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Guys, guys, guys! The new, extended English language edition of the Enchanted Doll book is going to print next week! It will be available for pre-orders by the end of the month! The last thing I need to do, is choose two front covers: one for a signed edition of 500 and the second cover is for the trade, unsigned edition. I’ve got my own favorites, but I’d like to hear what yours are. I may change my mind.  Choose three favorites from these 8 candidates. Tell me!




cover mocks2


Enchanted Doll Exclusive


cover mocks8


cover mocks7


cover mocks4


cover mocks1



244 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    I will vote on #5, #7, #8.

    Good luck with the book.


  2. claudia says:

    #1 #7 #8

  3. Gabriella says:

    I vote on #4,#6.
    Good luck!<3

  4. mag says:

    I will vote for 1,3,6

  5. Yadira says:

    My favorites are #1, #3, and #7.

  6. Isabel says:

    For the signed edition #6 and for the unsigned one #4. Good luck with the book!!! I have the first one and it is gorgeous!!!!

  7. Sandra says:

    I vote for n°1, n°3 and n°7 :)

  8. Nancy says:

    #3, 6, 8–these are lovely!

  9. mary says:

    I like 1, 3 and 5

  10. Chianti says:

    First one first one =) (hard to pick, they are all beautiful)

  11. Beth says:

    I like 1, 4, 6. So glad you’re publishing another edition! I hope I’m lucky enough to get one!

  12. asdfasdf says:

    Number one is my favourite, 2 is good too but I wouldn’t want full nudity on my cover…but who knows: maybe it would sell more books. I’ve always liked 3 but I think it’s too busy/distracting for the front cover. 7 is also nice but not nearly as much so as number one.

  13. Robin says:

    #4 #5 and #1 in that order.

  14. chloe ella says:

    #7 and #1 are my favorites, and if I had to choose a third, I would pick #5. Number 7 took my breath away; it really showcases the beautiful intricacy of your work and also the evocative face of your dolls. Then again, all the photos do just that!:)

  15. Julie A Blake says:

    #1, 3, and 7

  16. Ellie says:

    I vote 7! but all are beautiful! <3

  17. Jayne Wourms says:

    I chose no. 1, no. 2, and no. 4

  18. Manuela says:

    3 or 7…Also if I imagine very well one with Chatedral! ;)

  19. Crystal says:

    #1 #4 #6

    That’s it.

  20. Sasha says:

    #3 is my favourite. Her expression captured my eye immediately. My second choice would be #7. :) Goodluck!

  21. Astera says:

    I’d say go with 5. Her headpiece is majestic, the pose is interesting and she is a relatively new doll that represents your latest artistic achievements. I also like 4 but maybe it should be a bit brighter….

  22. Naomi C. says:

    My favorites are #3 & #6. ^_^

  23. Edita says:

    01 and 03

  24. Mayumi says:

    I love #1 and 5????

  25. Mai says:

    Oh my goodness, how exciting! How kind of you to allow us to contribute our opinions. The headpiece on #5 is *completely* amazing…. I second Astera…a fresh face, for fresh accomplishments. :) Would you also consider Daphne, with her new mysterious accessory? I feel that she is one of your best dolls to date. Can’t wait to see which one you choose…

  26. Marille says:

    My favorite is number 1. Next is #6 and 7…
    Greetings from Poland :-)

  27. Mayumi says:

    I love #1 and #5.

  28. Sue says:

    I like #3 then #1

  29. Carmen Eve says:

    love 4 or 5, 8 is beautiful too.

  30. Marille says:

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  31. Shelly Tate says:

    #3, 7, 8, though all are striking!

  32. isabel Pacheco says:

    Vote 2, 3 I loveeeeeee

  33. Alice says:

    03 That’s the best!

  34. deborah says:

    3, 4, 5

  35. Toriander says:

    7 for sure!
    1 and 8 are also lovely.

  36. Oli says:

    #5, #4, #7.
    My favourite – #5

  37. rita rocha says:

    1,3, 6, are my fav.. love them!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    1 & 4.

  39. Arianne says:

    #3, #5, #7. I will always be swayed by Muse and her sensitive soul searching gaze. I would choose Muse for the Signed Edition.

  40. Sailor_orbit says:

    Whoops forgot to pick the other two

    2 and 4 or 5

  41. Yolanda Chiu says:

    I like 5,6, 8!!!!

    How can we get the signed edition???

  42. Brittany says:

    My vote is for 1 and 7. I love that doll!

  43. Victoria May says:

    #1 is my favourite composition, then #3 then #6

  44. Cheri says:

    I pick Number 3. It’s always been my favorite.

  45. inna says:

    #3 us the best compositionwise and looks the most interesting

  46. Marina with out a doubt, undenibly hands down #4 & #5

  47. annetinca says:

    #1 or #3, either one is beautiful!

  48. Umarigar says:

    #6, #1, #7
    (Sequence by my fav)

    P.S I love all of your doll.

  49. akynos says:

    #8 or the one with the vagina shot! hee!

  50. Sasa says:

    #1, #3, #6
    Especially #3 lol

  51. Sasa says:

    #1, #3, #6
    Especially #3!

  52. Sasa says:

    #3, #1, #6

  53. Amy says:

    My favorites are 4,5 and 7

  54. Maia says:

    #3, #5, #8. Super excited to hear about the book!!!

  55. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Difficult to choose…

    My Favorite is #8.


  56. maria says:

    favorite – #1 next 5, then 4

  57. doll666 says:

    #1 -> #3 -> #7
    So gorgeous!!! ???? Can’t wait for the book!!!!!

  58. Deborah Wolfe says:

    #6 and #8

  59. Wilma says:

    #s 1, 4, & 7

  60. Cyranetta says:

    All are lovely, but I would recommend that the unsigned edition not have a nude, because you may run into censorship issues. The signed edition is more likely to sell out immediately, where the unsigned edition may be considered for featuring in catalogs or review pages.

  61. Katyann says:

    #3 is my favourite, closely followed by 7 then 5.

  62. Carol Johansen says:

    Numbers 1, 3, & 7. #3 is my favorite because of the emotional quality of the pose.

  63. HalesLife says:

    Numbers 1, 3, & 7. The emotional projected by #3 is my favorite.

  64. HalesLife says:

    Numbers #3 is my favorite, followed by 1 and 7.

  65. Lia says:

    I vote for 1, 4, & 7. I also like 3 as well.

  66. noxy says:

    1, 4, and 7!

  67. Dear Marina!Your super feminine wonderful dolls’re looking much better in masculine guy’s hands certainly!?6…

  68. JR says:

    8 The most engaging

  69. tami kemplin says:

    Love them all 5 & 8 are my favorite :)

  70. Katarina says:

    #1 or #5 are very good

  71. Ariel says:

    For the signed edition: any of them, they are all recognisable as your artistic creations.

    For the general trade run: 6 then 8. They show me emotional presence/strength laid over physical fragility.

    The others make me feel uncomfortably voyeuristic, looking in on beings who are emotionally distressed or broken as well as physically fragile. I think they stir more difficult emotions than 6 or 8, which might discourage the coffee-table-book demo that isn’t familiar with the complexity of your work?

    Also 6 has that marvelous sense of scale and the sexual contrast between the doll and those masculine arms.

  72. JugendMoth says:


  73. xgrincheux says:

    #4, #7 and #8 !
    Can’t wait to see it published.
    Good luck!

  74. Mela says:

    Among all, i like 1,4,7 the most.
    Your work is amazing!

  75. Vidette says:

    I absolutely love #3 and I keep coming back to #8. It’s so stark and captivating.

  76. Eiko says:

    I vote 1, 3 and 4.

  77. Bertha says:

    They all nice and my favourites but if I must pick one that will be # 5

  78. Elena says:

    I like 4 and 5.

  79. Bertha says:

    Oh, I mean #1 and #5

  80. Nada says:

    3, 4 and 6 I like most and YAY! I may finally have the book!

  81. polona says:

    No. 4 !!!!!!

  82. h8chi says:

    5, 7, 3, are my top three – all the pictures are incredible tho -/:~{)

  83. Susann says:

    Number 4, Number 1 or Number 7

  84. Sophie says:

    In order of preference: 8, 3, 5.

  85. Gen says:

    #3 all the way!!!

  86. Jenny H says:

    Definitely 6. Those hands show all the love, and link the dolls to their creator in a very intimate way.

  87. Marina says:

    1. 5. 8 nadeyusi stati schastlivym obladatelem!

  88. Stefy says:

    Absolutely no. 1 as she is Marina’s symbol in my opinion. I love also no. 6.

  89. Kamila says:

    #1!!!!! Then #7 and maybe #5?

  90. Ladywithlapdog says:

    4,7 and 2!

  91. Sylvia says:

    I like 5 best (it would be perfect,if she would gaze at the viewer as she does in 4) it’s fantastic

    and 7

    8 is still one of my all time favorites of your dolls, but i think there is too much space left and right of her to fit the cover

    I’d like 2 second best if her genitalia were somewhat covered, in my opinion it’s out as book cover in this way, despite the beauty of the composition.

  92. 1, 3 & 4 would be my top three choices!!

  93. Kitty says:

    I still love 3; it makes the best book cover in my opinion. But 6 is great too. And I love the cheeky look of 2, but I agree with Sylvia that her genitalia are a bit in-your-face; I could not leave a book with such a cover lying on the table in case some mommies think doll sexes are a bad influence for their children :)

  94. Lucrèce says:


    I guess 2 will be a little too much for a regular edition…

  95. Niiv says:

    I’d say 1, 2, & 5!

  96. Cha Sku says:

    7 ! Or maybe 1.

  97. Lullaby says:

    I vote for 1 and 3 !

  98. Duy Uyen says:

    number 7 :)

  99. Phoenix says:

    PLEASE Nr. 4!!!! She is also my favorite from the Vogue-Video!!!! She was the second doll, the Dark-Brunette if I am not mistken…
    Well, who is YOUR favorite Marina? ;-)

  100. Vanda says:

    #3 #6 #8. These are my favorites, but they are all lovely.

  101. Rebecca says:

    1, 3, 7- can’t wait to preorder :)

  102. Ana says:

    #3 is amazing. # 6 or 8 too. But love all of them.

  103. aleksina says:

    1, 3 ? 6 (??? 7)

  104. Maria says:

    3 or 7!!! <3

  105. Maria says:

    1,3,7!!! <3

  106. Chloé says:

    Without any hesitation, I prefer #1 and #7 !
    Will buy one book :)

  107. Issilyn says:

    1, 3 and 4

  108. 1,5 and 7. Marina, can we put our name on a list, to order the book, or how will we be able to order one? Thank-you!

  109. loofthewood says:

    number 03

  110. I would like to purchase one book. Thank-you.

  111. platen says:

    4 or 6; they fit the cover shape best.

  112. sandy says:

    4, 6 and 7

  113. Éolienne Étoile says:

    It’s so hard to choose one!!
    I love dress of first pic so much.
    I choose 1 and 4 and 8.

  114. Suok69 says:

    My favourites are 1, 3, and7.

  115. Virginie says:

    definite favorite is 4!

  116. Elentári says:

    I love 1, 3 and 7, but it’s such a hard decision – all of them are wonderful!

  117. Anthony says:

    1,5 & 7 are my absolute favs. That Cinderella, such a glorious creation that girl, my first Enchanted Doll love… And you weren’t kidding when you said you had something special for the exotic Vogue shoot beauty!!! Love the white hair and that crown!!! WOW<3

  118. Aeroksana says:

    1, 4, 6 – are my fav?

  119. Aeroksana says:

    4 – is the best, imho

  120. Bea says:

    3, 5, and 6:)

  121. Francisca says:

    nº3,4 y 8
    nº 3 por que es un ícono
    nº 4 por que las joyas y expresión se ven claramente y son muy sugerentes
    nº8 por que tiene una actitud hacia el espectador

    # 3 because it is an icon
    # 4 by the jewels and expression are clearly seen and are very suggestive
    No. 8 has an attitude like walking to the public

  122. sunshinejade says:


    I love numbers 5 and 7.

  123. jacci says:

    number 8. I love twenty to midnight. she’s a beauty. and number 5. love the headpiece.

  124. sunshinejade says:


    Third choice is number 1.

  125. Svetlana says:

    i love number 3

  126. Yy says:

    Number three, I think, will be the best. It shows your amazing tattoos, accessories, and the pose happens to be my favorite, it is also the first doll of yours I saw on the Internet. I don’t like the one with the human hand because it kind of ruins the fantasy feeling. Each are lovely though, the frame, I’ve noticed, matches the accessories and tatoo perfectly! My first time commenting here, ahaha :)

  127. Candice Westberg says:

    4 (for the win), 7 (my third choice), and 8 (my second favorite)
    Good luck1!

  128. Sylwia says:

    First cover is the best, 4 or 5 could be for limited edition.

  129. Mazzo says:

    I’d go for #1, #3 or #6.
    But I really love all your works :-)

  130. Merri says:

    They are all undoubtedly beautiful photos. No. 3 is a lovely composition for a book cover, but as it has appeared on the cover of all the previous books, a change might be nice. Perhaps it could be the cover for the trade books, as the signed edition copies will be more likely to be purchased by those who already have a previous book?
    I guess if I walked into a bookstore and saw all eight books lined up, the one that would tempt me to pick it up first, would be photo No. 1 :D

  131. Eva says:

    I vote #3 and #4. Lovely! :)

  132. Orangey says:

    1, 4, or 7, I think =). I have no favorite between these, all are lovely~

  133. Nyxy says:

    3,4, and 7 are my favorites!

  134. Victoria says:

    #5 and #7

  135. Cjoy says:

    #4,#1,#7, in that order. Love the crown!

  136. Damira says:

    #3 then #7.

  137. katekate says:

    vote for 4

  138. Out of curiosity I counted and the most populare to the least so far!

    No 1 83 votes
    No 3 78 votes
    No 4 56 votes
    No 7 54 votes
    No 5 43 votes
    No 6 34 votes
    No 8 30 votes
    No 2 11 votes

  139. Filichen says:

    1, 3, and 4! How exciting!

  140. Louise says:

    #1 and #6 :)

  141. Louise says:

    #1 and #6

  142. Amal says:

    Lol Christiane, you’re so good!! I was just thinking – i wonder if Marina managed to read this far! ^O^

  143. ????? says:

    3 is the best

  144. Heather Johnson says:


  145. Santina says:

    1,3,6 Although 6 would be best because Marina is in the picture (kinda) and because Mermaid Song wasn’t on the earlier covers

  146. Sylvia says:

    @Santina: I think Marina doesn’t have so hairy manly arms ;)

    May i take back my vote for 7 and put it on 4 instead?

  147. Santina says:

    @Sylvia, oh wow I’m soo embarassed! It’s been a long day:D, hope I didn’t offend Marina! Don’t take back my vote though, Mernaid song would still make for a truly brand new cover, and if I’m not mistaken, mermaid song is also owned by Marina. What better way to represent a book about Marina’s Dolls, written by Marina, then to have a doll she personally favorites on the cover?

  148. Annina says:

    oooh great news, I wonder what the extended part will be!
    my three faves in no particular order:
    #1, #6 and #7

    just think Cinderella is so beautiful and fits so well on the cover, makes it magical fairytale-like. and then I of course love Chad’s hand-modeling!

  149. Lean says:

    I really like Nº 4


  150. Jon Songserm says:

    I love them all, but the very enchanted for me is #1 and #4

  151. fishsan says:

    #7, #8.looks good!!!

  152. Hey Marina and Chad,

    Great work, guys!

    Number 3 for me because it fills up the space on the cover nicely and this photograph shows many aspects of Marina’s amazing skill, the beauty of the dolls she makes (not just the one in the picture), entices the potential of the book and makes a promise of an amazing read and a wonderful feast for the eyes.

    Iimagine, however, that it would be better for many reasons to have a different cover on the extended edition. The people who already own the first edition will also want to buy the extended edition and it would be a nice touch for them to have a different photograph on the cover. It would also refresh the book’s look and make it a new, different product altogether.

    I like number 4 as well because for me it sits on the cover better than the other photographs, especially that the dolls are all cut out in a certain way in each photograph. Moreover, this is one of the newer photographs and newer dolls- again, good for marketing purposes, although I cannot be sure.

    Visually, numbers 3 and 4 win for me.

    Just a few thoughts I had…

    All are extremely beautiful though.



  153. Actually, I love number 6 as well (well, love them all really!), but I’d make it a slightly more close up because… Chad, please forgive me- I’d have a bit less of your hands in e picture! :) Just the palms and a little bit of your wrists showing and then the doll, which is one my favourite Enchanted Dolls and always has been.

    There! I don’t know why I wrote this much… :)

  154. Marilia says:

    #1, 3 or 8

  155. Crystal says:

    I kind of like the hands in 6 because it show the size, and she looks so fragile and delicate in a man’s hands.
    So many people! each with their own unique opinion! :)

  156. Laura says:

    #3, #4, #8

    They are so lovely…

  157. Laura says:

    #3, #4, #8, They are all so lovely… #3 is my definite fave though

  158. Natalia says:

    3 and without this funeral frame

  159. Misa says:

    Then 5 or 8.

  160. EnchantHesrt says:

    No 4

  161. Angela says:

    I’d say 8 show chases what you do most, but I think 3 is better looking and also showcases almost everything.

  162. Blossom says:

    5 is stunning – then 8 or 3.

    I am so happy to see you are re-printing, I have wanted one of your books since I first discovered your amazing work last year. thank you

  163. chen says:

    I also want to know how the Chinese mainland booking and payment

  164. Marianna says:

    I love #7 the best and #3 :))))

  165. Ginie says:

    For me it would be number 1 .

  166. jacci says:

    i love twenty to midnight, so 8
    and the muse of Art Nouveau, love her, so 2
    and that mask headpiece is amazing. so either of the two with that doll.

    ok, so i chose 4 that i like but 4 and 5 are almost the same, so i’m counting it as one vote there;)

  167. Gaia says:

    1° or 4°!!! very chic <3

  168. Crystal says:

    You know, I think the picture with Daphne kneeling with her braids on, would be a sweet cover.

  169. Cindy says:

    Dear Marina, Love, Love, Love your dolls so much. It pains me to tell you how I feel about the covers and I hope you will not be offended because that would be the last thing I would want to do. I think your dolls are so amazing and the covers, in all honesty – not so much. I am speaking as a professional now. The framing device plus type treatment are too busy and compete with one another. I would not use the framing device. I would also update, rebrand the logo. Use some color other than gray for background, something like the photos from the photo shoot for Japanese Vogue combined with a clean updated logo and you have a world-class coffee table book, aka a major art book. Please don’t think me rude. I think if you asked any graphic designer what they thought, they would tell you the same thing. I think you might like as a type and graphic designer, she is as great as you are with your dolls:

    Should you publish one of the covers as is, I would still be in line for one – with bated breath. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

  170. Shivi says:

    # 6 :D !!!!!

  171. Kimberly says:

    My picks are #2, then #8 and then #4. :D

  172. Andrea says:

    I love #3, #4, and #8!!

  173. Ursi says:

    1 !!!! my favorite doll:) I dream about having this book, I hope I will get it finally

  174. BigMike says:

    #3 and #7

  175. Ekaterina says:

    #2 oder #5

  176. Binnur says:

    Oh, come on….Are we done already? Surely there are others with cover opinions…I am hoping for 300 posts, myself….My choices…7 for the general, 5 for the limited edition publication…

  177. jennie says:

    1, but there all lovely.

  178. Vinitharya says:

    7, 3, 6
    Cinderella is your best doll in my opinion ;)

  179. Liliana says:

    1 or 7 are great:)

  180. solo says:

    1, because it show your amazing silver work that represents across her porcelain body

    2, because it shows the beautiful nude body I believe it show’s more of your beautiful sculpting her smooth beautiful perfectly sculpted porcelain body, her gorgeous golden long flowing hair, and her lantern head piece is amazing

  181. March says:


    It’s too love

  182. Betty says:

    #4—— no reason

  183. Marc-Antoine says:

    3rd one is my favorite ;-)
    when next auction on ebay?
    is there a direct link to your ebay shop?
    thanks !
    love your work

  184. Maynus says:

    8 because she really give a humen feeling, and make me want to open and see inside.

    love your work.

  185. Elizabeth says:

    I put my vote on #1 or #4.

  186. Kara says:

    You should create posters of some of these to order, I myself would love a framed print. :) Hard to choose between them, I can narrow my favourite down to 1, 3, 4, 6

  187. Diana says:

    1 or 5 or 8

  188. Chris says:

    I vote for number 5. But all are very beautiful.

  189. Natasa Makri says:

    I vote 3 or 4 :)
    I would choose 4.
    These seem more right for a cover

  190. rrgi7 says:

    I love love the number 1 ^^

  191. Danielle says:

    #1, #3 & #6

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