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The Birth of a crown

This is a gallery of images depicting the process of creating a metal crown for an Enchanted Doll, or more precisely, its' wax prototype, which will be molded and cast as a final Sterling, Gold or Bronze piece. Or all of them, since the existence of the mold allows for the piece to be reproduced.

Although there are several methods and techniques of shaping the metal into various decorative forms, I prefer carving wax and casting my pieces over sawing, hammering and soldering them into shape. Considering the size and complexity of most of my metal "clothes" and the rigid, porcelain shapes they have to tightly fit, I found that casting is the most appropriate method for this specific application. I also favor the organic process of carving wax as it is a lot less mechanical and technical and a lot more freehand and spontaneous. The possibilities of form, shape and texture are endless and intriguing.

I plan to make more metal "clothes" for my dolls and document another piece from start to finish for my upcoming book.