Agnetha - The Other Woman


Porcelain, Ball-Jointed. One of a kind Costumed. China-painted features and body blush. 13.5” tall. Completed in 210 hours. Removable costume.
Materials: Crown-Sterling Silver, 24k gold plate, 6 Ruby, 9 Garnet, 4 Sapphire and 5 Moonstone Cabochons. Gown- 1,158.00 Fresh Water Pearls, 698 Austrian crystals, 105 Garnets, 53 Amethysts, 6 Rubies, 4 Sapphires, 5 Moonstones, Indian Silk, Indian wire embroidery, Silk hair.

Agnetha is based on a fictional character of the Princess, from Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid.
In the story she is referred to only as the “Princess” and that she was beautiful and resembled the Little Mermaid. She is perceived as the antagonist of the story, because of her indirect involvement in Little Mermaid’s sad fate. As a child I had always sympathized with her involuntary situation and wandered about what that princess looked like and why the Prince choose her over the Mermaid.  I wanted to name that nameless Other Woman and give her a face.

And here she is-Agnetha, the daughter of a neighboring king, a wife of political alliance and genuine affection.

In giving up a fundamental part of her personality- her ability to speak, the Little Mermaid had made the mistake of so many infatuated, teenage girls and put all her bets on her physical appearance to win the Prince’s heart. Although her surreal beauty enchanted the Prince, he could never take her seriously and commit to her as an equal partner. She was a beautiful but a hollow vessel to him without her ability for meaningful, verbal communication and her referred to her as his “Dumb foundling”. (Andersen) So he married a woman who had more to offer than just looks.

The moral here I believe, is that like Beauty, Discourse is Power. Power, over people’s minds, hearts and lives.

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