Help me name this resin doll

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I’m running a bit late with the photo shoot of the first resin dolls, but it should wrap up tomorrow.

In the meantime, help me name this pretty doll. I’d love to hear your suggestions on what she should be called.

183 Responses

  1. Anna says:


    Dein goldenes Haar Margarete
    Dein aschenes Haar Sulamith.

    From the poem “Todesfuge” by Paul Celan. She reminds me of it.

  2. elcato says:

    как на счет того, чтобы назвать их русскими именами?:)

    i suggest russian names for all 20 dolls))))

  3. Terri-Lee says:

    Selene and Amelia are the first two names that came to my mind when looking at her. Emily and Sarah also came to mind later.

  4. Melissa says:

    Said this on Twitter, but repeating it here:

    Amalthea, like the character in “The Last Unicorn”

  5. Sanaz says:

    It means the goddess of the sun.

  6. Suok69 says:

    She is stunning. I am not so clever with giving names to the dolls. All i see, that she is utterly beautiful and very ethereal. If she would have a raven black hair, i might call her a Snow White.

    But i would be happy with any name for her.

  7. Jerry says:

    Zsa Zsa ? :D Seems like a fitting name ^_^

  8. Glynis says:

    Marina,as you have one lady named for gold,how about one named for silver? I believe that’s Serebo in Russian.whatever you choose she’s truly beautiful,can’t wait to see more of her sisters

  9. Rabbit Hole says:

    “Erine” I think this name good for her look.

  10. Virginia says:

    She looks so gloomy and sweet. I think she sould be named Lenore

  11. Sara says:

    Lilith or Luna

  12. Su says:


    -Libélula (dragonfly in spanish)

    -Nimrodel (a lost Elf maiden from a story from JRRTolkien)

  13. Suok69 says:

    Actually i looked for some names for her.

    Anais-Pure, Surie-rose/lilly, Vardis-a rose, Vesper-evening. I love the name Vesper.

  14. Jenny says:

    She’s gorgeous.

    Hm, my suggestion would be something as simple as Eve. Her sorrowful expression and the silver white hair brings my thoughts to the very moment that Adam and Eve were banished from Eden.

  15. Ezgi says:

    A Turkish Name is ‘Akmer’ means white and pure like the moon

  16. Halo says:

    What’s Russian for “Mine” ??? ;) She’s stunning! And I couldn’t be happier for you and your resin endeavor. I know it might have felt like pushing a boulder uphill but you’re here and they’re magnificent.

  17. I like me the doll be called “Suri” or “Saeki”, because has a pretty oriental eyes and her lips are little and beauty. Xoxo

  18. Annina says:

    Alina, it just came to my mind.

    Calle says: Flora

    she is very beautiful!

  19. mermaid says:

    Назовите её Дарья. Мне кажется, для такой нежной куклы, подходит это сильное имя так как оно её дополняет :)

  20. Anastasia says:

    I believe that she is called Nephele, a cloud nymph in greek mythology.

  21. Lenka says:

    Elena, Lenora or Helena, all are very nice names :)

  22. Elena says:

    Марина, здравствуй!

    О!Счастливый день!!!!!

    Предлагаю имя- Ева.

  23. Candice Charles says:

    I would name her Lux. Such a beauty.

  24. Katie says:



  25. Ana Bidault Terra says:

    The first thing that called my attention was her paleness, so I thought of Snowdrop like the flower. But I think she needs a more interesting name, something like Gala

  26. Virginie says:

    How about Blanche…?

    I don’t comment often but I read your blog ‘daily’ and have got one of your first edition books… Love your enchanted dolls and can’t wait for more details on your resin collection!

  27. The only word that is coming to my thoughts are Precious and Desire Pearl. This is how my heart feels at this moment….I so desire to hold such a precious work of art and call her my own….

    Good lord Marina she is stunning!

  28. Katarzyna says:


    She is so ethereal and subtle…

  29. TMia says:

    Name her Taybele (in russian its Тойбеле) after Isaac Singer’s “Taybele and Her Demon”. She is kinda sad…

  30. Mai says:

    Oh, I love the names that have been suggested here. She is truly a wonderful doll. What an expressive, wistful face. My favorites of the ones suggested are Amalthea, Lilith, Eve, and Nephele.

  31. Yuri says:

    I suggest Cornelia, Edelweiss, Elaine, Alianora and Evyndur.

  32. Margaux says:

    Amber :3 or Ambre in french

  33. Amanda says:

    I would like to second (or third) the nomination for Amalthea! She definitely reminds me of the character from The Last Unicorn!

  34. elcato says:

    btw, Marina
    what size of eyes you are using for these?
    6mm or 8mm?

  35. Logan says:

    She looks like a Sophia to me…

  36. Talina says:

    Ariadne… or perhaps Maeve? Willow was actually the first name that popped into my head when I saw her.

  37. My suggestion is Isabeau. She’s so beautiful and soft.

  38. Małgorzata says:

    ANAEL -this name of angel,she is beautiful and delicate how angel…

  39. Esin Erolus says:

    Esin (turkish means: inspiration) because she looks like inspiration fairy =)

  40. Esin Erolus says:

    Esin, (turkish means: inspiration) because she looks like inspiration fairy =)

  41. Matthew says:

    It looks almost exactly like my girlfriend Kayla…
    Not sure if that name is unique enough but to me it’s Kayla.

  42. Dorothée says:

    Sand is the name that immediately came to my mind when I saw your beautiful doll, but don’t ask me why !

  43. Brigitte says:

    Love the wig! It’s so wonderful with the face. Maybe Aurora? The wig reminds me of aurora borealis.

  44. Fay says:

    She looks like an Ophelia to me. Something wistful about her and she looks miserable yet so beautiful

  45. Kate says:

    I see her and I think Evangeline. Not sure why :) She’s a beauty though!

  46. Nada says:

    Sasha came to my mind.

  47. yrch says:

    I wonder…
    How much copy of her you go to have?
    That tempts to crack for this little girl !

  48. Olivia says:

    Adeline or Ersatz

  49. Orangey says:

    Are you changing the name Vega?

    ‘Suriele’ comes to mind~

  50. rahgutama says:

    She has very beautiful sorrow face, in Indonesia we have story about beautiful girl who has step mother and very pain life. She remains me of that story. So I would love to give her a name ” Ananda”. That’s mean the most lovely daughter


  51. TMia says:

    Oh!..1) Cassiopeia, 2) Andromeda, 3) Vega
    How about Phoebe or Virgo then?

  52. Erica says:

    I like Aurelia… I wish we knew more about these girls! I want to know if there is a chance I could own one….

  53. Hello, Marina this doll is so beautiful!
    What about Amelia?

  54. Diana says:

    She reminds me of one character out of the book “The Neverending Story”:

    “The Childlike Empress”

  55. Nancy says:

    Thalj– it’s Arabic for “snow”

  56. Jenny H says:

    So many wonderful names suggested for this exquisite girl! I like Cornelia, as Yuri suggested above… from King Lear; a beautiful daughter, loyal, kind and sad all at once. But if she belonged to me I might name her Angelica, after a doll who was bewitched in one of my favourite books I read as a child ‘The House of the Wind’ by Averil Demuth (and still reread every few years). Good luck choosing! :)

  57. Nancy says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous :)

  58. Michelle says:

    Bianca. She’s lovely!

  59. Beth says:

    Wow, tons of great name ideas on here. A previous commenter had suggested “Ophelia”; I am casting my vote for that! I also read a book a while back called “Mermaid’s Song” and the main character in that was a mermaid named Elan. I imagined her to have the same wistful, sad and sweet beauty as your doll. So I am also suggesting either Elan or Merra.

    This is a really great doll, Marina. Clearly you can work your magic on resin as well as porcelain!

  60. Kloé says:

    She’s beautiful. I’d call her Rivière, it’s river in French –because of her long, flowing silver hair, which looks like pure mountain water. It’s pronounced REE-vee-ay-r
    Or Rêverie, because her expression, while sad, looks also like she’s daydreaming. There’s something soft, pleading, almost hopeful behind the sadness of her red-rimmed eyes. I also think the soft pronunciation suits her: RAY-verh-EE. I think a French name would suit her perfectly, and in both these propositions, I love the soft, purring “r” sounds.
    (she makes me think of the Lady of Shallot painting by Waterhouse. I have a reproduction on my desk and under the sadness, I always see something like sweet relief and a quiet longing.)

  61. sleepwalker says:


  62. sandy says:

    I like the name Marina!

  63. Amy says:

    Kissa, (1st born daughter) Hassana,(1st born of twins) Minya,(Older sister) Panyin,(1st twin) kato,(2nd twin) Triana,(third born) Liadan (Lee-din) (Irish Gaelic for gay lady) Sage Zuri

    I chose these names as twins since they are the first resin copies of the origional porcelain dolls. It seemed apropriate. It also leaves room for a set of “twins” to be born from the new set.

  64. Isabel pacheco says:

    Waooooooo she is very beautiful!

  65. Rux says:

    Amalthea because she reminds me of the last unicorn:)

  66. Esther says:

    Evangeline <3

  67. Jazz says:

    you should name her Jasmine.
    because her expression is exactly what i’m feeling right now.

  68. Annie says:


    Means “sea white, sea fair.” The very appropriate name of the 6th century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. He brought her to St. Comghall who baptized her which transformed her into a woman.[]

  69. Kami Renee says:

    My Suggestion is: Marian.
    Like Maid Marian of Robin Hood, just because it looks like she’s gazing out, thinking of her faraway love.

  70. N says:


  71. jacci says:

    i like Ophilia, her look is so sorrowful. i also loved the Last Unicorn when i was a little girl so Amalthea would be great too.
    i looked at her and thought of a sea nymph, so maybe something like Lirea.

  72. Katarina says:

    I am fan of Eastern-Europian names I realy like Aksana, Alina or Kira, I thing ony of those names would be great for her

  73. Glynis says:

    Second look, I don’t want cause offence,but I think I actually like the resin dolls more than the porcelain ones,and there are so many beautiful names here,how to choose!? Glad it’s not me that has to

  74. Kirsten says:


  75. tanomi says:

    Ниа или Ния

  76. Crystal says:

    Wynona. a native American name meaning “first born”

  77. p ponds says:

    i like epiphany, means striking appearance

  78. Ricardo says:

    I would call her Rapunzel, she looks like a sad Rapunzel that cries for her loneliness of beeing trapped in a tower.

  79. cleiton silva says:


  80. Linda says:

    How about Veronica? She wiped the face of Christ. She has that look of peace about her.

  81. ani says:

    Shura, Lonna, Veja, Evelisse

    She is so very lovely!

  82. Jayne Wourms says:

    I think she should be called Hope because I think that is what she represents to all of your fans wanted to own an Enchanted doll.

  83. Tawny says:

    The first name that exploded through my mind was Rowan.

  84. robbie pittman says:

    Mimosa or frangipani
    both are beautiful and rarely seen blooms… beautiful to look at and incredibly fragrant… unforgettable both.

  85. Jon Songserm says:

    Jac comes to mind.

  86. Sabrina says:

    How about Gaia?

  87. jacci says:

    how about a twist on that and spell it Jacq?

  88. Leigh in ME says:


  89. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a list of pretty Roman/Greek mythological figures that often have tragic ends (which fits the sad expression on your dolls face)
    Althea (I love this one)
    Circe (My favourite–I think it suits your doll!)

  90. Doreen Snyder says:

    I would choose “AZURE”. Her beautiful blue eyes are mesmerizing.

  91. Kerry Putaranui says:

    Pania – was from Maori mythology, waiting for her lover to return

  92. Linda says:

    Orpha!!! :)

  93. Swdolls says:

    Her name should be called Nana.

  94. Bertha says:

    She is everyone’s dream and created in September.
    Why not September Dream or just Hope.

  95. Lean says:

    Gorgeous! Want one! Can you tell me her price ? In a private email if you want?

    Her name… Luna… (moon in spanish)

    Thank you!

  96. Kirsten says:

    “Momento” was the first thing that came to my mind.

  97. I know the name is too mainstream, but she looks like Daenerys Targaryen from “The song of Ice and Fire” by Martin :)

  98. Hi Marina ,
    With this girl , I like the name Lullaby !
    .. she looks like a child is longing family love .
    This name will go in and protection her sleep .

    I admire you and your work !

  99. Emeline says:

    I’m so full of myself, but I suggest Emeline (emma-line) <3

  100. Erika says:


  101. Anastasiushka says:

    Proserpine! The girl who have to live in two worlds: the underworld and the world of mortals.

  102. Susann H. says:

    Esther or Delilah

  103. **Betina**

    Both Sweet & Lightened… like your Adorable Dolls!!!

  104. MigMig says:

    I think the first suggestion, “Sulamith” is spot on.
    BTW, Amalthea in Greek was mythology a name of a goat who suckled Zeus :o) The name is beautiful, but I cannot help to see the goat!

  105. noigol says:

    Garatea – Pygmalion’s statue

  106. Elena says:

    Eterea, Candida, Azzurrina, Elena (^__-)

    i’m italian, i wish see your doll at Piceno dolls… the dolls at the convention are on sale?

  107. Helene says:

    I would say Neige.

  108. veerle says:

    I like very much
    Talulah means lady or princess
    Tabitha means gazelle

  109. Niiv says:

    Favorites so far are: Sulamith, Ophelia and Elva.

    I add Deva (‘god-like, divine’ in Hindi)
    Neiva (‘snow’ in Spanish)
    and my personal favorite Lumina (‘brilliant light’ in Latin).
    She looks like a Lumina to me, a soft melancholy creature filling the world with her mesmerizing light.

  110. Irmina says:

    LUNA came to my mind, especially that it is a full moon this weekend :)

  111. Claire says:

    Monalisa or Ramona

  112. KarolinFelix says:

    I would call her Luna…. or Moonlight……

    I imagine her sitting in a window at night and looking at the moon……

  113. Kitty says:

    She looks like an ‘Anaïs’ to me. I don’t know why, but was the first name that popped up in my head when I saw her.

  114. Mu says:

    I think she looks like moon Fairy. I will name her as

    Feya, Fada, Ayperi or Niwadi

    I hope you all like it. Thank you.

  115. Елена says:

    Мне кажется, ей подходит имя – Клаудия(покалеченная). Она такая печальная и заплаканная, с ней точно что-то произошло.

  116. Sonomi says:


    “wide eyed” :)

  117. Eiko says:

    I was thinking she is a Serena, Megara, Amalthea or Elenore.

  118. I think mabe Salome…Hebrew for Peace!

  119. Veerle says:

    She looks like a Lydia to me :).

  120. I’m speechless. What a face and those eyes…! She looks amazing!!!

  121. Marion says:

    I think of Rain or Mist , she is so amazing
    love your work Marina

  122. francisco Milán Martín says:

    DANAE princess of Argos from the Danae and the golden rain, Greek mythology.. kiss from Spain….i read Odette in one of the coments and i like it, the swan lake its beautiful.

  123. TheCzechFan says:

    My first thought was “Bianca” :)

  124. aurore says:

    Ondine, Circé, Siréna

  125. Alonso says:

    Alva, Alma

  126. Aeris says:

    Ellen, Elaine, Elena?
    Something along those lines.

  127. Merri says:

    Aaah, resin dolls! A dream come true! The only thing I can think of to call her, is beautiful!!

  128. Elaine says:

    Acho que o nome SILENCE, combina muito com ela.


  129. Karen Martin says:

    Elke Julia after my beautiful daughter who died July 16, 2012. She was 34.

  130. Tati says:

    She looks like my friend Asfira :) Russian name isn’t appropriate, look at her eyes..

  131. georgette says:

    Philipe 필리프 라는 이름은 어떨까요?
    첫 레진 인형 축하드려요 마리나님!

    백금발의 머리에 잘 어울리는 이름 같아요 ^^*

  132. Alienor says:

    Call her Daenerys – she has blond-white hair like Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of the Dragons from “Game of Thrones” by Martin

  133. Sarah says:

    she’s gorgeous! hope you will start selling resin dolls soon :D

    I’m not good for giving names though. sorry ^^;;

  134. Solsikke says:

    First of all, let me say that she’s pure love… I wish I can own one some day… ^_^

    About the names, the first one that came to my mind was Ophelia, but then they start to came to my mind names with the warm “A”, as Althea, Amanda, Alma (soul), Arienne… And, of course: Gaia (“Mother Earth” Greek goddess).

    Greeting from Spain :)

  135. Katherine says:

    Euterpe- one of the nine muses
    Siren- from greek mythology
    Freyja/Freya/Freja – from norse mythology who is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold,war, and death

    And thats all I can think of right now :)

  136. Sarah says:

    The first thing that pop’ed into to my head was Sorrow, but that isn’t really a fitting name. I think Giselle would be good for her.

  137. Lana says:


    it is very similar to the spirit of the water element of the tales of the Baltic peoples

  138. Elvira says:

    Arlet ^^

  139. Kat Mountague says:

    how about Solange?

  140. seoconsult says:

    It’s good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource.

  141. Tina says:

    When I first saw her the name Shereen came to mind…or Shereena.

  142. Gilea says:

    Reveala :) or Moria

  143. Aurora Mathews says:

    Tiaunna or Tianna
    Aurora :)

  144. meadhbh says:

    as she looks so sorrowful I would have to say ‘Deirdre’ (pronounced “DEAR_DRA” from the celtic fairytale meaning ‘broken-hearted’ or ‘sorrowful’.

  145. Diana says:

    How about Elorinn or Elin?

    And she does look like Daenerys

  146. Maria says:

    Аэлита – ударение на И:)
    Аэлита — имя главной героини повести, в переводе с вымышленного марсианского языка означает «видимый в последний раз свет звезды»

  147. Ирина says:

    Не очень внимательно читала предыдущие предложения имён.Возможно уже было. СНЕЖАНА .

  148. Анна says:

    Она похожа на Дейенерис (Daenerys) Таргариен.. Это красивое имя..

  149. nino says:

    I suggest Lile – which means Sun :) Лиле – это древне сванское имя в переводе – солнце!

  150. pupu says:

    Looking forward to your new dall will choose this name—-pupu

  151. Francesca says:


  152. Veronique says:

    Looking forward to your new dall will choose this name—Chimène

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  157. Donatella says:

    name of this doll in resin like me ” Delice ” or ” Bizantine”

  158. Donatella Dubbini says:

    Desire or Bizantine

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