Enchanted Doll Stand

$50.00 CND

I designed my own doll stand for discrete, unobtrusive, sturdy and even flexible support for my petite dolls because I didn’t like the bulky and completely rigid doll stands available on the market. Having an articulated doll ‘locked’ into a stick-like, stiff stand completely defeats the point of its articulation and makes it look like, well…a doll on display.

The enchanted doll stand fits my doll like a glove and allows it to move and bend it’s torso while still securely supporting it under the armpits with two flat, curved copper wires. Such design allows for a minimal body contact and doesn’t interfere with a costume because it can easily go over the clothes or under them. The stand is made of steel with a flexible, copper wire attachment that allows for movement..

At this point, every stand is cut and welded together individually by a professional welder, and finished by me. I attach copper wire and flatten and shape its ends to echo the curves of the doll’s body for a perfect fit.