Happy New Year!

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Fragment of the view from my window a week ago.

It’s been two weeks since my return from Europe and i’m finally going back to work. What I thought would be a vacation, was in fact a very stressful and intense experience of working abroad. I came home absolutely exhausted and in no shape to begin working full time, or working at all. So i took two more weeks off and did nothing except for watching seven seasons of Sex and the City for days and days and days.

We came back not only right in the middle of Christmas frenzy, but also in the middle of some unbelievable weather in Vancouver. It snowed for almost a week non stop and we were trapped inside the apartment, unable to go anywhere because this city is ill equipped to deal with occasional snow. In twelve years i’ve never seen this much snow in Vancouver and oh, it was so pretty at first, before i had to leave the house to go Christmas shopping and came back with water up to my ankles inside my boots. Then I realized why most Vancouverites hate snow so much.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. I am looking forward to making more dolls and achieving even more of my creative goals in 2009. I can feel that it will be a very good year.

Happy New Year!

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  1. noxy says:

    happy new year! the Sex and the City seasons are on my to-buy list. lol. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for ’09!

  2. nati says:

    Happy New Year, Marina! I wish all your dreams come true and I’m also sure the new one will be a wonderful year for you!

  3. Lumina says:

    Happy new year! The look from your window was really beautiful, I can tell :).

  4. annina says:

    it’s funny, we here in south sweden haven’t had any snow this winter yet, but all my online friends from different places in the world and my family in switzerland have had tons of snow, just like you. it looks magical in the picture here though if you are tired of it feel free to send some to south sweden! :)

    and ah nothing better than relaxing and watching sex and the city, i love doing that.

    happy new year to you and chad, and i feel the same about this year, it feels like it’s going to be a great year in all aspects! :)

  5. znesnoc says:

    Marina, I hear ya about the snow! I live down in Portland and everyone was pretty much helplessly snowed in for a week and a half. I heard that the last time there was snow like this on the west coast was in the 1960s!
    Good luck and blessings for your 2009! We are all looking forward to your next works of creative genius.

  6. Ana Luisa says:

    happy new year for you!!!!

  7. TWM Helene says:

    Happy new year and go ahead with the 7 seasons!

  8. Erin says:

    The snow, it is ridiculous.

    Happy New Year!

  9. *littlestar. says:

    Hello Marina,

    I just saw your dolls for the first time today. Wow. Really amazing work. What a great talent you have… maybe when I get an extra couple of grand I will be able to buy one! I sure hope so!

  10. Anabelle says:

    Your dolls are so beautiful !Sorry to have take so much time before leaving you this message. Happy new year and hope to see you again in Paris.

    Anabelle (from the Galery Maghen)

  11. nunzio carbone says:

    Happy New Year to you, Marina, & to all the Enchanted Doll’s lovers!
    Paris is lovely white as well right now, it’s cold than ever but wonderful to look at through a parisian window! xxx nunzio

  12. Porchelvi says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Marina and Chad !!!
    I know how stressful those trips are. Been to India and France several times. I think the snow might probably worse than the traveling…LOL.. Take Plenty of rest.

    Wish you two again for a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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