Lotus - Bound to be Beautiful


Porcelain, Ball-Jointed. One of a kind. China-painted features and body blush. 12” Seated. Completed in 250 hours.
Removable costume.

Materials: Indian Silk, 418 Austrian crystals, 273 Fresh water Pearls, Rubies, Garnets, Tourmalines, Thousands of glass, seed beads.

A Name Lotus refers to the shape a woman’s foot takes after it has been severely broken and mutilated by binding.

Foot binding was an erotic tradition practiced by women of all social layers in China from 9th to 20th century AD. The objective was to stop the growth of feet, making them the smallest, possible size of 4”. For a thousand years women willingly endured excruciating pain and a lifelong disability for sex appeal.

Beauty seems to always go hand in hand with the containment of the body and the pain that comes with it, and the more elaborate the containment and the more severe the pain it inflicts, the more beautiful it is perceived to be. As if the endurance of physical discomfort alone adds another dimension to visual beauty.

The social standards of beauty are curiously a lot more severe for females than they are for males. Corsets, Chastity belts, large gowns, high heels, pushup bras and make up are associated primarily with the feminine. It is my belief that all beauty standards as well as the entire social order, originate for economic reasons prevailing at the time of origin and stem from essential survival instinct. For hundreds of years a woman had no status in the world, her only bargaining power was her beauty, her only commodity was her body. That is why to this day women have a residual need to conform and to please the opposite sex with their appearance.