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You may recognize these cute floral hair pins from the Vogue video. I made these tests a couple of years ago in two different finishes, but never got around to using them before. They are made from Sterling silver, plated with 18k gold and painted with epoxy enamel. I’ve been getting requests for them since the Vogue feature, and now I’m considering possibly making them available to order in the future. In the meantime, these three from my collection are available for $230 CAD each. Here is a bad photo of one of my favourites wearing them. Drop me a line if you want to have one.



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  1. Crystal says:

    Yes Yes Yes! I love these! A dream come true! So delicate and feminine :) I’d love to get 2 of them.

  2. Sailor_orbit says:

    Do you have the crown on the dark haired one available? I believe she is a new face mold as well. If so how much?

  3. Binnur says:

    Yes, I will take two as well or one if that is all you have now…

  4. Marina says:

    That was quick. All three pins are gone now. Sorry everyone who emails me after this.

    Sailor-orbit, what are you talking about? Dark haired crown? Please clarify for me.

  5. Jayne Wourms says:

    I knew that damned job of mine was getting in the way of having fun and now I have missed hairpins!

  6. Sylvia Leticia says:

    ~Sugar as Candy~
    ADORABLE :-}

  7. Marina Sailor-orbit was talking about the new ED that was the second face to show up on the short clip…She was wearing a crown..That doll was the most beautiful thing ever…..Would so love to more of this doll…

  8. Sailor_orbit says:

    Yes I think that’s right, the one standing second to the right next to the one with the hairpins in your previous post. She’s the one with the dangles almost black hair.

  9. The pins are beautiful. Sure would have liked one, checked the blog too late, darn! I do need a doll first though, to put the pins on. Still dreaming, hoping and praying! Something to look forward to, each day. Keeps me going!

  10. Oh, I see. Yes, she turned out quite an exotic beauty. You’ll see her very soon.

  11. Bertha says:

    Have to say Wow again they are so delicate and elegant. Love to have them!

  12. Oli says:

    What a beautiful pins and what a beautiful face! Beauty lives in every detail!

  13. Glynis says:

    Marina,these are stunning!! Will you be taking orders for these or something similar? I would love to have something like this

  14. Paulina says:

    Hi Marina,

    As always your work is impecable, elegant and extremely beautiful and cant wait to see the large enchanted doll!!! I CanĀ“t imagine the kind of extravagant and luxurios details that you maybe are doing on her but sure she will be stunning. Greetings!!!

  15. Natasha says:

    Hi Marina?

    If you own a house or a museum or something to your doll collection, what a kind of building you will dream?

  16. Marina says:

    Hi, Marina,
    you have amazing taste and sence of style……Unfortunately I have discovered your ad to late. Do you have more of those beauty hairpins? I would love to purchase them for my little one.

  17. Emma says:

    Hey Marina, I’m loving those hair pins! Such a neat idea. I was also wondering if you have plans to make any more?

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