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These are printed aluminum key chains for the 7 runners up: Ran, Iris, Madaline, Miss LK, Emily, Adriatzin and J.David.


These are printed aluminum dog tags with a custom sterling silver crown bail and adjustable chain, for the 3 guessing submissions by Noxy, Jon and Cynthia.


And these sterling silver doll hand pendants (minus the chains) are the 2nd and 3rd place prizes for Karolina and Maura.

Thank you again for all the effort that went into your submissions. I hope you like these. I made them especially for you.



44 Responses

  1. Cjoy says:

    These are wonderful! Congratulations to all winners!!!!!! Marina, I must ask if any of these items will eventually be for sale…or would you feel that would lessen the significance of the gifts??

  2. Marina says:

    Originally I had made them as gifts, however if there is a lot of interest in these, I will think about making them available to collectors.

  3. Courtney says:

    What lovely prizes! The hand pendants are my favorite… I would definitely save up to buy one if you put them up for sale someday!

  4. Wow – the prizes are intricately beautiful and elegant, especially those delicate little precious hand pendants, how very special!!

  5. Astera says:

    Marina, these are so beautiful! Really elegant, unique, and precious! The hands are one of the most striking and beloved features of your dolls. I always admired them in their minute complexity and detailed expressiveness. What a splendid gift! I cannot thank you enough…^^

  6. Sailor_Orbit says:

    would definitely love to buy the hand pendant!!

  7. Sailor_Orbit says:

    i mean pendants! that is just awesome

  8. Amy says:

    Love the keychains/dogtags. Would love to see those go for sale at some point–especially for those of us who so greatly admire your work but can’t possibly ever afford one of your beautiful dolls.

  9. sandy says:

    I’ll join the eager crowd in wanting to purchase these… especially the hand!!!
    Kudos to the winners!!

  10. Amal says:

    Everything in these photos is so scrumptious!! Congratulations to the recipients – no doubt they’ll love these prizes! :)

  11. Tina says:

    Hopefully, these items will be for sale one day? until then envy, green with envy.

  12. Annina says:

    what beautiful prices, congratulations to all the contestants!
    these hand pendants are so beautiful, i would be interested if they were available in the future.

  13. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I love the hand pendants, macabre and beautiful at the same time. Maybe you’ll sell them alongside the shoe pendants someday?

  14. noxy says:

    O…M….G…. *squees with delight* I cannot express how incredibly excited I am for my dog tag. Teehee! *hugs computer screen*

  15. Jon Songserm says:

    I realy love it, thank you so much Marina!

    I would love to buy a hand pendent, if it’s available in the future.

  16. MissLK says:

    They are all beautiful! Thank you so much Marina!

    And yes the amazing hand pendant will surely be on my treasure list if made available :)

  17. Eiko says:

    Wow, those are really lovely gifts. I like the dolls that you choose for each key chain and dog tag.

  18. Have to say them having a gift of recognition for there work is wonderful. As much as I would love to of had one, I feel it would give them greater value and more meaning if it were kept for your selected contenstants.

    We can all buy one, but to have something in recognition from you Marina, gives it a more special token.

    Just my thought….. -_-

  19. Carmen says:

    This gifts are wonderful! Congratulations to all winners. I would definitely be interested in buy any of this items if and when they become available for buying. The Hand pendants are so lovely, maybe they would look good as earrings too.

  20. Sailor orbit says:

    Shhhhh….well she could probably change the design but otherwise I desperately want the hands! Like how the dolls are available in different styles but still doesn’t make them less valuable.

  21. I so understand Sailor, I would so love a hand to go with the shoe that I bought. Maybe she could do just a slight change to it.

    When I said value, did not mean it in money wise. How their gifts would become unique.:)

  22. Helewen says:

    Congratulations to the winners, the gifts are really nice.

    I would love a hand pendant! I’ve been resisting the urge to buy the shoe pendant but I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist those cute little hands! I actually have a small collection of jewelry with small hands.

  23. Many many congratulations to all winners really is a beautiful and delicate work, they each enjoy their lovely award, is just great

  24. cynthia says:

    Holy cow! I am so excited! What a lovely surprise! I always check in, with hopes of news of resin dolls or custom dolls available again. This has made my day! Thank you!
    *I also would like to put in my vote for a hand pendant!

  25. Jayne says:

    Oh yes! Put me down for a hand pendant if you decide to go ahead and make them for sale :)

  26. Pascal says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Those prizes are amazing. :)
    I would be fantastic, if you decide to sell those beautiful hand-pendants! I would definitly buy one!

  27. Orangey says:

    Ahhh….! I would kill for Amalgamation or Cathedral necklaces. And the hand necklaces, I would buy those. I love the keychains too <3. Lucky winners!

    I really love the crown bale on the necklaces.

  28. Crystal says:

    They are wonderful imaginative prizes. I think for me if I could have any one I think I’d like Cathedral. She is so spiritual I would feel a protection wearing her.

  29. how beautiful!! you should sell this!

  30. ziggytaku says:

    oh what an awesome prizes so happy for you guys you earn it,and to all ED friends your wish to have an ED hand may it come true ^^
    yep i want one too he heh
    EH one of each of the above ^^

  31. Olivia says:

    It would be absolutely lovely if you sold the hand necklaces, I am in love with them!

  32. J. David says:

    So Stunning! I’m thrilled beyond belief!!!

  33. KarolinFelix says:

    ohhh.. (:

    I was away and saw this just now!
    So happy to get a little hand *:

    Thank you (:

  34. Kika says:

    I love that small hands! Wow, I will definitely buy one. great job :)

  35. ranjiangzi says:

    wow~a big surprise~~thank you,Marina!!I love your special gifts for us>v<!!

  36. Jon Songserm says:

    Dear Marina

    If it posible to make Enchanted doll in silver doll version?, It’s will very amzing to see anothor version of Enchanted Doll.


  37. Eliza says:

    I’m sorry, but what do you mean with “3 guessing submissions”? Because if you mean those who sent a submission about an idea you were already thinking about, I think I’m with them… I sent the siamese dolls project, you also mentioned it in the blog.
    This, obviously, only if I didn’t misunderstood….

  38. KarolinFelix says:

    I got this gorgeous hand in the mail yesterday!!
    Marina —> :*

    And I’ve just noticed… on the picture there is one left and one right hand (:
    So me and Maura we have a set (((:

  39. Iris says:

    Oh wow. I was away and didn’t see this until now. What amazing prizes! I wonder which keychain I will get. Would be specially odd if it were the Firebird :D She’s my dream :) We’ll see I guess!

    Thank you, Marina!

  40. Astera says:

    That’s right Karolin…I had not notice that! I’ve got the right hand…;)

  41. noxy says:

    I got my necklace today! Eeee! *happy dances all over the place* Thank you!!

  42. Annie says:

    I would love to purchase a key chain!

  43. Marília Andrade (Brasil) says:

    My God! Her dolls are perfect … Accessories are a dream!
    Will we ever be able to realize the dream of having a enchanted doll or a beautiful pendant.
    Congratulations, I’m your fan!

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