I hate Blythe Dolls

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I think Blythe dolls will go on the top of my “Worst Dolls Ever Made” list. I hate them. I don’t see what the big deal is. I find them rather ugly and disproportionate.

I invite Blythe lovers to sell me on these dolls. What is there to love about them?

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  1. Biscuitbear says:

    Well I can’t convince you here, I never liked them either. I was in Japan when the craze began, before replicas were made, and people spent fortunes at auction on the vintage dolls. I like some dolls with an oversize head, but not too oversize. Blythe is really too much.

  2. Sergei says:

    Марина! Я бы не стал говорить так категорично.Если рассматривать картины авангардистов, то с точки зрения классического арта, это бред.Но люди почему-то любят их.Мне кажется, что тоже происходит и с этими уродливыми куклами.

  3. Anne says:

    I can’t understand why these dolls are so popular either but I suppose it wouldn’t do for us all to like the same things!

  4. twigling says:

    I’m sorry I don’t get Blythes either… I think the style of clothing etc is cute (and would look great on a more proportionate doll) and I have seen well done customs, but I can never get past the lack of eyebrows, and I wouldn’t want to own one.

  5. Georgia Forward says:

    Hm…I’m not crazy about the HUUUUUUGE heads. But I love dolls with big eyes, but Blythes…meh. They make me think of Christina Ricci. I like her, though. She has such a sweet face, but the main difference is, her body is in proportion to her head.

  6. Anelise Horah says:

    Hmm selling point- some of their larger shoes fit your dolls feet. But I havent found any shoes that fit you dolls style. Cant stand Blythes or Pullips myself.

  7. moniee says:

    When i first saw these type of dolls, i was like…*O.o UGH! D:< What the hell is this* … then i turned back fast to the BJD site i was watching…So…i really dont get the thing, what is the beauty in them. On the other hand…people usually think im crazy to love these type of ddolls, as ball jointed dolls…they say its so weird, etc. But, well i dont care and i think blythe lovers dont do either, and this is the right way isnt it.

  8. sdblaine says:

    I think they are terribly ugly as well… not to mention scary.

    The huge, souless gloomy faces cooompletely wig me out :<

  9. Algesiras says:

    I don’t collect Blythes because I prefer more articulated dolls but I learned to like them while discovering more and more customized ones. The artists can make really beautiful Blythes. I think you should check some websites where you can find OOAK Blythes, once you’re used with the proportions, you will start to find them really cute and stylish.

  10. Pawie says:

    The Blythe on your picture is quite horrible, yes. But I think you should go check out tanpopo0118 (http://tanpopo0118.deviantart.com/, I’m not sure what link codes that works on these things…), her dolls are truly a sight.

  11. Emily says:

    At first I really hated Blythe dolls (my mother gave me one of hers from the original Kenner line) and thought they were just too weird. When they became oh-so-trendy, I was skeptical as to why anyone would consider them to be worth hundreds of dollars.

    However, I have seen some amazing custom work on them; with the right hair, makeup, and clothes, they can be quite charming and lovely. I think that while they are still not my favorite, they are at lest something different.

  12. jinjur says:

    Well, I was never a doll person even
    when I was a child. I didn’t just adore dolls. I adored horses. One day I saw a Blythe photograph…and it haunted me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I did searches on them. I think one of the attractions is the photographing them. They inspire creativity and imagination. Many people customize their dolls. Each to their own. I am fine with people considering them odd and ugly, there’s more than enough collectors in the hobby now.

  13. Marina says:

    I agree that there are definitely some beautifully customized Blythe dolls out there.

    However, this could be said about almost any commercial doll on the market: they can be extremely ugly until some talented artist gets their hands on one and repaints the hell out of its mass-produced-badly-painted-made-in-china face.

    That’s just the nature of mass production; it destroys a lot of quality and true artistry, producing only adequately mediocre product in its chase of quick profit. The dolls on the market today aren’t made to their full potential for considerations of cost and time it takes to produce one. Everything is scaled down to the bare minimum just to make a buck on the quick sale.

    That’s why i don’t concern myself with the cost of making a doll. Whatever it takes to make my vision-so be it.

    I never look for the quickest, cheapest way of manufacture because i know it will deteriorate the quality of my work. And quality is always my goal, never quantity.

    Whether i’m making a nude doll or a lavish costumed one, i always look for the best, most expensive raw materials to make a quality doll with. That’s how my clients know the difference between Enchanted Doll and every other bjd on the market.

    So, even some Blyths can look pretty, but the proportion is still messed up. And that’s what bothers me the most.

  14. Ginnie says:

    I’ve heard the quality of these dolls is deplorable. I have no attraction to Blythes whatsoever, although in my mind they are not as horrendous as those Bratz dolls… Those make me choke every time I see them.

  15. Morgan says:

    You’re right… they’re unattractive and would make great targets for skeet shooting.

  16. Oso says:

    С ней можно дружить, если хорошенько переделать и привыкнуть,
    она очень инопланетная.
    И чем необычнее, тем “любопытственнее”,
    по крайней мере, лучше, чем современные глупоулыбающиеся барби.

  17. BlondeMoment says:

    Maybe because they don´t look pale anorexic unoa dolls with fish faces and painted pusies.
    But it´s just my opinion, of curse

  18. Spatula says:

    I find them very compelling. I hate to compare Blythe dolls to yours, Marina, because they are a cosmos apart in terms of artistry, but I think they share some traits that ping some kind of primal, lizard-brain response that goes “MUST LOOK AT DESIRABLE OBJECT.

    Heart-shaped faces with very large eyes and small mouths pop up over and over – from anime to Keane’s paintings to Blythe here. But after seeing your work, Blythe dolls seem like a very crude stomp on this sensual button.

  19. shaynah says:

    i think the appeal is that they have a retro feel to them. i see Kean paintings in them. I myself used to like Kean and then grew out of it. to me they seem like a cop-out, supper urbanized design. I’m seeing a lot of art w/ images that are also similar in proportion and large eyes.

  20. Carole says:

    Blythe might be an alien. The more I study her picture the more uncomfortable I feel. The big supersized head, those super tiny hands = a little spooky.

    The new Gene Marshall face sculpt is very ugly and confusing. Wakeen’s Eve is very odd too. Both have eyes way too far set.

  21. Lola says:

    Wow, I saw your work in a doll mag and was anxious to see your dolls on the web site. Your work is lovely, but you clearly already know this. It is sad however that you need to make such negative comments about a doll that many people cherish and love. I won’t try and convince you that Blythe is lovely, you and those who follow you seem quite content to insult others while patting yourself on the back. Continue with your lovely dolls, I am glad that I don’t know you.

    • y says:

      Way old post, but I just saw it, and…what? When was another person actually insulted in the comments above or in the original post? It seems to me the only thing that was being “insulted” was the Blythe dolls, and even then, it was one dollmaker bluntly stating her opinion that she really hates a particular type of doll. If I really hated a particular movie and decide to rant about it on my blog or whatever, am I now insulting everyone who liked the movie? I think not, unless stating my dissenting opinion is automatically an insult, which is unreasonable (I hope people agree). If she had written that people who love Blythe dolls are stupid and out of their minds, I can see that being considered very insulting. If she was directly conversing with Blythe dolls’ original designer and told him/her that the dolls were crap, that is also insulting. But all she did was say, with no sugar-coating and also without any possibility of reaching the original Blythe designers, that she hates Blythe dolls. I mean, I would’ve thought that the people who hate Blythe dolls have as much of a right to their opinion as the people who love Blythe dolls and loudly proclaim this by putting up photos all over the internet. Apparently Blythe dolls actually scare the hell out of some people. So I guess those Blythe lovers are really inconsiderate! They cause emotional distress in people who hate Blythe dolls! (And if you think that argument is ludicrous, yeah, that would be why you don’t really want to make personal judgments about character based on one stated opinion over *personal tastes*.)

      And as a general response to other comments: People really need to take a step back. Blunt is not the same as rude. But responding to an opinion you disagree with by making strange assumptions about someone’s emotional state (jealousy), competence (Marina is useless because…different opinion?), maturity, and then posting comments that amount to, “You think the dolls I like are weird? Well, the dolls you *make* are weird! So there!”– all of that is definitely rude.

  22. Heather says:

    It’s the typical Betty Boop/Baby aesthetic; huge head, huge eyes, small body. It’s a purposefully disproportionate sculpt, so the fact that it’s far from realistic has never bothered me. It’s never looked “wrong”, just bizarre and alien (as in, I’ve never thought it was meant to be “exactly” human).

    To me, Blythe are like the old Ventriliquist puppets… they’re supposed to be something endearing, but instead end up being horrifying.
    It’s in the fear of them that I find their appeal, I’m interested in the things that scare me… but I don’t want them sitting around my house.

    I’m interested in seeing the rest of your list though, both the best 5 and the worst 5.

    And I won’t see it as a personal offense if you happen to hate a doll I love… attacking you over your opinion is insane. Honest opinions are much more interesting and informative than hollow politeness for the sake of sparing over-delicate feelings.

  23. V. says:

    It is a matter of taste, of course. I’d like you to sell me why exactly you don’t like them. Disproportionate, you say. No doll is “proportioned” (am I allowed to say not even yours?) they are idealized anthropomorphic figures if they were to be too human than that would be disturbing (which is actually what stops me from liking some of the most human looking BJDs … I can admire the artistry in them, but I wouldn’t want them to be in my house). That being said and being a Blythe collector, I don’t fully understand the hype on her too. I guess it’s the *unavailability* that’s most intriguing. Having something that is different from everything else out there (comparison with Bratz is ridiculous) and that is hard to get. Which, in a way, is true about your dolls too.
    You know, at first she did strike me as scary, but then she also has a softer tender look to it that just gets to you. Yeah, as Heather said Betty Boop (which is admittedly one of the main inspiration for her) and Baby Aesthetic. They’re cute like some anime characters or some typical japanese illustrations can be cute.
    To me, they’re very graphic in a way.
    Give Blythe a chance! ;)

    BTW let me say that I do love your work (and Nati’s too), see… it is possible to like different things!

  24. Kammie says:

    Frankly, I find them scary. O_O I don’t know if it is their huge head, huge eyes or what but they look like something that would kill me in my sleep. It’s funny though, since I find Pullips adorable.

  25. Donna says:

    мне такие”большеголовые” не нра… и от барби меня тошнит уже..Обажаю твоих!Ð’ каждой есть “индивидуальность”…Так держать!Удачи!

  26. sara says:

    i´ve done some blythe customs, and i loved to do this work, the shame is, that you can´t touch them after that, that´s why i don´t make blythe customs anymore.

  27. Armida says:

    I agree with you, every time I go to Flickr and while watching nice pictures about other things, and suddenly they appear it makes me to look somewhere else. In my personal opinion they are pretty “uncomfortable” to see.


  28. monika says:

    Have you even know anything about blythe?
    About weird I think some of your dolls are more weird。
    I also do not like disproportionate ,special your chinese girl with smaller feet。

  29. helenpiva says:

    I dont know….
    I have a 2 blythes…noo..I had two blythes because I sold them.

    And, I think that if we exclude the “fashion” that circulates the blythes…we have few people who really like them.

    we have people also disproportionate that the blythes…(I`m one lol). And I believe that perfection is in our intimate … when we find the beauty that is diversity.

    The blythe is a product for some peoples and are art for others.

    I see perfection and love in your dolls.
    Its very important love…your dolls dont are a product…are art.

    (sorry my english =*)


  30. Anna says:

    Uh, okay… Well. I don’t really like Blythe, but the dolls I love most in my collection are 1/6 plastic, and mass-produced Licca dolls. And at the same time I can like (love) your dolls. They both have a very different appeal. Your dolls, they’re stylized. No human has a body like them. And then on the other hand there’s Licca (which I gave new bodies to), which I enjoy dressing and photographing. They make me happy I guess.

    Let’s face it, your dolls are strange yet intriguing, which is the same as Blythe. I don’t get why Blythe is popular, but people must like their uniqueness and see some potential in her.

    AND, the big heads are a stylistic quality, if every doll was the same, and similar to yours, well…

    Do you also dislike caricatures? I love caricature art and cartoon art, the different styles are great.

  31. Zed Brown says:

    So openly envious of others success – this is funny. You compare business and handmade, conveyor and manual molding, someone else’s popularity and your uselessness.

  32. Blue Dot says:

    So they are out of proportions, yes, ok, so what? That alone does not bother me AT ALL. Dolls are not anatomical models and don’t have to be accurate to be pretty/attractive and so on.

    I was very vaguely interested in them until recently. (Don’t have a lot of money to spend collecting things I can live without.) What appeals to me in Blythes is actually quite trivial: their eyes. Show me another dolls that does this trick with changing eye colour every time you pull a string at the back of it’s head. I know, sounds silly, but I like it.

    Also, there is something cute about their faces. I know, some people find them ugly, odd or whatever, but they are designed to be sweet and lovely and irresistible. They remind me of cartoon characters or something like that. And the fact people customize them beautifully is a bonus, too.

  33. Jack says:

    I have one Blyth in my collection doll.
    I think she’s cute with her own style.
    I like many styles of Dolls.
    Each doll has its own beauty.

    Blyth has a big skull and when you touch its head, it feels like you are playing with a puppy. The skull is big but soft with the fur wig. Her head fits the hands.

    Barbie? Oh no it’s worst!!!!!!
    Bad production than before…..

    Other BJD? Some of them look so real and beautiful but TOO HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, ugly HUGE. Long legs long arms……I really wanna cry out when I received Akando from Iplehouse.net He’s 70 cm tall…what a freak doll size!( 3 kilos weight resin)

    Enchanted doll? I’,m frankly telling you I really need to have one of my own,but she’s too expensive for me. That’s truly sad…maybe one day….

  34. Julie says:

    my god.
    they are not the most endearing dolls out there, that’s for sure. Main reason why it was stopped from production.(original ones. poor girls were frightened out of their minds)
    To me the scary thing about blythe is its head.

    *sensitive content for some. please do not read if have blythe-pride. heart failure not accounted for.*

    Disproportionate is ONE thing, but how the face is arranged; how the chin is pointed like a skull; how small the nose and mouth are; how they’re just SWIMMING on the face (seriously. face is thin, but lips and nose are thin and –sorry blythe lovers, witch-like.); and those eyelids.
    I’m not a fan of huge animic eyes in 3D form. but they never scare me. however, blythes…

    hey do they even have eyebrows??

    perhapes I would change my mind if I was ever forced to play wih one.. maybe kind of like suddenly adoring the wonderful sensations one gets when one gets a major heart attack. or seizure, if anyone ever remember having one.

    I don’t really have much dolls. barbies – in love with nose-plants, barely articulated (mine has vinly limbs and head, but plastic body. what’s with that?) good for making little clothing for.

    enchanted dolls, yes, they are disproportionate. they look like freaks because no one can love with those limbs. I think they are beautiful though.

    some people are really throwing themselves out there to protect the blythe-pride. their hobbies, not ours. just staaayyy far, far, far away.


    –okay a pro to blythe – not too expensive?

  35. Kimmi says:

    I am well aware that this blog is wayyy old, but I was looking through some of them and happened to read some of the comments.

    I cannot believe that some people are that rude and hateful towards you and your work–judging you for simply stating your opinion!

    How can they possibly say you are envious of others’ success or too critical? You were only being honest, everyone has an opinion and you had the guts to state yours. I don’t see how that in ANY way makes you envious or critical. And, considering the HUGE difference in styles of your dolls and blythe dolls, your opinion makes perfect sense to me. Simply a difference of styles and what you consider beautiful.

    I would like to say that, although I think blythe dolls are adorable, I LOVE your dolls–they are simply magical, like tiny fairies. And I think for people to criticize you is completely ridiculous. I think you have the most enchanting dolls I have ever seen :)

  36. SashaEiri says:

    Yes, dolls are out of aesthetics…
    Отвратительно смотрятся, гаже некуда. С детства шугаюсь кукол, у которых глаза закрываются автоматически, так у этих такое же как бы оторванное веко. Бррр…

  37. Debra says:

    My baby sister got one of these in the 60s, and used the doll to terrorize her older sisters…those pink and yellow eyes, late at night…eeeekkkk!!!!

    However, when the craze started in and there were no repros yet, that creepy doll paid her rent for a couple of months—-so she turned out to be a good thing after all!

  38. Jigglypuff says:

    I have to say that I hate Barbie-style dolls. They lack meaningfulness, and some of her fashions… I would NOT be caught dead in them. Another reason is the lack of mobility most of them have. I prefer dolls I can poses.

  39. marie says:

    well, somethimes things are sooo ugly that you just gotta love it. And it’s probably something to do whit retro :)

  40. Frances says:

    Maybe blythes are for children. Or maybe not… Cause they scared me when i was still a child… XD

    Anyways… Maybe they’re meh… But not adorable either. Some are freaky… Some are meh… XD

  41. kristina says:

    у вас нет права так говорить.
    это дело вкуса.
    меня ,например, в ваших куклах отталкивают коленки, которых 4, а не 2, полумертвая бледная худоба и эти гениталии с 3-мя волосинками..некая педофилия просачивается.
    Тем не менее-мне нравятся ваши куклы..как произведение искусства!
    но! Если бы мне нужно было покупать куклу своей дочке или в дом,где живут девочки, то вашу я не выбрала бы)


  42. blamba says:

    i don’t know about this. Maybe you’re being honest or being too insensitive and prideful over a mere ‘style’ of a doll that you and the bjd companies produce…

    don’t get me wrong, i do think highly of you and know that you make wonderful creations.

    But again, criticizing openly like you have done here can anger people with different opinions; which is clearly what you have triggered. And I am not talking about how and why you think blyth dolls are ugly. I just think you have stated something a little too sensitive in an impolite way, with disrespect. It’s quite hard for me to believe that someone like you – who has plenty of recognition in the doll industry – can blurt something out so juvenile.

    I hope that you may think and grow, marina.
    best wishes.

  43. jslord says:

    Well, I agree with Marina. I think Blythe is the ugliest doll I’ve ever seen. However, I was struck by the comment about Betty Boop. I can see that. But then, I wouldn’t want a Betty Boop doll either. The only reason I would even take a free Blythe is to sell her and put the money toward an ED fund.

  44. Boris says:

    Некоторые,видимо,совершенно не понимают,что куклы Марины-вовсе не детские игрушки;а тонкие,дорогие украшения,принявшие подчеркнуто-реалистичную форму человеческого тела и лица.Отсюда и эта хрупкая,анемичная структура.
    Для тех,кто ищет упрощенный суррогат девочкам домой-есть полки,забитые вполне приемлимыми,даже неплохими местами куклами…но увы-изюминки там нет.
    В данном же случае полностью согласен с Мариной:гидроцефалы Blythe,которые,вдобавок,больны еще и базедовой болезнью,оставляют впечатление совершенно удручающее.

  45. Helen says:

    Согласна с Мариной. Blythe выглядят отталкивающе. Совершенно не понимаю, что люди в них находят :( И дело не только в пропорциях, но я противном выражении лица :( Хотя пропорции, конечно, на первом месте по ужасу :)
    На мой взгляд, куклы должны быть красивы, как красивы бывают произведения искусства… независимо от доли условности, которая есть в любом изображении.
    Поэтому мне нравятся Маринины Enchanted – такое сочетание утонченной эстетики, личной тайны :) и возможности с ними играть.

  46. Luthien says:

    I know this is a really old post, but I was reading through them, and I just felt like putting in my two cents.

    I don’t like Blythes either, mostly it’s their eyes that creep me out. And their heads are way too big for my taste, but I also don’t really like Monet or most of Mozart’s pieces. Taste is relative. For every creation in the world there is someone who will love it and someone who will hate it, but the nature of art is that it’s relative to people and their own thoughts, feelings and experiences. I know it’s hard to call Blythes “art” but once upon a time they were just someone’s idea, before they got mass produced, and that doesn’t make them any less art.

    I also really like how people dress them up and paint them and do their hair. Even though I’d rather make my own dolls, personally, I think it’s nice that people who don’t have the time or inclination to do that have a palette for their own art and designs. What do you think people do with your nude dolls?

    If you get a chance, you might want to check out this book: Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste by Carl Wilson. It’s a music critic trying to reconcile his hatred for Celine Dion’s music with so many people’s adoration for her. I don’t know, it just reminded me of this whole Blythe argument.

  47. pochysama says:

    well. way old post XD
    I like all kind of dolls, they are so many…so weird! all of them! I really love your dolls, they have soul, and so exquisit faces and bodys! but I like the big headed blythe too, she’s so weird in so many ways! the big auful head, the big eyes that scared so many!!!(not me) and the little body that makes her even more weird XD
    I just think we have to love all dolls, the people who made them(including you XD) thaught they where beautyfull inside(if doesn’t outside) I don’t know if someone can understand my vision on this matter, but is what I think, the creator put love on them, someone put effort on making their big heads or simply customizing them, just like you do, and Im sure you put love on the “enchanted dolls” ;D

    Love your dols 4ever!!! XD

  48. Jon Songserm says:

    i don’t mind about Blythe doll, some of them make me happy to some of them make me feel bad, i beleave about the value of everything even the useless can be help you sometime,
    comemon it just doll, it so sad to see people hate doll, because in the beginning of made doll, the put love and effort very much to make that!
    i like every doll in this world, they are the beutifull thing in my bad bad world.
    They keep me inpire and make me waking. even i don’t have any doll, becuase ie very expensive for me.

  49. Avores says:

    Ох,сидела любовалась,а тут такое)
    Как человек,имеющий 3 блайз,могу сказать следующее:все полностью зависит от хозяина.блайз без кастома и модификаций у меня тоже эмоций не вызывают..уже)сложно сказать что же в них любишь,но если фотографировать рядом каких-нибудь стандартных кукол 1/6,типа momoko,FR и прочих,почему-то невыигрышно смотрятся все,кто стоит рядом.они инопланетны вне рамок пропорций.
    И они тоже,несмотря на свои пропорции могут выглядеть утонченно.у всех свои предпочтения,это как с лысыми котами,из серии “но что-то в них есть”,недаром их вернули в производство после неудачи в 70-Ñ… годах,они приобрели актуальность,когда изчезли рамки единственно верного человеческого облика и вдруг стало ясно,что для кого-то они и есть та самая недостающая деталь,людей на свете так много,а гидроцефалов с базетовой болезнью,думаю,совсем нет..(финал-апофеоз))

  50. люблюблайз))) says:

    Марина, это же очевидно! Их изюминка – гротескность)))

  51. ollie says:

    u should check blythe dolls by julien martinez.he do custom dolls and also create his own doll. i think great artist will see anything beautiful for even a piece of trash u called ugly.open minded is necessary . what a snob.

  52. Kas says:

    Wow, probably your most controversial post ever, huh? Haha, some people are far too sensitive about the things they like… it’s all a matter of taste. I’ve seen some really gorgeous Blythes about, but a good deal of them aren’t that lovely to my taste. I’m really irked by how people have attacked you personally and artistically over your opinion.

    Blythe were more of an artistic thing to begin with, but *I feel* that they are riding on the doll craze wave more than focusing on the love of dolls of the creators now. You aren’t making dolls for profit like Blythe, you’re making dolls because it is what you love, and that’s a big defining point… I don’t see why people are so upset that you don’t like them. It’s not like you’re insulting the people that like them. :/

  53. Melissa says:

    I found this article by googling “I hate Blythe” and I’m happy to see others share my opinion. I find the proportions and sculpt of Blythe utterly disgusting. It looks like a creepy alien baby. I hate the round eyes, lack of eyebrows, and ridiculously huge head. To make matters worse, some people attach huge disgusting ears and things. I hate everything about Blythe and can’t wait until the craze is over because I’m sick of seeing disturbing pictures everywhere of Blythe dolls.

  54. Margaret says:

    Hello! I’ll tell you one thing … you’re magic. Your doll is art. When I look at them I see That they have a soul. (If there are errors then I’m sorry. I’m Polish and poorly know English)

  55. Margaret says:

    Your dolls are my dreams.

  56. bbe says:

    i love blythe!!!
    if you dont like, its fine,
    im openminded to accept not-perfect-looking doll.

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    afterward you can write otherwise it is difficult to write.

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  59. Leroy says:

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  61. Hana says:

    Helo there!
    Ok guys so there is not to like or not to prefer but hate? I think you all are full of hate anyway it is just you choose this doll to talk about it and put out your frustration.
    It is a doll … Just a doll.. Why hate it? What is really your problem? But this you have to discuss with some profesional doctor.
    Anyway i find them very original and cute much more better that plastic peroxide boring barbies… Dont get me wrong i don’t hate barnies:)) i don’t hate dolls :))) i just prefer :)
    Anyway there are much more wierd scary dolls that was really made to be scary.. But blythe?

  62. Hannah says:

    I think blythes are beautifull the over sized head is the style of it.>:(

  63. Greetings! This is my first visit to your blog!
    Your blog provided us useful information to work on.
    You have done a wonderful job!

  64. vale says:

    BELIEVE ME. i saw MORE EVIL AND UGLY DOLLS THAN these poor blythes. Looks those DEMONIAC DOLLS from some weird bjds artists (that have even horns in heads and deformed bodies… and very evilish sculps. Or the dollzone dolls.. are VERY UGLY some models and looks nothing much more than a devil doll. Blythe are very funny and cute and are not that bad. They are not at image of DEMONS
    so no. I love Blythe actually. I received one few days ago. And I was saying that I would never get a Blythe doll. But now that she is here.. I love her! She is different doll from any other doll. I love Her BIG head!

  65. Trisha says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the “age” of the doll that people prefer. Some Women (and men!) have a soft spot for little girls they can dress and fix their hair. I’d age these dolls from 3 to 7 years of age, though there are a lot of variations. In this age range, there’s a sweetness. The enormous head and big undeniable eyes lend to that.

    Custom work pushes them further toward that level of sweetness. Realistic carving, eyes and hair, plus cute little girl dresses and hats (current and vintage) make them more believable.

    Add a ball joint body for authentic poses and cute head tilts and the deal is sealed, for me anyway.

    I fell in love with Blythe from the first moment. But yes, original blythes aren’t quite as special, even though I loved my first and held off customizing her for a year. When my mother brings her friends over (ages 60 to 80) they all ooh and ahh over my dolls. Id say 1 out of 10 really aren’t interested.

    I can see why you don’t like Blythe. The dolls in your gallery really are ‘enchanted’ in such a dream-like fashion. Gorgeous!

  66. Fran says:

    At first you might come across Blythes in Pinterest or Instagram, and wouldnt interest you to buy them. There are just some details that might struck you like their eyes, dress and scenic spots where they pose and photographed. And then you suddenly feel emotional or something brings you back down the memory lane, blissful days , morning coffee and croissant, beach vacay, road trips and holiday escapades. You end up being connected to the person you once were, it feels good and to commemorate those you google Blythe and buy them. And then you start wondering how to make factory faces look realistically sad or happy or snob, then comes “craft” so you end up buying tools and explore Blythes in so many aspects.

    Bottom line, we have our own preferences – it’s just that we learn to love things as we accumulate experiences in life and make our connections to it, that we understand and appreciate it based on what makes sense to us. It’s more than the “production”, “price”, “rave”, “popularity” and “craze” it’s more of “PASSION” , we acquire Blythe in the name of “love” which is truly 50% felt, 50% seen.
    Without these, yes you are right Blythe is simply not interesting or in other words ugly.

  67. First off, thanks for the great info! If you don’t know Blythe by name, you may know her by sight. She is instantly recognisable by her big, lollipop head and huge, vaguely manga-style eyes which sometimes change colour; her expression is slightly forlorn. She mostly sports geek-chic hair – a heavy fringe, sometimes dyed different colours – and wears vintage-styled outfits.

  68. cory says:

    I dont own any of these dolls and never would spend that kind of money on any doll. The customized ones can be super cute though. As an artist I would consider getting a rip off kind to customize myself for my kids. Some of them are super creepy but that is all in how its done. I like the bit of creepy look they have and I’m sure other people do too. Specially because a lot of them have that played up. I prefer eyebrows too.

  69. Layla says:

    I myself don’t care for Blythes. They are just not m taste, however, I’m not gonna shit on them and call them ugly and piss off Blythe owners.
    For me it’s a couple of things, one is the lack of variety, every time I see a picture of a Blythe…..they all end up looking the same to me, and if they do happen to have different face sculpts, then I cant spot the difference apparently. Now, of course, it all depends on how the owner dresses and paints their doll that will give it its own identity. I just personally find different facial sculpts to be refreshing.
    The second thing for me is perhaps the biggest one, and it’s expression. In my own humble opinion, Blythes look a tad….”soulless”. The faces never seem to have any sort of personality to them. There’s no emotion in the face, just a dead-pan wide-eyed stare looking into my soul.

    For example, look at a Minifee Risse, her face has a pouty expression, some could even say it’s slightly frowny. A Minifee Chloe, she looks, in my opinion, wistful, thoughtful and carefree. Minifee boy Mika, he looks somewhat aloof. A Soom Clozel looks quiet, reflective, and somber.

    Now, when it comes to the proportions, it doesn’t bother me all that much, because I’ve seen pictures of some of the Leekeworld dolls that have the massive heads…..and I find them adorable as all hell. But again, I’m not unnerved because they have some form of variety and expression.

    Hopefully, my two cents made some sort of sense and hasn’t offended anyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

  70. Loli says:

    How dare you I love big headded dolls like tankou and little miss no name and Blythe she is sooo cute and I own 1 Blythe

  71. elena says:

    Well, who the f* cares about what YOU think about blythes? ;-)

  72. Adele says:

    I think Layla above said it well when she said “I myself don’t care for Blythes. They are just not my taste, however, I’m not gonna shit on them and call them ugly and piss off Blythe owners.”

    My wife and I actually love Blythe and have quite a few of them — the customized ones are especially beautiful and full of life and soul. I might also add that while we don’t really care for BJDs, we wouldn’t use our very public website to say “We hate BJDs, especially when they have flat eyes and essentially all look the same, no matter how expensive the clothes and accessories may be”.

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