The Comfort of Conformity Dolls


This project titled ‘The Comfort of Conformity’ is investigating the inevitable need of every individual to conform to the socially accepted standard of being. More specifically I am exploring the manifestation of this need to conform and therefore to belong, in the form of establishment of beauty standards and cannons of proportion which in turn promote oppression and restriction of the body as well as the mind.

The physical binding of the corset is a metaphor for the symbolic bondage of society. The doll symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence of a female. In this context the doll is the residue of naturalized sexual oppression and the comodification of a woman’s body.

The doll’s hybrid, two dimensional drawings, intaglio prints printed on white cotton, cut out and simply glued or sewed over the loosely hinged polymer clay-body. They become the extension of her body that symbolizes the permanency of this establishment due to our human nature and suggest the emotional depth of this conviction to restrict the body.

The willing mutilation of her own body is her subordination to social boundaries. The physical discomfort of her garments is a psychological comfort of conformity.