Predator 2010


One of a kind engrave-tattooed, porcelain doll. Remodeled bone crow scull cast as a limited edition Bronze helmet with bird’s feet attached. Magnetic wig and crow helmet are removable.

The tattoo of a Starling skeleton on the Predator’s stomach is not just a literal symbol of predation, but is also a metaphor for the evolution of species and the eternal cycle of life and death.

This project was inspired by actual events of witnessing an attempted murder of a little Starling chick by a pack of hungry crows from my studio window, and my attempts to save it. After wrestling the bleeding bird away from the crows, and racing it to an emergency animal hospital for help, my part in the story ended and I don’t know if it has survived its injuries after receiving medical care. I’d like to believe that the little chick survived and will go on to live a long and healthy life in some bird sanctuary for traumatized birds, and maybe have its own babies one day.

Although I know that I did everything in my power to help it live, I am still tormented by guilt at being unable to somehow do more. I know it was just a little bird and a little life in a myriad of other lives, but I believe that every life is precious and worth mourning or saving.

After I had described to the veterinary nurse who took the bird from me, about how it came to be injured by crows, she shook her head in disgust and uttered one word: “Predators!”