here for a while… Wish you all luck, I don´t have enought talent to make anything half as beautiful as ED… :) bye!

  39. Adriàn says:

    Hola :D
    yo… comenzare a hacer algo muy especial para ti, tus muñecas me han inspirado muchisimo, de hecho cuando termine de ver la pagina chequee los demas enlaces a ver si conseguia mas de tus obras de arte, y por gran suerte vi el link de el concurso, gracias por la oportunidad.

  40. Natalie says:

    Wow! You are going to be snowed under with amazing stuff. I hope i can come up with something at least kind of cool. Thanks for the opportunity:D

  41. Марина, Вы снова исчезли. Почти две недели назад отправил Вам пробный платеж. Ответьте, пожалуйста, на почту.

  42. Crystal says:

    When are you going to put some new stuff on your blog? Getting anxious!

  43. Marina says:


    Deposit has been received. Waiting for your reply.

  44. Jon Songserm says:

    I really interested about this chance
    But I think I never win.

    I m just a normal poor guy who love your doll
    I will do something to show how inspired which I have from your “Dollther”

    you will see. (even i never win this chance!)
    HBD! from KhonKaen, Thailand

    Ps.I would like to see ED costume Thais version,if it possible

  45. daniseyu says:

    wow,sweet idea~i think im going to take part in it.and how can i send u my work?cause im chinese and my english isnt that good,lol

  46. Leah says:

    How do we enter the contest Marina? Do we just send you a picture by e-mail, or, how does that work? Maybe you send you the actual project by regular mail? I would like to enter though, it sounds like a lot of fun :D

  47. Adrian says:

    Marina, when you published new information?, y dony know if i have to send to you by fisic mail, o a photo in internet….

  48. Claudia:S says:

    I was assuming we had to send it by regular mail, since it was supposed to be a B-day gift – so I was waiting for more info. Now I am not sure… can it be a photo sent by email? Is the contest still on?

  49. sigma82 says:

    Marina your doll are just amazing,so beautifull,so gentle…
    Oh I would really like to buy one,someday…when I get rich,LoL
    Well I Guess I try to compite with others,who knows maybe I’ll get it?
    I really love the Edie doll,she looks so much like my yonger sister!
    Whell actually I just had a thought-she allways used to be my doll,I’d make clothes for her and dress her up,still do,how interesting…could it be destiny?

  50. sigma82 says:

    Is it you celebrating Enchanted Doll Birthday?
    Or is it your birthday?Ahahaaa…LOL
    Happy Birthday to both you and your lovely dolls!

  51. Cun10294 says:

    I’ll join! Thought, I’ll never win but I still hope you’ll have a happy birthday!
    P/S: When’s the dead line?

  52. Rogelio says:

    god sorry for never leaving a comment in here, this seems like a great opportunity for those of us who have no luck at all (or monetary meant to buy one), at least this is not random, thank you Marina for this amazing opportunity to all of us (your fans) hopefully i will create something pretty enough for you.
    and since i am here i would like to wish you a happy new year its almost here.

  53. rico says:

    Shhhh, every body. Marina is very busy right now counting her money. She will get back to you all right away. Now, move on.

  54. Taniusa says:

    HI Marina. I love your doll.I know, when I will have such beauty, I’ll be the happiest in the world. My dream is to learn how to make such dolls herself and to compete with you…

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