I’m bored of my doll faces.

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I’m quite bored of all my face molds and some body molds and long to make new ones. I’ve been wanting to make a few new faces as well as a new set of legs for Enchanted Dolls, but so far, have been unable to commit enough time to it. If I don’t just sit down and sculpt some new ones soon, I’m in danger of dying from boredom. Or exploding with impatience.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy painting the faces I’ve got and coming up with different variations of expressions, tones and make up.  I rely very heavily on painting techniques to give different appearences to the same face sculpt and enjoy the challenge, but after a year or so of experimenting with the same set of 10 face molds I need fresh canvases.

So, that’s why I’m not booking any orders after August 2nd at this point; to make time and create more beauties. I may be able to fit in a couple a month, but I can’t make any promises just yet. Plus, with the porcelain slip shortage situation I may have to go on a forced haitus for a while and working on new sculpts is the perfect project in the absence of doll casting.

More doll faces!

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  1. ~Jenny~ says:

    Making new doll faces seems like a good thing for you to do. An artist must never stay too long with old stuff even though it’s good stuff. I support you on new doll faces even though some on the waiting list may get even more restless. But the dolls are worth waiting for. ^^

    Hoping that you will have time for new doll faces and legs!

    Btw, are there any news about resin dolls?


  2. Marina says:

    Resin dolls are in Alpha stage of development. It’s a lot trickier than I had anticipated. If I was the only one involved in this development, I’m sure that they would already be available to order, but since there is a technical developer involved, it’s taking a lot longer to tweak things and solve problems.
    We’re going back and forth on resin types and molds.
    It’s kind of annoying to have to wait for so long.

  3. Lumina says:

    Wow, Marina =), i can´t wait to see new faces!!

  4. Jose Luis says:

    Pues me llena de emocion y a la vez de consternación pues estoy ahorrando para adquirir una de tus enchanted doll… aproximadamente para septiembre… jeje espero todo tu trabajo creativo funcione de maravilla con las nuevas caras… sera genial verlo.. sorprendeme Marina

  5. Kimmi says:

    YAY NEW FACES!! That will make it only that much harder to choose one when it gets time to order….
    But I have no problem with that. :)

  6. makitsu316 says:

    grrr >.<
    I have so many ideas to share
    If I start now this will be a page long =p
    I’m sure your new faces will be a hit.
    Your longing to make new bodies and faces, sparks hope for me.
    One day, I will order my dream doll.

  7. nati says:

    It’s because of posts like this, I think you’re a great artist! From what I can see in the online crazy world of art, many artists who have been getting well-known in a way or another, often tend to just make copies of their most popular paintings, creations, characters for years without modifying styles, techniques or simply trying new way of artistic expression. I know, it’s not easy, time and lot of effort are required, plus, changes are always a sort of ‘bet’ and you can win or lose it.
    But, you’re the best, Marina, I have no doubt you can achieve any goal!

  8. nati says:

    …and I like the new banners you put on the top of the website!

  9. Marina says:

    Aren’t they great?!

    I love them. The last couple of days I’ve been entertaining myself by refreshing my screen 20 times over just to see which banner comes up next!

    I wish we could put more in rotation, but the banner dimensions are really challenging to accommodate with a standard size photo. A special, lateral composition is required. From now on I’ll be shooting dolls with this banner in mind.

  10. Maybe boys will get some attention this time? Or strong, provokative, sultry women? In any case, I am looking forward to the new developments :D

  11. noxy says:

    This post sparks confusing feelings within me. On the one hand, I’m obviously not bored of all your face molds, as you’ve proven time and time again that each mold can produce very different looks. But I can understand how working with the same molds every day can get boring. I know in my heart that I have far less patience than you, and so had it been me, those molds would have been tucked away forever, months ago. lol.

    I do wonder though, how will the legs of these dolls change? Will the changes be in the joints themselves, or the actual legs? I love the calves of the current legs, while the thighs tend to be a little less meaty for my tastes, but together the legs are gorgeous.

    It scares me to see things said such as “I’m not booking any orders after..” and “I may have to go on a forced hiatus…” I do so love your dolls, they brighten my days, which as of late, have not felt so great. But what with my incredibly ridiculous financial situation, I won’t be lucky enough to order one anytime soon. I feel like I only just discovered these dolls, (only nine months ago) and already there are situations that may put a stopper in their availability. I fear I may never own one, and these dolls will only add to my list of If Only’s. *sigh*

    I really hope you are able to find all that you are looking for, both in the porcelain search, and in your new challenge – to create new face molds, and legs. Although, I suppose I wish you more luck with the porcelain, because I have full faith in my Marina that she will be able to create a plethora of gorgeous molds without much difficulty, should she decide to do so. You need no luck there. :)

    On a slightly unrelated note, and do forgive me for asking, but it’s coming close to the end of your dolls at the Villa Terrace, has your appearance at the closing been confirmed? I must make plans soon, and hope that I may be able to make it there. *hugs*

  12. Marina says:

    Legs: I plan to experiment with slightly longer, but much fuller legs. Not sure how it’s going to work yet.

    In regards with the talk at the Villa: unfortunately it’s not going to work out. I’d have to get there several days in advance of the take down and stay somewhere. And I already have a return flight home within 24 hours. It was just getting really complicated.

    Sorry. I really wanted to do it.

  13. Marina says:

    And don’t worry Noxy, you’ll get your Enchanted Doll. You will.

  14. noxy says:

    Longer and fuller legs… that will be lovely! Supermodel dolls, I can almost imagine them strutting a catwalk. Hehe.

    Shame that you won’t make the closing of the show, but completely understandable. I know you’ve got a ton of things to do on your plate. I’m just happy I got to meet you.

    And thank you for your last statement. I took a screenshot of it and tucked it away in my Enchanted Dolls folder to keep hope alive. :)

  15. Lumina says:

    oh, noxy, you really are ED addicted

  16. marina, this is exciting news! I am sure this will spark “intense looking” – looking at face types, colourations, etc… don’t stare too much at strangers : P This stage is usually a very exciting one for atists, it is the stage when there are endless possibilities.

    ps. the last statement you made for noxy, you’re a sweetheart. that made her day/week/year

  17. LI Hertzi says:

    Your work is so wicked gorgeous!
    Cant wait to see your new faces. I am a cloth doll maker and there are days where I would love to have a mold for them to mess around with.. DO any of your dolls have eyes that open and close?

    Again they are just lovely!
    Li Hertzi

    Li Hertzi, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Artist
    National Artisan for Bernina

    My Book! Art Doll Adventures


  18. Malva says:

    Wish you inspiration and pleasure with new faces! I know they will be amazing! Still can’t take a look from Сinderella and other beuties! I hope some day I will have one of your breathtaking dolls.
    Good luck!
    With love Dasha

  19. I discoverd your work in plateformag, I realy liked it !

  20. Marina says:

    Thanks Vincent,

    I didn’t know Plateform came out already. I’ll have a look.

  21. kelly says:

    Bored…. Really??? You are such a talented and prolific artist. I have seen your work evolve over the last… well… less than a year! I admire your motivation so much, I can’t imagine how much you work to achieve what you do. Don’t be afraid to take a break, don’t burn out! Your dolls are fantasic.

  22. cindy says:

    Love yr doll very much!!!


  23. Hi,

    don´t say that, please!
    i´m from brasil and i´m in love for your dolls.
    how can i get one for me?
    i love the one named Aphrodite!!!
    could be possible you send me a doll here????

  24. tsophies says:

    I wonder whether you’d be tempted to do dolls with more ‘obvious’ facial expressions, like a smile or a frown say? But then at the same time, I wonder whether they would become boring quickly.

    I’d love to see one of your dolls really grinning maybe, cheshire cat style! Really been enjoying your work, I come a re-visit often to see how your work is going. I like the idea of fuller legs as well, I’m an advocate of the (not nescessarily fat) but curvier woman, so it will be interesting to see your new molds :)

    Best of luck with your work!


  25. Julie says:

    hi marina, I’m so happy to hear this news!

    now please don’t flame me ppl. I admire all the enchanted dolls. But these molds and bodies have been used for several years, no? A refresher sounds wonderful. I’d love to see a double-jointed torso. And maybe more realistic proportions (then again, that might take away this mystic feel to these doll >_<)
    The legs, maybe an extra thigh joint? :) that may be more work, but they would be able to pose in so much more ways! (body expressions…:D)

    after that rant.

    this may not suit you taste, but how about us buyers draw some sketches for faces? Then marina, you can take the bits you think attracts us and merge it with your ideas!


    resin dolls. please. How much do you plan for those to cost? Will they have closed eyes?
    It would be great to have a resin doll to play with until I save up enough for the procelein.


  26. Crystal says:

    You are such a wonderful artist and I’m sure your work will keep evolving. The doll I would really love to have is Hathar and is part of the group of dolls you are doing now. I am just so afraid that she may not be available by the time you get to my order or you might stop making her. I have not heard anything about my order request. Are you taking anymore right now?
    Thanks, Crystal

  27. Anika says:

    Marina, how very exciting that you’ll be sculpting again so soon! I can’t wait to see what you do with the legs…slightly longer and fuller, eee, sounds truly gorgeous!

    I am also very excited to hear again about resin pieces. I hope they are able to have the same “feel” as your porcelain…stylistically I mean. Resin, of course, feels nothing like porcelain in the hand. (The one thing that I hope will be different from your current EDs is that the resin will wear glass eyes.)

    I’m curious, what scale/height of resin doll are you designing?

    I also hope that you’re taking photos of the process! Your artistic process is absolutely fascinating to watch here on your website.


  28. Marina says:

    I don’t like the look of glass eyes. Resin girls will have painted ones.

    I have been considering putting a double joint into the thigh for a long time, just like in the elbow, but I don’t want to disrupt the beautiful flow of the leg too much.
    The doll will be able to pull her legs up all the way to her chest, but it won’t look very pretty because the joint will be massive.

    I haven’t decided yet if the benefits of increased articulation will outweigh the drawback to appearance. Perhaps if I have a tonne of spare time on my hands to fool around with it, one day I will do it.

    Because every change requires such a huge investment of time and effort, I have to consider whether the benefits are worth it.

  29. Алина says:

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