Princess and the Pea 2011


Ball-jointed, porcelain, china-painted doll with industrial spring construction, magnetic mohair wig, and leather lining in the joints. 13.5 “(34.5cm) tall.

All accessories are handmade and removable; they are carved, molded, cast in sterling silver, plated with 24k gold, synthetic-enameled, assembled and embellished with 13 micro pearls, 3 Zirconiums 2 Swarovski crystals, lace, tulle, ribbon and tassels. Crown is magnetic. The bed is made from Maple and Pine and treated with wood stain and varnish. There are 19 mattresses, 9 pillows, 3 quilts, 2 blankets and an abundance of tassels. It measures at 28” (72cm)h x 11.5”(29.5cm)d x 16.5”(42cm)w.