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Here is a sneak peek of her hand before she was assembled. Her lower arms and legs feature fired-on 24k gold applique jewelry.


This doll is based on a historical woman from 4th century BC Greece. Care to guess who I made?

Let me give you a clue: It’s not a goddess or royalty of any sort. Definitely NOT Helene of Troy, although I’m working on her too ;)

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  1. Jayne Wourms says:

    OMG, that lovely hand is so exquisite, dainty and beautiful!! I can’t wait to see more!

  2. Astera says:

    Lovely hand. I so look forward to seeing the rest of her! Is she Thais?

  3. Sabrina says:

    Ok, Penelope, wife of Odysseus? Although she’s fictional, not historical- just a wild guess!

  4. marina says:

    Nope and nope. Try again. :)

  5. Chad says:

    Wow, that hand is beautiful! And the doll hand is pretty nice too.

  6. Sandra says:

    Such a delicate and sweet little hand! Love it! :)

  7. Mary Moore says:

    I don’t know and I won’t guess….Just compelled to say that the way that you have Mastery over your chosen mediums is inspiring…Art in its highest form….Just saying….

  8. Jayne Wourms says:

    Wait is she fictional figure from Greek Mythology or did she really live??

  9. Hachi says:

    I feel like it may be a fortune teller or a seer. Is it the Oracle of Delphi?

  10. Christianne says:

    Who ever she is has beautiful hands…….

  11. luna says:

    Omg omg is it Rodophis?

  12. Kayla says:

    I have a feeling it’s Sappho…

  13. Oly says:

    May be she is Agnidice – famous midwife. She truly had magical (even gold) hands.

  14. Bertha says:

    Beautiful hand and lovely rings…

  15. Oly says:

    …But more likely she is a famous heteara. Che wrote she was Phryne. But she might be she was
    Archeanassa, companion of Plato
    Gerpilise, comoanion of Aristotle
    Lais of Hyccara (from Sicily), she was killed in the temple of Aphrodite
    Leaina, who nipped her own tongue
    Tais, she was Alexander the Great’s love, and late she became a wife of Ptolemy the First, king of Egypt.

  16. Ran says:

    …….a famle artist?a philosopher or a politician??

  17. Valeria says:

    Campaspe -mistress of Alexander the Great

  18. Camilla says:

    I say it’s Sappho.

  19. Oly says:

    IMHO, it’s a mistake.
    Sappho lived earlier, than IV BC.

  20. Svetlana says:

    ???? ????????????, ??? ??? ?? ???????, ??? ???? ??????? ???????????? ???? ????????. ??????? ???????? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????? ? ??????????? ?????, ?????? ????? ??????????? ??????????.

  21. Svetlana says:

    I assume that her name Kiniska, she was the sister of the Spartan king Agesilaus. Despite the ban on women’s participation in the Olympic Games could become an Olympic champion.

  22. MissLK says:

    Cassandra(another victim of Apollo)?

  23. It could be one of the women from the play, Women in the Assembly, who take over rule in Athens, or Cynisca, the first woman to win the Chariot races in the Olympics (twice!), Agnodice was the first female physician, midwife and gynaecologist….. I cannot guess, I will simply have to wait. Though I will be equally interested to see your version of Helen, or rather, your version of the fabled most beautiful woman…

  24. Duende says:

    I would say Hypatia too. :)

  25. Oly says:

    Hypatia lived IV AD, so it’s wrong hypothesis.

  26. Oly says:

    Hypatia lived IV AD, so it’s wrong hypothesis.
    Cynisca lived V BC, so it might be wrong too.

  27. Oly says:

    Let us read Marina’s clue carefully.
    Historical woman, not a goddess or royalty, not a character of play.
    Lived in Greece in IV Before Christ (399-300 years BC) ?

  28. Bella says:

    Cassandra? :) Not even sure that the right time…
    Beautiful anyway.

  29. Karen vail says:

    The hand alone is breathtaking….gorgeous work as usual!

  30. Eve says:

    The Fates.
    Do I get a thumb up for getting it right? ;)

  31. paulina says:

    Maybe the grat poetess Safo?

  32. azure says:

    judging from the gold henna like design and the jewelry I’m wondering if she was a tribal Amazon leader, though my history sucks, my knowledge of Greek myth is better than the actual history. but I would guess Kassandra too, priestess of Apollo, fated to tell the truth and never be believed

  33. Anthony says:

    Absolutely GLORIOUS as per usual Marina… I can’t even venture to guess for my knowledge on all things Greek ends with Mythology, but whoever she is I can not wait to see her completed…. Ohhhh so excited!!! Pins & needles, pins & needles!!! Ohh how I’ve missed this rush^^

  34. Crystal says:

    Gorgeous Hand! I suspect the rest of her will be quite the same! Have not a clue who she is.
    But…… I am going down to the store to play Powerball, 400 million in the pot! come to Mama!

    On another note, I say a prayer for our doll friends in the Ukraine who I have had the pleasure to know, I hope they are all safe.

  35. veronica says:

    Frinè naked in front of the judges. I would love if it was her.

  36. Jayne Wourms says:

    The pink stone on the third ring looks like a beautiful conch pearl. Are they real stones?

  37. Chad says:

    The ‘stones’ are sculpted in porcelain and painted with glaze, china paint and gold.

  38. Che says:

    Marina, do tell us please!

  39. Delicately, beautiful! I lack a bit in Greek History, so I too, haven’t a clue. I think we are all in for something very unusual and beautiful here. Looking so forward, to the finished, Greek mystery doll!

  40. I am going to take a wild guess, here. Would it be the, “seductive” Myrrhine?

  41. Or is it, Lysistrata. I think she had some connection to, Myrrhine, but I don’t know what?

  42. Me again, after reading up on Phryne, it sounds like she could be the one, that Marina is working on. Sorry for all the comments!

  43. Juno says:

    Maybe Roxana?

  44. ziggytaku says:

    i think it was Phryne she was no noble blood but she gain rieches and power with her own beauty

  45. Yy says:

    Artemisia or maybe Phryne? This hand already shows how unique and powerful she will be. I love that Enchanyed dolls are mostly from ancient times, it suits their classical beauty best :)

  46. Debi says:

    That is really gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the whole doll!! I don’t know much about Ancient Greece, so I couldn’t even begin to guess…

  47. Gaynor says:

    Perhaps it’s Pandora? Phyrne is a strong candidate too!

  48. Che says:

    Marina, this post is getting buried on my wall, soon I won’t be able to see it anymore. I would really like to know if my guess Phryne is correct! Please let us know to whom this hand belongs!!

    Much love and admiration,

  49. Anna says:

    I bet she is Tais of Athens.

  50. Selina says:

    Aspasia, wife of Pericles?

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