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You guys are such good guessers and history buffs! You’ve just come up with a fantastic list of great women and potential future dolls for me to make!

Below is a short list of Candidates named in the first round. The new mystery doll is one of them! You just have to guess who. Remember the criteria – this woman lived in 4th century BC Greece and was not a deity, neither a royalty, nor a myth. And these are her feet. Go!
The Candidates named so far are in order of vote majority:

Phryne – hetaira (courtesan), artists’ muse. 4th c. BC Greece. 4 votes
Thais – hetaira, wife of king Ptolemy. 4th c. BC Greece. 3 votes
Hypatia- mathematician, academic, professor. 4th c. AD Greece. 3 votes
Cassandra – Trojan princess, oracle of Apollo. 13th c. BC Troy. 3 votes
Sappo – great lyric poetess, an intellectual. 7th c. BC Greece. 3 votes
Agnodice- 1st female physician, midwife, gynecologist. 4th c. BC 2 votes.
Aspasia – hetaira, an intellectual, socialite. 5th c. BC Greece. 2 votes
Cyniska-1st woman Olympic champion, Spartan princess. 5th, BC 2 votes
Penelope – queen, wife of Odysseus, mythological Greek character.
Oracle of Delphi - an order of Apollo priestesses. 8th c.BC-4th c.AD
Pythias – wife of Aristotle. 4th c. BC Greece
Rhodophis- ex-slave, hetaira, queen, original Cinderella 6th c. BC Greece
Archeanassa – hetaira, companion of Plato.  5th c. BC Greece
Gerpilise - I can not find anything about this name. Who is this?
Lais of Hyccara – hetaira,  socialite. 4th c. BC Greece
Lenaia – Maenads, female worshipers of Dionysos. 5th-2nd c. BC Greece
Lysistrata – peace activist, fictional character 4th c. BC Greece
Myrrhine – wife of Kinesias, peace activist, fictional character. 4th c. BC
Ariadne – Cretan princess, mistress of the Labyrinth, mythological figure.
Roxana – Iranian princess, wife of Alexander the great. Persia. 4th c. BC
Artemisia – female navy commander of king Xerxes. Persia. 5th c. BC
Pandora – mythological First human, all-giver, unleasher of all evil.

There, I hope these clues will help narrow it down a bit.

So, who do you think these pretty feet belong to?

51 Responses

  1. Sabrina says:

    I would like to think it’s Agnodice, but I doubt she would be thinking about wearing jewelry! I vote for Rhodophis- original Cinderella. :D

  2. Tovah says:

    My vote is for Artemisia

    Also, there seem to be a lot of wives of kings and princesses on the list. Should those count as royalty, or no?

  3. luna says:

    Mm I’m going to to with Phryne

  4. Marina says:

    A princess is a title given to a daughter of a monarch; it’s inherited through a bloodline, while a king’s wife can come from any socioeconomic class, not necessarily noble.

    For example and according to this list, many queens were originally common prostitutes by trade.

    That what I call a career with a lot of upward socioeconomic mobility potential, eh ladies?

  5. Bertha says:

    Sorry as much as I wanted to guess but my Greece history doesn’t back me up much! Just have to wait for the right answer from the rest of the genius and most important is too see this beauty reveal in person!

  6. paulina says:

    I must insist on Sappo. And as always the craft is exquisite, absolutely flawless. Oh, i want so much to see her T_T !!!

  7. marina says:

    I hear you, Paulina, Sappho was a remarkable personality, but she lived in 7th century BC, while my lady is from the 4th. I wouldn’t intentionally mislead you guys with false clues.

    Do you still insist?

  8. Kiersten says:

    I think possibly Pandora. Ive always loved that story so it mightnjust be wishful thinking :)

  9. marina says:

    Thanks for guessing, Kiersten.

    Pandora is a mythological woman, while my lady was a historical figure.

  10. Oly says:

    According to a foot, she’s definitely hetaera. My vote is for Phryne.
    Dear Marina, I might made a mistake in spelling name “Gerpilise” (or Herpilise, or ???). She was a hetaera, companion of Aristotle, and she gave a birth to his son.

  11. Amal says:

    Dear Marina, if you, or anyone out there, is interested in lesser well known historical female figures, please visit which is on online journal set up by my sister to celebrate the intellectual and artistic achievements of women throughout history.

  12. Marika says:

    My guess is Phryne :)
    I have to say, that I had never heard (or did not remember ;) ) the word ‘hetaira’, so now I have spent quite some time exploring the life of hetairas. If I had lived during that time in Greece, I wish to be hetaira – they lived so more freely than ‘normal’ women who were wifes or daughters and had little control over their lives… ( I am so happy to live in a country that is quite equal between sexes, I would go insine if I lived in a country where men can control everything a girl/woman does)
    Thank You very much Marina for Your dolls; thru them I have many times discovered new things and new ways of thinking :)
    (Sorry for my bad english…)

  13. Valeria says:

    Agnodice (or Agnodike)

  14. Aeroksana says:

    My vote is for Roxana – Iranian princess, wife of Alexander the great. Persia. 4th c. BC

    But I very much want to see Oracle of Delphi and of course my dear Ariadne made by you, but they do not fit your criteria for now.

    By the way, congratulations on the Maslenitsa! I wonder do you bake pancakes?

  15. Duende says:

    Either Phryne, Thais or Lais…but all the listed women are interesting to look up…just the other day I was discussing with a greek male friend I wouldn’t like to live in Ancient Greece, because of the predicaments of women at the time, lack of freedom, etc…

    Amal@ Thank you for the link! :D

  16. Svetlana says:

    Try to guess her name is Thais

  17. Coco says:

    Please let it be Hypatia!! (or sappo)

  18. luis gabriel says:

    lais of hycara was a dead courtesan in the 340 century. c hycara born in Sicily (in modern carini).

    Another hetaira (courtesan) with the same name was Lais of Corinth

    often confuse them or do not indicate which they refer, the two are inextricably linked.

    maybe marina and asked for it, but here I leave something, I hope to have guessed, I think I could be galatea, but that’s just an assumption not founded, but would be of great inspiration.

  19. luis gabriel says:

    continuation of lais of hycara is said that women of Thessaly, where (Hippostratus or Hippolochus brought,) the jealousy confined in the temple of Aphrodite and her stoned to muerte.Fue buried on the banks of Peneus

  20. veronica says:

    Phrine! Only dressed by her jewels and beautiful hair! Please:-)

  21. Ran says:

    Ariadne!!!!She is my King Minos’s daughter so she is a royalty but I hope these are her feet!!!!Ariadne!!Ariadne!!!PLEASE!!!!(shut up……
    …well,I guess Phryne…..

  22. Juno says:

    My vote goes to Phyrne…
    She’s not a royalty, she’s historical figure, not myth.
    But in this list I like most Hypatia and Sappho.

  23. Anthony says:

    My vote also goes to Phryné given the exquisite hand and foot jewelry that only royalty may have been able to acquire. But this mystery woman wasn’t royalty… So my best guess would be she had pretty powerful & wealthy patrons.

  24. Pamela says:


  25. Astera says:

    Phyrne and Agnodice both fit the bill (you said that it wasn’t Thais for sure;)). Phyrne was a courtesan, which goes well with the decorations on her hands and feet, and she was a muse to artist, which would be appropriate in this case too. Agnodice sounds like a great woman, though. As a mother and a scientist, I would not mind if it was her! ;)

  26. This guessing game is a lot of fun!
    My guesses are: Lais or Phrynne.

  27. Astera says:

    …sorry, I misspelled Phryne (twice!).;)

  28. Marina, can we still guess again, from the above names, that you show, even if we have guessed, previously? Thanks.

  29. marina says:

    But of course.

  30. Gaynor says:

    I’m going stick with my original guess – Pandora!

  31. Gaynor says:

    Oh no Pandora just read she was not a myth so it can’t be Pandora! Must be Phryne then.

  32. ziggytaku says:

    I still think it is Phryne as i say first time as she was just a woman of beauty ^^
    She was saved by her beauty as some one try to judge her in court to bring her down, as she gane power and high position at the time. Well woman had to do what she can in the world where woman have no voice and men have the last say. She used her looks to get her position in life.

  33. Crystal says:

    After reading all the comments from the previous post, I believe it’s Phryne.

  34. azure says:

    Phryne or Roxana

  35. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I’m gonna go with the original Cinderella. Sounds like you ^_^.

  36. Danielle says:


  37. Barbara says:

    I vote for Rhodophis- original Cinderella.

  38. I’m guessing Phryne too, because of the beautiful jewellery… my original guess was Agnodice, but I think you would not give such “impractical” jewellery to a midwife ;-)

  39. Santa O. says:

    my vote is for Santippe, wife of Socrates.

  40. Santa O. says:

    maybe she is Santippe, wife of Socrates.

  41. Gaia says:

    hypatiaaaa :DD

  42. Karen says:

    I think it’s Roxana594

  43. Griselda says:

    Sorry I’m not sure what century she came from but she is real: Lucretia

  44. Che says:

    I was the original guesser of Phryne from the first sneak peek. Is there a special prize for my guess, if it turns out that I am correct? Or will I be happy with bragging rights? Lol!

  45. Sharon Harmon says:

    I think it is the feet of Penelope, wife of Odysseus.

  46. Kevin says:

    I’m hoping it’s Hypatia! She’s one of my favorite historical figures because of her brilliance in Mathmatics. Especially because at that time in Alexandria it was recognized and appreciated. It also allowed her to be a teacher of men. The only down side of voting for her is I’m not sure she would have her feet painted in a henna style. But I’m still going with her!!!

  47. Anna says:

    Sorry guys, I will stick to Thais. Just because I adore the novel by Efremov. :)

  48. Kate says:

    I think Lysistrata.

  49. I think, Marina is keeping it a secret as to who the doll is, until she completes her. Then she will show us pictures and reveal her name. This will be very, exciting! I can’t wait!

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