The Shape Shifter (Mammalius Kinesis)


Materials: Sterling Silver, Bronze, Porcelain, China paint, Natural Mohair, steel springs, leather, glass.

Mammalius Kinesis, also known as a Shape Shifter is a rare and ancient species of highly evolved mammals that have a unique and a very specialized ability to completely reconfigure their molecular structure to mimic the appearance and characteristics of any animate or inanimate object, hence the name Shape Shifter.

A reclusive species, Shape Shifters inhabit mostly remote mountainous regions and temperate rainforests and prefer Northern or moderate climates to Tropical, but due to their extraordinary ability to assimilate any creature and adapt to any environment, they can survive virtually under any conditions anywhere on the planet.

Some attribute their shape changing abilities to supernatural powers, while others insist it is simply a highly advanced form of evolutionary survival mechanism. The sightings of these extraordinary creatures are so rare, that their existence is completely shrouded in mystery. It is unknown exactly how old the species is, but it has been suggested that the origins of Mammalius Kinesis lie in late Triassic or the early Jurassic period.

A Shape Shifter’s exoskeleton is in a state of constant flux as it mimics its surroundings and its appearance changes with the graceful fluidity of water and the speed of thought. It can not only appear as anything, it can BE anything and should it decide to do so, it can keep its single chosen form for a number of years.

This character is inspired in part by a Terry Brooks novel from the Shannara series, titled The Ilse Witch. My Shape Shifter character was derived from the paragraph below.

“It was nearing dawn when the watcher finally came close enough to be seen clearly. It was a woman, but it was not human. She slid from the shadows as if formed of colored water, changing her look as she came, a beast one moment, a human the next, a cross of each soon after. She seemed to be trying to take form, uncertain of what to be. In all of her variations, she was beautiful and compelling. She knelt by the Borderman and stroked his forehead and face with soft, strange fingers…”

- Terry Brooks. The Ilse Witch. Chapter 23. Page 338.

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