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Skyler lives apart from my other dolls, on a bookshelf that houses my precious antiquarian collection of Sulamith Wulfing books. It feels right for Skyler to be there, because I consider her to be a sort of an indirect descendent of Sulamith Wulfing’s work. She was created in the spirit of Wulfing’s unique illustration aesthetic, which informs much of my own work and is present to at some level in each and every one of my dolls.

When I was a little girl, I believed that my toys came to life and went about their own business at night time, freezing back into inanimate objects in the morning. This seems to be a very common delusion for children, as if it’s some kind of a necessary, early childhood developmental mechanism. Kind of like Lacan’s Mirror Stage theory. I wonder if there is a psychoanalytic theory by any scholar that would explain why many kids engage in that phantasy of living toys? Anybody childhood physiologists here that have an explanation?

Well, I no longer believe in the living toys nonsense but for some reason, a force of habit perhaps, whenever I pass by my favourite bookshelf on the way to the kitchen, I always glance at Skyler involuntarily to see if she’s moved while I slept. I roll my eyes whenever I catch myself in this silly act, but I know that the next time I’m heading to the kitchen, I’ll be looking for it again.

I think I’ll go make me some tea.

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  1. Iki says:

    How utterly lovely of you, i’m not a physiologist, but i believe we all need sometimes to believe or expect some kind of magical incident in our lives, and children due to TV and books are more into believing in magic, but again how lovely!!!!!

  2. Anthony says:

    That is so sweet Marina^^ I too believed my toys came to life at night, and thought my sisters dolls were fairies that would protect me at night and keep the bad dreams away^^ I guess that’s why dolls hold such a special place in my heart even as an adult.

    Skyler is such a special girl. She TRUELY possesses such an other worldly quality to her. I never thought dolls could posses auras, but seeing Skyler and the rest of your Enchanted masterpieces on person has made made me a believer Marina <3 When something is made with as much love, care and attention as you pour into these beauties of yours it resignates. Skyler personifies that.

  3. Annina says:

    perfect place for her to sit at, she is so beautiful and her dress is a marvel!
    I’d love to look through your collection of antique Sulamith Wülfing books, if you ever feel like it, I’d love to see your favourite page in your favourite book!

  4. Sonia Anne says:

    I used to talk to my dolls and really believed that they talked back to me! Your Sulamith Wulfing books look very interesting especially with Skyler perched on them! She is simply gorgeous!

  5. kira says:

    This made me think of the Christmas Toy movie where the toys came to life at night. I really loved it as a kid.

  6. Binnur says:

    My favorite movie to watch during the Holidays is “Babes in Toyland, the 1934 version,” with Laurel and Hardy. I used to watch it as a child and now I watch it with my family every Thanksgiving after our meal. It’s basically a very childish, silly plot until the wooden soldiers come alive at night and the marching music kicks in. This is when I still get goosebumps and the child in me wakes up once again. We all need a little magic in our lives , and whatever brings us there, is what we need to nurture. There is a basic deeply rooted desire in all of us, I think, to go back back to that special place where everything is still possible and the world is a wonderful place once again. A little magic and wonder is much needed medicine for the soul….

  7. Sabrina says:

    My boys always say that my dolls are watching them- except for Orchid Echo- they like her. :)

  8. ziggytaku says:

    Heh i guess i am not the only one lol and not the first one too ^^
    There is many kids who do believe for toys to come alive at night and it is magical and cute ^^
    I believed it too and i loved to imagine what adventures they had ^^
    I talk to my dolls as they could here me and understand, i still do ^^
    My hubby call me a little girl lol and fined it cute that i like dolls even if i have kids now ^^
    I know some people fined it silly or even strange or very childish but ill say i rather to be childish than to bundle up with all the troubles and be a grumpy old person like ^^ no offence to those who do….
    I want my kids and grand kids to remember me like fairy old lady with a sweet smile and childish laughter and i will tell them the enchanted story’s fill with wonders and adventures so it will be pass one to there children and to there children and so on ^^
    Life is beautiful and childhood is but a fairy tale and dreams and world wide wonder ^^

  9. MissLK says:

    This is exactly why I fell for your creation. The enchanted dolls have souls. They reflect our souls and our yearning for company.

  10. Tatiana says:

    There is a belief, that what we see is only one side of the world (material), but there’s also the world of energy, which is populated by other creatures. They don’t see our world the way we do, but they are extremely curious. And when we pay much attention to some material thing, give it our love and speak to it, this thing is filled with our energy and becomes visible to those creatures. They fly nearer, land on this object, warming in the rays of our love and attention, listening to our words. When we set this object aside, they fly away, repeating what we said like an echo. Maybe children are just more sensitive and feel the presence of such creatures ;).

  11. sarah e says:

    Such a sweet photo. Of course I had the same delusion, I had a hard time even letting go of broken toys, as I didn’t want them to suffer or hurt their feelings.

    Your dolls actually do look like they might come to life…

  12. Crystal says:

    I have some of Sulamith’s older cards that were printed at one time in the 1930’s and a personal note she wrote to someone. I look at the writing and think, she was looking right at this, she held the pen that made those words!
    I was actually fearful of dolls after seeing a twilight zone episode. My sister’s cupie doll with the huge feathery skirt used to just stare at me all the time, unfortunately we shared a room and I was terrified at night.
    I love dolls now though, I’m a late bloomer.

  13. Crystal says:

    Wow are all those little crowns antique? Or did you make them?

  14. Iki says:

    I have an off topic comment, hahaha, I just went through a blythe adiccion (God that doll can be so addictive!), I was able to realize how people are sometimes just obsessed in buying certain doll no matter how is the doll made, there are some blythe releases poorly done (with crossed eyes or small amount of hair) and the company will not invest in a good quality control, because the company knows that obsessed people is going to buy them, i have to say thank you! because you are making the dolls be more than just poorly produced dolls
    Once you asked about, why is blythe doll so famous?,well I think that is because that doll creates a big community of people(mostly grown up people) that allows them to talk and meet each other, also blythe is very versatile, some people made custom dolls, other dedicates every minute of the day to that doll, other made clothes for her, the only ugly part about that world is that at some point, she became an obsession, there are people who has 30 blythes or more, or that invest on her instead of other stuff like a new computer, or a celphone, or furnitures ( something more useful), also the retailers take advantage of the likes of the people and resale dolls more expensive than their original prices.

    What I like about ED, and the reason that your dolls are going to be forever the source of my inspiration, it’s not their intricate customs, or the awesome realistic features, is the fact that you portray a different side of our humanity in some dolls, but also that some of your dolls are statements against something (the wife against violence to women), or portrays feelings such as hope (surviving, also is your way to fight against your fear to acquiring breast cancer), I consider your dolls amazing because of that. Some blythes have that also, but is burried in a thick layer of consumism, blythe “Slow nimes” is about taking more time to live the life slow, and enjoy tiny things in our lifes. Blythe and ED are different in their own way, and no doll is better to the other.

    Thank you Marina! for being so faithful to you and not allowing the market to bury your dolls into a price, mmm well, at least a price well deserved, hahahah.

  15. Jayne Wourms says:

    She looks so lovely and cozy nestled in with your favourite books! I love the lamp on the shelf too.

  16. Jill Jackson says:

    Hmm! I’m still not sure my dolls don’t come to life, while I sleep. Surely one as beautiful as this “queen” awakes at night to rule her tiny kingdom…

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