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Now that I had a few days of rest from the contest-related work, I would like to come back to it with some thoughts. Like I said before, some contest ideas really corresponded with my own and reminded me of some drawings I had made for them over the course of a few years. I thought it’s a good time to review them alongside with the contest entries I received from others. Go to the link to see their submissions. The following are my sketches.


Eliza and I had the same idea of a conjoined twin doll. Well, similar.


A few people (Els, Carmelo, Kelly S., Ana S., Yana, Signe (Jon), had similar ideas to my own, of captivity-themed dolls, particularly the chastity belt was popular.



Maura, Gretchen, Maria, and Clemintine, also thought about the hybrid tree-female. It’s a captivating idea, that doesn’t translate well into a ball-jointed doll. It’s not impossible, but it would be difficult to make.


Amarilli, Petya, Laura, Maria, Katrina have suggested a cage dress idea, and I dug up that these drawings in my sketchbook. Although I’ve been trying to work it out for a long time, I haven’t really committed to this project yet. It has a lot of potential, I think.


Little Red Riding Hood Enchanted Doll was suggested by Kate, Maria, Jessica, and Alessandra. This is my sketch from 2007. I should make it into a doll already.


Invisigothgrrrl proposed a Minotaur doll, and I found this sketch in my traveling sketchbook dating back to Florence, Italy 2007.


Sara and Tatiana amongst some others have suggested a warrior doll, and I remembered when I dreamed about this armored doll and then waking up and drawing it down in the corner of my sketchbook.


Christina and Petya proposed these head dresses, and here is my version of them, also from a while back. I haven’t had time to develop them further.


Adriatzin submitted a proposal for a miscarriage doll and I was blown away by how similar the representation was to my own. Except my wasn’t pregnant and had a Gothic cathedral tattoo on the torso. But the blood swirl tattoos are remarkably similar. Only my concept for this doll was not a miscarriage, but an abortion in favor of reproductive choice. And now the cat is out of the bag. Too bad it won’t be a surprise. Oh well.

There are three other entries who’ve actually guessed the projects I’m currently working on right now. I think I will save them for the next post, sometime this week perhaps. I think you’ll like them.

I noticed there was a recurrent problem of noncompliance with the contest rules regarding the word limit.  Some participants have either ignored or misunderstood the limit, and sent me whole essays about their entries. The word limit was in place to 1) force people to be concise with their entries, and 2) because I’m just one person and can’t spend weeks reading through entries. By not-complying with the rules of the contest, you, my dear contestants, may have accidentally sabotaged your own chances to win.

Please read the rules more carefully next year. They will be different.

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  1. Marina if I may ask when you think of a ideal for a doll, do you ask your self would there be a buyer for this type of doll. Do you keep in mind she is a BJD first and should be able to play with her. When creating a doll are you sometimes in the little girls mind?

  2. iki says:

    I love the three legged parasitic twin, why you don´t make a parapagus tripus tetrabrachius or dicefalic twins ?

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee look at this link

  3. Orangey says:

    Oh, I’m glad that I wasn’t one that overlapped with your previous ideas (I’m just saying that based on your post, but who knows, I might’ve). I was really worried about that, because I know you’ve meticulously gone through numerous doll concepts and to try to make anything that’d be remotely new and interesting is like an impossibility for me.

    This year’s contest… was for brilliant people.

    Conjoined twins is an interesting idea… or it’d be interesting to have two dolls joined together with clasped hands, etc. If the dolls were attached by the shoulder I imagine a shoulder joint would be good.

  4. MissLK says:

    So many shared thoughts… It truly makes ‘owning’ an idea impossible but each person brings a unique perspective to it even if the concept is similar.

    It looks like you worked through your birthday which must be inspiring in it’s own way!

    Looking forward to your next post seeing more ED in progress!

  5. Marina says:

    This is a very good question, Christine.
    My primary concern with any doll is the balance of form and function of any doll. She must be playable and easily handle-able.

    The first thing I ask of myself before I make any doll, is if the given doll will be somehow innovative, imaginative and visually engaging. Will it be worth making in terms of the satisfaction I will get from the creative process?

    Though having a buyer for a nude doll is important, I don’t let commercialism be my driving factor with one of a kind and fully costumed projects. Those will be what they must be. They are simply what I want to make. If they have a buyer when I’m done-so much the better.

    I spend a lot of time methodically planning and rationalizing ALL my projects and the combined responsibilities of building and managing my commercial brand, while simultaneously running my art practice, demand that I take doll-making very seriously.

    I no longer remember what it felt like to be a little girl or feel the spontaneity of childhood, to be honest. I only have a shadow of that memory. Perhaps I’m just not aware of the little girl in me because I’m so used to listening to that voice in me. How would one know, aside from maybe a psychoanalyst.

  6. R says:

    I am plainly appalled at the disrespect that your statement about the text portion of people’s entries conveys, especially considering the fact that the entry that you chose as the winner uses well over the indicated number of words if considered as a triptych. It’s clear that you did consider it this way, as you didn’t choose one entry as the winner, but rather the author of several entries.

    I am especially troubled by the sentence: “disregarding the fact that I don’t have time, nor am I interested in reading all that.” The contest entry guidelines did not indicate that only 100-200 words could be included in the entry, but that a written description of 100-200 words was required. It also indicates that ANY form of multimedia could be used to convey your idea. The concept of multimedia does in fact include text. Thus, people submitting more than the requisite 100 words were not disregarding your time. And by not being interested in reading their work, you are in fact disregarding theirs.

    Your work is lovely, Marina, however I will not continue to follow it, as your disrespect of those who endeavor to reach it hurtful.

    • Marina says:

      The winning entry contained 197 words. Yes, I looked at all three as a triptych, but there was one of the three that won on it’s own merit (which I did state on the blog “I look at them as a triptych, but really, it’s the Doppelganger idea that is the true winning entry.”)

      In art school, the students were taught that if you didn’t comply with a gallery’s submission format they wouldn’t even bother looking at it and that if we weren’t prepared to hear a direct and brutal critique of our work, then we are not mature enough to be artists. I simply applied the principles I learned, which I believe are fair and just, to my contest. Often, in the high volume of submissions, one has less than 20 seconds to impress a potential dealer/employer/distributer/gallerist. Less than 20 seconds. No sympathy whatsoever. I’ve developed a thick skin during my time at art school. I don’t think that my words that appalled you so, R, were very harsh at all. Never the less, I’m going to change my wording, seeing how it can be misinterpreted.

      I spent a lot more time on each entry than 20 seconds. I went through the entries until I became dizzy. Chad and I had committed a whole week of full time work plus some, to the contest. And for me a whole week of not making dolls is a very long time for me-an eternity. I simply can’t afford to read essays, because I can’t commit a whole month of my time just to that. Organizing the contest is already time-demanding. Making a doll for the winner and other prizes is time-demanding. Reading long entries that don’t comply with a 100-200 word limit adds another week of work.
      Asking a compliance with the rules of this contest is not that much to ask in return, I think.

      This may be the first time I’ve lost a fan for giving away a doll.

  7. iki says:

    R, in the rules Marina mentioned that the limit of words was beneath 100 to 200 words, beside the winner entry was doppelganger, but she said that she like the presentation as a triptych, Marina specified the rules agreeing to her own conveniences, for that reason she have all the right to not considering the over 200 entry, but i have to say that she was a little bit rude with that phrase.

  8. Im trying to over come those words. Please Marina tell me that you did take the time to read the work that all your fans did in wanting to do their best for you.Some took weeks, I 6 weeks in the making total. Please tell me you took 5 to 10 min for each fan. I asure you it was not out of disregarding your time. But merrily in wanting to do our best.I am so sorry.

    • Marina says:


      Yes, all the entries were viewed in full, but in the event of two entries being considered, “did they stick to the contest rules” would be used as a tiebreaker, hence the sabotaging comment.

  9. Jayne Wourms says:

    I did try and view all the entries but found it a daunting task. I actually think this contest was perhaps harder on you and Chad than last year’s. As far as the playable of some of the conceptual dolls is concerned. I think you have struck a perfect balance between art and doll. I don’t actually play with my enchanted doll as others do. I have her dressed and in a display box, and quite frankly she scares the hell out of me. I know she is not replaceable and she is probably the most precious thing I owe. Her beauty still astounds me. She slipped out of my hands once and I thought I would have heart failure. It took a full ten minutes for me to get the courage to check to make sure she was not broken. I am happy to view her through glass. I really feel your contest is such a generous act and give hope to everyone wanting to own a doll. Might I say too, your taste is spot on as Aneemal is both deserving and talented!! I was so thrilled with your choice!

  10. Eiko says:

    Whilst I don’t agree with the way Marina worded her statement about the word limit, she does have a point.

    To me, the contest was about pitching a doll to Marina. A pitch means being able to describe and sell your idea within a certain time limit (in this case, within 200 words).

    Some people worked very hard to keep their description under 200 words. So I was a bit disappointed to see so many people ignore that and write a lot more. It defeats the whole point of a pitch.

    Going through all the entries and judging them accordingly must’ve been hard enough. But to deal with people who obviously didn’t stick to the rules must’ve been very frustrating.

  11. KatyBelle says:

    I can see why some might feel that Marina ought to have phrased it more diplomatically, however what she’s saying is true. She was very clear on the contest rules from the start. If people chose not to abide by those rules, then they’re forfeit. That’s life, and it’s the same any other place.

    Marina obviously spoke out of frustration, since she made herself very clear in regards to the rules (in my mind, at least).

  12. Orangey says:

    The reworded paragraph is better. I agree that the previous statement was a bit of a ‘…’, but after the initial reaction you understand that’s the way she operates, she’s the one holding the contest, and it’s hard to read walls of text for one entry and still try to be fair to the other contestants who just summed up their entry in under 200 words. You have to understand that although her sentence may have sounded like she was disrespecting the work of her fans, remember the reality of the situation: Marina wants us to be concise and keep to the word limit so that she can understand our work clearly and quickly and have an easier time awarding her fans prizes. Someone who is rude and doesn’t want to read her fans work would not hold a contest and take 6 long days to study each entry one by one just so she can find someone to make a free doll for.

  13. Nada says:

    So much thanks to you Marina. Aneemal did a wonderful entry and I really love you for what you do!

  14. I’ve been seeing a few conjoined twin dolls recently, it must be in the general zeitgeist right now, as the idea of that occurence has been in my own mind for a drawing lately too.

    And Marina – about conjoined twins being able to bear children: Rosa and Josepha Blazek were conjoined twins, one of whom – Rosa – had a son.

  15. Amal says:

    Seeing these sketches is a real treat! The tree-girl in the middle of the second page of hybrids is so beautiful. As a drawing in itself, it’s captivating. But, as you say, it would be very difficult to translate this into a functioning bjd.

    It makes me want to venture the question: Do you still work on other types of artwork now?

    P.S. These would look great in your book, wink wink!

    P.P.S. I feel you are always forced defend yourself and I feel bad about that, I really do.

  16. KarolinFelix says:

    I love the sketch of the cage skirt! Especially that one in upper left corner.

    I had the conjoined twins illustration ready some time before the contest, and was seriously wondering to enter that one.. I think it’s such an interesting idea because it makes you imagine life from different perspective…

    About the text limit- It’s quite clear what a “description of 100-200” means. It’s exactly amount of more than 100, but less than 200.
    I had to put some effort into shortening the text, as I am not the originally english speaking person.( sorry if something sounds funny (: )

    I don’t know the exact number of entries.. something like 450? It’s easy to count how much time would it consume if you wanted to spend 10 minutes on each.

    let’s see…. 9.5 day of 8 hour constant reading, and that does not include the effort of placing all of them on the blog…. writing a post in between.. some breakfast…..I mean, try to imagine yourself doing that… Is there a reason to be angry?

    I finished architecture studies.. If you were 5 minutes late after the deadline, or didn’t include one of the elements, that was it. And you couldn’t argue.. And that’s how it is with all competitions.

    It’s such a wonderful & generous contest, there shouldn’t be any bitter taste to it….

  17. Enrico says:

    I love seeing your concept sketches; it is so fascinating to watch an artist’s process and see how the initial idea is finalized. I hope you continue to post your concept sketches as you finish a new piece. Your sketches are works of art in their own right.

  18. Kate says:

    I love the drawings for the tree/woman hybrid… I’d love to see a statue with articulated arms and head, perhaps Daphne turning into the laurel tree, with Apollo hot at her heels? I find your male dolls hauntingly beautiful, which would suit this both beautiful and devastating god.

    I am sad to see Marina having to defend herself… but happy to see other commentors stand up for her. Just the thought of her giving away a doll, which she has put time and love into making, is such a giving gesture.

    And I’m so excited to see your concept for Red Riding Hood! I knew that your execution for her little Russian-styled outfit would be far better than anything I could image, which is probably why I didn’t draw her clothed!

    I’ve always thought that seeing an artist’s sketches is one of the best things about being a fan. I’d love to see more un-executed doll ideas here on your blog! And of course, the sketches and in-process pictures for the ones you do make :)

  19. Kimmi says:

    Personally, I tried to go through all the entries myself once you put them online, and I found that if the word limit went over, I skipped right over it and didn’t even read any of it. So if it frustrated me that much, and I only got halfway through them, then I certainly can’t blame you for feeling the same way.

    And I”m also sure many of your fans who looked through all of the entries didn’t read every last word of the ones with the long essays.

    People are always going to get offended, no matter what you do. Annoying, but it’s life :P

  20. helvella says:

    My 10 year daughter who entered the contest even noticed and was appalled to see that so many hadn’t followed the rules, especially when she was extra careful about following them herself. She will be delighted to hear that her entry, as with all entries, was carefully considered – not that we ever thought otherwise! We both really enjoyed the contest because of the flexibility it allowed, the creativity it inspired, and how easy it was to enter. I hope the one you do next year is also this accessible.

  21. Astera says:

    Looking at these sketches is like peeking throuogh a small window into your creative mind. They are really interesting and, like many other said before me, works of art in their own.

    As you dreamt of the doll with the armor, I too dreamt of the Daphne doll. When I woke up I was actually completely convinced that you had made it already. It took a few minutes of blinking in the sun to figure I could actually submit it as an entry! :D

    As for the word limit, I completely understand why you had to do it this way.
    I admit it was hard to polish my pitch to get all the important concepts in and leave the unneccesary embellishments out. English is a second language for me and it was a lot of work. However, I think it paid off, as an idea sounds stronger when epressed in few well chosen words than when diluted in several pages. Less is more.

    Compliance to format rules is important not only when submitting art to gallery, but also when submitting a scientific proposal to a funding agency. A scientist might have an idea worthy of the Nobel prize, but if his/her proposal does not respect the requested format and page number, the all thing gets triaged, i.e. rejected without even being read.

    Maybe, some people that are not used to think in these terms might have thought/hoped you were not going to be strict about the limit…

    Just my two cents…

  22. Marcia says:

    I was amazed too at the number of people who didn’t follow the rules. I had read them very carefully and thoughtfully and expected that Marina would have disqualified those who did not comply by dismissing them outright. I thought it was lovely of her to include them in the lineup anyway (although not allowing them to win).

    Marina is a highly intelligent and extremely talented woman. I would say “self-appreciative”… and as an artist, it’s her JOB to be so. As a professional artist, its her job to self promote, she needs to be able to wear other hats like… marketing agent, promoter, designer, stylist, manager, book keeper, secretary, researcher, technician, etc. All the while, still being able to dream, invent, fantasize, and do all the right brain things an artist is capable of.

    She is really lucky to have Chad helping her do all the work that is required. She has had great support from her family all her life, and to that end, she is very confident. She has every right to be frustrated and should express her feelings as she wishes.

    But, being in the public eye means being a role model and these are challenging jobs, so she also needs to watch how she words things, so as not to offend while still getting across her feelings. She is still so young in the scheme of things and really has accomplished an amazing career. I congratulate her!

    I appreciate her giving her fans the opportunity to put forward their ideas, have her consider each one, and best of all, be prepared to give away one of her very valuable works of art as well as several smaller but also wonderful prizes.

    I would think that each year the entries will double (at least) and soon it will be far too cumbersome for Marina and Chad to keep up the contests. Even though I don’t generally enter contests, I feel fortunate to have been able to participate.

    …and, darn I wish I would have won! ;)

  23. Carmen says:

    I thought that your limits on how many words were allowed for the contest was very reasonable. I remember similar limits in Art school too. Wanted to thank you again for having this contest, it really helped me to get my creative juices going.
    Just love seeing your sketches. One of the theme ideas that I had in mind was the conjoined twins and yin/yan idea. However, I couldn’t get it out into a completed idea. Maybe I’ll continue this drawing and posted up one day.

  24. Emily P says:

    Marina, do you use a pour mould when you create your metal pieces? I have seen that you use wax – are you using the ‘lost wax’ method? Sorry to be a pain, I have been learning different moulding techniques for the last couple of years at university and it interests me to see what process you use for something so small and detailed!?

    ALSO: Please say you will make the chastity belt one Marina!! I can’t get it out of my head since I saw it… the idea of having a delicate porcelain body with an intricate caged torso is really exciting!

    As for the haters… pipe down and count your lucky stars that you were invited to join in with such an awesome competition.. it’s HER birthday competition silly silly people. :)

  25. R says:

    I’m glad to see that you’ve reworded your paragraph, and I appreciate the thoughtful response. At the same time, you haven’t lost a fan for giving away a doll. You’ve lost a fan for being imprecise in your rules and thus unfair in how you state that you judged entries. I appreciate your time. I appreciate your effort. I appreciate the contest, and I hope you had an excellent birthday. What I do not appreciate is that you say people who entered sabotaged themselves when really it was you who sabotaged them.


    Text, whether as a visual element or as verse or prose is a media among the multi of multimedia, and none of the comments (yours or others) addressed that issue. There are a variety of entries that involved text in their entry (poetry, word collages, even sketch annotations) *aside* from the 100-200 word description. What were your criterion of what was counted and what wasn’t? This is objective, based on your own belief of what is included in the artistic rendering? Did you count words in sketches (I see a number in the sketches above) towards the word limit? Somehow, I doubt it.

  26. A fan says:

    The word limit for the ‘pitch’ was 200 words. This was a separate requirement from ‘supporting visual material’. Annotations of sketches in themselves would not satisfy the requirement for a coherent proposal.

    If you believed that the rules were imprecise, would it not have been possible to seek clarification – before the deadline? Or at least err on the side of caution?

  27. Random says:

    R, I think you’re being ridiculous. The rules were clear, between 100-200 words. Marina did not sabotage ANYONE–she still looked at their entries and allowed them to participate. The contestants sabotaged THEMSELVES by not paying attention to the rules well enough and therefore disqualifying themselves. If the rules were not enforced, then anything would go, and the contest would not be fair. What kind of world would that be? Marina was being very fair by enforcing the rules. It is not her fault if some contestants did not read the rules well enough.

    Are you just bitter you didn’t win because your word limit went over or something? I think you need to get over yourself. Get off your high horse and realize that contests have rules, and to make it a FAIR contest, rules must be enforced.
    If you’re going to quit being a fan because Marina was being FAIR, then you are a sick person with some seriously twisted morals and priorities.

  28. Random says:

    P.S.– some people DID ask on the forum that if they wrote an essay, would that count as multimedia instead of toward the 200 word limit. Chad answered that no, there was still a 200 word limit. I’m aware you may not read the forum, but you still could have asked Marina or Chad and they would have answered.

  29. KatyBelle says:


    Very well put!

  30. Eliza says:

    Well, I’m really flattered, Marina! I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t win (I’m not that noble XD), but I love that you find fascinating conjoined twins as much as I do… I hope you’ll make out a doll like that!

  31. Eliza says:

    Also, If I may, I’d have a suggestion for next year contest (I know it’s a bit early, but…)
    I may sound unpopular, and I’m certainly partisan, but it could be nice, even just for a single year, to open the contest just to those who don’t own an Enchanted Doll yet.
    This because a doll is a sought-after prize that not anyone can afford, and the contest is, for a lot of people, the only chance to get one.
    Sure anyone who deserves to win deserves a doll, but I just think it would be nice to give the opportunity of winning a doll to those whose chance of buying one are few.
    I know you can’t be aware of all the owners (someone could have bought a doll from a previous owner)… that’s also a matter of honesty between participants.
    My two cents.

  32. KarolinFelix says:

    I’m not sure it’s possible to achieve absolute honesty… if it’s not possible to get everyone follow the rules <<<:

    By the way… “R” in mathematical kind of thinking, if it’s said that you can use different digital media to represent your idea, but the written media has a limit, than it’s a condition you have to include in your thinking.

    You also wouldn’t expect someone to erase a single sentences from a sketchbook. If there was a poem in there, that would be a different matter…

  33. noxy says:

    It saddens me to see so many people cause a ruckus *every* year – brutally nit-picking away at various rules or the way things are worded. Deal with it folks. Contest over. Got a problem? Don’t enter next year.

    Next year, I propose that one of the terms and conditions should be something like: “Enchanted Doll holds the right to word the rules however they like – any misunderstandings over the wording are the fault of the entrant and not Enchanted Doll.”

  34. R says:

    KarolinFelix: I quote A fan:
    “The word limit for the ‘pitch’ was 200 words. This was a separate requirement from ’supporting visual material’.” This is how it was stated in the rules. Multimedia supporting materials were noted in a different bullet point and as a different entry qualification. This denotes that they are *separate* requirements, with no indication that the word limit ‘spills over’ into the multimedia materials. And if the word limit is strict, yes, I would expect someone to erase sentences from their sketch book. If the support has to be exclusively visual and without text, it should be the onus of the artistic skills of the person submitting the entry to make everything visually clear and not rely on text to make it clear.

    Random: My objection is that it seems someone needed to be designated the arbiter of what counts as a part of the artistic rendering in terms of TEXT. As people who support art and aesthetics, which I presume all readers of the ED blog, and fans of ED to be, this should be a problem for *each and every one of you*. If the word limit is strict, this would remove the necessity of an arbiter. If this was the case, it should have been stated as the case. It was not. Someone who included a word collage or poem did not “not pay[] attention to the rules well enough”. In fact, if they thoroughly read the rules as stated, interpreted them as written (pitch of 200 words max, multimedia supporting material) and included any non-pitch TEXT, this was *well within* the bounds of the stated rules.

    Noxy: Good point, however I disagree with how you stated it. Marina’s final rule is always that her favorite will win, and that makes the contest explicitly arbitrary. It’s in the rules, and so any complaint about who wins is easily countered. Her favorite won, your entry wasn’t her favorite, suck it up. However there is no need to assign “fault” in this case. It is disrespectful of entrants to say: “the rules were ambiguous, it’s your fault your entry was disqualified”, especially as people put in *hours* and *weeks* of effort into their entries and followed the rules as they were stated. How about “Enchanted Doll reserves the right to change the rules of the contest at any point without notice.”?

  35. Annina says:

    i can seriously only roll my eyes at you, “R”.
    i thought you were no longer a fan of Marina’s, why do you keep coming back here then?

    and returning to topic, i’m in love with the drawings of the tree-women, they are so beautiful and that is an idea that is intriguing to me, but i can see how it is hard to execute as a ball jointed doll…
    i love the drawings though and i hope they will be in your book!

  36. R says:

    I can seriously roll my eyes at you, “Annina.”

    Not that doing so would mean anything. This is the internet.

  37. Eiko says:

    I have to say that after reading everything, I’m a bit disappointed by certain people’s comments here.

    So far, I think that R has presented his/her opinion in a clear, respectful way and s/he has raised some interesting points. It certainly made me think. So it saddens me that people are just dismissing his/her opinion for being ‘bitter about losing’ or ‘being ridiculous’. Just ’cause someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t make them ‘ridiculous’.

  38. MissLK says:

    This year’s contest rules are clear and the 100-200 words limit very reasonable, in my opinion. Surely, dissecting the contest rules line by line, there is room for interpretation.

    The above disccusion makes me wonder that if this contest is to apply for a scholarship, a grant…(a prize of ED is priceless but certainly the market value of Marina’s prize is equivalent to or exceeds many grants), will the participants follow the rules more carefully?

    For many contestants including myself, to compose, to edit, to distill our thoughts… is much more difficult than writing to our heart’s content and put them all out there. The effort that has gone into the ‘unseen’ oftentimes is more than the portion that is presented. I have no doubts that Marina appreciates both.

  39. Colonel says:

    5tDE8o Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

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    headaches. A fiber optic receiver not only maіntains the grrade οf your transmission but coսld also help it become better.
    With this in mіnd, we expected an equally sߋlid performɑnce from ttҺe E-600 in both our stuԁіo testѕ
    and field shoߋting. Thе biomeric access control syystem doeѕ not need an expensiνe сamera.

    Using the Video Surveillance System for the Family Cаre; Using
    the Video Surveillance System tο protect elderly and children. It іѕ alwaуs
    better to have a hіghеr resolution ѕensօr, but this could mean yyou may
    end up ƅuүing a pricey camera with high image noise. Analog images were stօred on two-inch floippy disks,
    and ϲould bbe played back onn a vidеo monitor or ɑ television. The unique auto reverse featre lets you continuously studү any
    segment oof vіdeo while repeatedly inverting thе diгeсtion of the
    playback. Acϲording to thе requiremеnts of other properties cսrrently tɦe D5100
    the same undertaking or, iif yοu do not need to be
    a Nikon, in particular, the Cаnon D3200 is a Ƅetter choіce.
    Howevеr, ʏou cannߋt rеly completеly on thіs methοd, becauѕethe file nuimbering can be

    Whethеr үou are mοving іnto your first aƿartment after college, moving into a new homе aftyer a divorce,
    or relocating foг yօuг ɗream job, living alone can bе a transitіon that takes time to adjust to.
    For more infoгmation vіsit Ϝree Conference Call/. There aree
    currently a lɑrge number off onlіne and offline resօurces catering tߋ the demand for helmet camerаs.
    Playerss realizeԀ that this arena wаs ߋne with ample amounts oof pօtential, and ԝanted to come up ѡith a ǥɑdgеt
    comρrising the lateѕt technology. Pioneering camerɑwork in a number of
    of the best-known shows only made women and men want mjch more.
    Also if уou say tҺat you mеt a supеrstar saay for
    еxаmple Scarlett Johɑnsѕon, or Leonardo DiCaprio, how ɑre yoou going to prߋve

    Froom the above list, it’s easy to seе tɦat outdoopг spy
    deѵices are a little morе expensive than their indoor сounterparts.
    At that point, you will be abble tto choose from livе cameгea
    shots, forecasts, news, and more. TҺe D3200 epоsed safe and
    relatiѵely uniform, tɦat is, in my experience, thee more likеly it eɑsy to underexposure.
    It ԝaѕ ѕlightly аwkward aand haɗ the
    capacity to stοre nly 8 images іn its internal memory. Thіs mkes the
    syѕtеm coѕt-effесtive. Extremely usefjl if you’re eveг in a situation whsгe you want tto take a photo in an ɑwkward position.

    Disguised wіreless cameraѕ fit into any unique home decor
    in the form oоf a radio, vase, or even an air pսrifieг.
    This has cauѕed many individuals to embrace mre sophisticated and customized homе security
    systems. The investmеnt is աօrth tɦe aԀded safety!
    In addition tо this though, the Ɗ700 doeѕ boaxt even mօre than this in terms of its start-up time ɑndѕɦuttеr
    lag. This іnformɑtion may enable a biоmetric access
    control system to control illicit entree. Viewеrѕ snap up the products, Ьecome walking advertisements,
    and bring in even more interest.

    In additiօn, for moe pre-сautioned proceԁurеs, yүou shouuld put sսrveillаnce
    cameras in and out of the house so you ccan prevent
    a lօt off rߋbberies or even identify tthe tҺief in case anything happеned.
    Just rеmеmber to check with thee local authօrities ɑbout what іѕ legal
    and what is banneԀ for private appliϲations. Thee biometiс access control can be designed to refusе
    admission, if the іnput faqce is a photograρh. That Ƅeing saіd, spy
    ρrоɗuϲts aгe in a leagսe of tҺeіr own Ԁue to
    theur sensitive natսre and usаge, so price
    is really not something to quibble about, еspecially when іt comes to datɑ quаlity and clarity.

    The sսpplied battеry chaгger is a ƅit ‘bulky, where an attack Eurߋ plug dirеctly аttached to the body.

    There sure wаs not to much to say about that
    рart of the product now was there.

    This is a unified interface everүplace ʏou can paгtiϲipate
    wіth one peгson, anytime ɑnywhere. The need for increased
    homе and offiсe security has urged manufacturers to Ьеcome more innovative and step up
    on the рroductіon. The camera also comprised an inbuіlt hаrd drive whiϲh recordеd tɦe images.
    Ԝikitude engagеs in the rеsearch аnd in-house
    deѵelopment of lοcation-based sеrvices and augmented reality experiences for smart-phones.
    Kеeping that in mіnd, here are a few fundamental spy cameгa consіderatіons that you
    ought to follow when you’re looking nto purcɦasіng – and ultimately using – a nanny cam for almost any protective puгρosе that you might haѵе in mind.
    The lens is alѕo one of thee most іmpօгtant factors in Ԁetermining overall imagеquality.

    We are ɗependent on tɦem, addicted tߋ them ɑnd have befriended them.
    History of the digital cаmera can Ƅe traced ƅack too tɦe 1950s; a time that
    is poρularly known as ‘baby boomers’ and ‘space race’. A
    precision-desіgn robotіccamera could just аs effortlesѕly have made tha beauty pictսre of the modеl you love.
    It hhas a unique гotating lens, which can help take some nicе
    sеlf-pοrtrait photօs as well. Secondly, trry to wear something distinctive to the gamе that will
    attract the camera perѕon’s eye and make forr goood telеvision. Hοw Faast Сan You Shoot?
    As your budɡet increases, youг աаtch wijll proνide you
    witҺ mօre facilities.

    You are neѵer very sure aƅout alll thhe еvents tҺat are gоing on around you at any one tіme.
    It is also ҝnown as аctuatіons. The cɑmeras have provided mаny a legal proceeding
    with important court evidence. Wɦat bеttеr foeld trіƿ after all, thasn to be able to sit in a classroom anywhere,
    aand ѵiew real live wild bald eagles in their
    natural environmеnt! Thhe machine bodƴ haѕ a slightly rouǥh surfɑce, and the main surfаces οf the support aге non-slip
    rubbeг, so that the deviuce cɑnn proceѕs and therefore sɑfe.
    Ƭhe installation cost is less bеcausе it utiliƶes
    tҺe commսnication networks that are alгеady in use.

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