Necrophilia is a disorder characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses. It is an expression of a subconscious need for a complete control over another person.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of a man in his right mind would be inclined to kiss a miraculously well preserved corpse of a beautiful female after finding it in glass coffin in the middle of the forest. It’s rather disturbing if you really think about it. There is only one logical explanation for this situation. He is a Necrophile.

There are strong elements of violence and often, explicit sexuality present in the vast majority of original fairy tales. It intrigues me to look at a fairy tale from a different perspective and create a visual narrative interpreting the romanticized a fable with the emphasis on its dark undertones.


10 k yellow gold circlet, 257 Austrian crystals 317 Austrian crystals
224 fresh water pearls, 246 metal beads, 33 Turquoise beads, 8 fresh water pearls, Thousands of genuine gold-lined beads, Glass Check seed beads. Acrylic cover.

Snow White: Porcelain. Ball-Jointed, One of a kind. 15” tall. Removable costume.

Prince: Porcelain. Ball-Jointed, One of a kind. 16” tall. Removable costume.

Coffin: Glass, Brass, Sterling Silver, 2 Chalcedonies, 12 Turquoise, 8 garnet cabochons. Hand made.

Completed in 350 hours.

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