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Can you guess what it is?

Since a lot of people seem to like seeing progress shots, I’ve documented making this wax model. Enjoy.


1) A block of jeweler’s wax is cut in two with a jeweler’s saw. I have a loose design in mind at this point. Still working it out in my head.


2) The block is carefully measured out into to different sections as the design is decided on. I am now committed to this way of action. The rudimentary design is sawed out with a jewelr’s blade and then filed down to a smoother texture and more precise lines.


3) Sawing and filing modeling wax creates a lot of fine dust and chips. Within moments a clean surface can be transformed into a messy one. I have to clean it every few minutes to maintain a comfortable and clean working environment.


4) The model used to be the other half of the wax block. I’m terrible with straight lines, mathematical precision and symmetry. Terrible. Organic lines are a lot easier to achieve for me than something perfectly geometrical. I’m also impatient and can’t stand the meticulous drawing out of models on paper. They turn out to be pretty sloppy because most of my calculations are done in freehand mode, right on the final piece. In other words-I make it up as I go along. Perhaps that’s a bad practice.


5) Grooves are made in each of the four sides of the piece for decorative filling. My wrist is rather tired at this point from pushing my rough carving tools. It’s not time yet for my precision jeweler’s gadgets, but even then a lot of pressure is required to carve this hard wax with tiny scrapers and files.


6) Beginnings of a rudimentary design on the first panel. My favorite method of sculpture is a simultaneous subtraction and addition of mass. I carve some away and I add some back with my heating wax pen. My wax pen is one of my most invaluable tools. Ever. I feel intimately connected to it, as if it’s an extension of my fingers.


7) This is a piece in an advanced stages of modeling. At this point i’ve put about 40 hours of wrist-breaking labor in it. And that doesn’t count the hours I spent thinking about it prior to starting. Despite all that thinking, I still don’t usually know exactly what I making, until I’m making it. I love Flow.


8 ) Identical design on the second panel. Not sure yet what will happen to the rest of it. I’m in a big hurry and racing through this….one tedious millimeter at a time… It’s been 3 days of non stop work and I hope to have the whole thing completed in another 3.  I should be fine if my arms don’t kill me first. And don’t even get me started on my fingers. To be continued…..

Well, have you guessed what I’m making yet?

193 Responses

  1. noxy says:

    I’ve got it. I know exactly what you’re making. It’s a pony, isn’t it?

  2. Cay says:

    An object which makes the half of size of a doll… A seat? A plinth? Anyway, it’s haughtiness! I am working for your birthday… I must be also detailed as you. Not easy! But it’s a good exercice.

  3. Marina says:

    Ohhh, Noxy…. you gave me a good laugh…..

  4. mary says:

    hat or part of wig? look like podium for bust or greak statue
    sorry for my english

  5. Amal says:

    lol, noxy!

    Mmm, not sure what it is, but it’s pretty.

  6. Eiko says:

    Judging by the size of it in your hand, I would say that it’s almost the size of an Enchanted Doll. So my guess would be a pillar.

    OMG, you’re building an ED-sized house, aren’t you?

  7. Ohh marina… Victoria let my attempt to carve some wax and I was absolutely shocking – I spent an entire day and created a disfigured blob. This is amazing. I do love seeing your progress shots.

    My guess would be a plinth, It doesn’t seem “classical” in design, more decorative and ornate, it makes me think of State Property… like a section of a little altar.

  8. Marina says:

    Jewelr’s Inlay wax and I have a passionate love affair. Well actually it’s a love triangle: Wax, Pen and I. It was love at first sight. The minute I first scraped wax with my fingernail, I experienced such sheer joy, that it was almost like finding a soul mate. I’m instinctively drawn to it and its possibilities.

    I hate soldering and filing and all the other traditional aspects of jewelry-making, and prefer to sculpt and cast whatever I want to avoid them. Sometimes they are unavoidable though.

    Wax modeling is my second favorite activity in the world after doll-making. But everything I carve in wax has to be doll related, otherwise it’s boring and pointless. The fact that it’s going to be worn by a tiny porcelain person is a huge motivating factor.

  9. oh
    that’s really coll!
    I think that’s seat too…

  10. Leah says:

    Hmmm, it could either be a pillar (XD no duh) or my second thought while looking at it, though it doesn’t seem to be heading this direction, is that it might be the start of a grandfather clock. Even if it isn’t you should consider making one in the future. There’s so many different and intriguing (to me at least) things you could do with a grandfather clock :D

  11. Helewen says:

    It’s really interesting to see how you work! You are pretty courageous to sculpt the whole thing! I love working with wax I think it’s very relaxing^^, unfortunately I’m not really good at it.

    You probably already know this tip but polishing the wax with a bit of lighter fuel on a nylon sock does miracles!

    Are you going to cast it in silver?

  12. Orangey says:

    I just said out loud “Marina, you are incredible”.

    How…? Why…? What…? Really amazing work. Your patience makes my brain implode.

  13. Eva says:

    Whatever it is it’s lovely!

    How are you depositing the tiny drops of wax on the surface of the column? They’re stunning, but I don’t understand at all where they’re coming from!

  14. diao chan says:

    a griek pantheon!! *O*
    ok, no, just guessing xD

    but it’s really cool!! do you use the same material for making the models of your dolls, that then are transformed into molds?

    and wow, you have a great laptop **

  15. Annina says:

    a wax heating pen sounds so intriguing.
    ever since i saw the photos of the wax model of the snowflake crown i was intrigued with these tiny blue wax blobs/dots on the model.
    actually when i chose my apprenticeship after school i looked at book binder, silver smith and cartographer. i became a cartographer but sometimes i almost regret i didn’t choose silver smith, i’d love to try that out, make unique jewelry. and i feel a pull towards it when i see your work, i really want to try out working with it!

    as for guessing, lol noxy, i think you are close! i thought of a throne, but it would be a throne with a pillar, somehow… maybe not, i’m not sure. :o

  16. Marina says:

    My laptop is pretty sweet, thanks Diao Chan. It’s always with me whatever I do, to the point of being almost unhealthy.

    The wax beads/drops are deposited with a wax pen. It’s a rather simple, if tedious process. Takes some practice, a good hand-eye coordination and a very, very steady hand.

    You guys are getting close!

  17. Astera says:

    Is that going to be part of an altar? Ok, maybe that’s too exotic…Are you creating this,…er…structure for a doll in particular?

  18. Hazel says:

    It looks too small to be a pillar for a house (although I am secretly wishing for a Enchanted dollhouse with a fancy hallway)…

    Is it the leg of an ornate doll bed? (It looks too big for that, though…)

    Or, perhaps, the pillar of a fancy bridge?

    Hmmm… My imagination is failing me. In any case, it looks lovely! I imagine that it will be cast in silver, and there are hollow valleys which look almost as if you could insert precious stones into them! Very elegant, and fitting for an enchanted doll! :]

  19. Helewen says:

    It reminds me a lot of the pillars in gothic churches. Maybe it’s for a kind of temple or church for the holy trinity of traditional womanhood.

  20. Astera says:

    The first element of an arch or vault?

  21. Leah says:

    lol Marina you’re funny XD

  22. Anelise says:

    A chair alter or throne.

  23. Jayne says:

    Lost wax casting for parts of a seat/throne (like in Sulamith Wulfing’s “Veil”) perhaps?
    Wax is fabulous stuff to work with, you can add and subtract. You are very, very good :)
    Ms Noxy, you are obsessed with ponies since the “insta-pony” episode!!

  24. silvana says:

    No dude, is a tiring why not, little bit painful job…but a beautiful thing will come of it. Looks like a column, maybe a throne, or part a seat, or just a single and beautiful column?

  25. silvana says:

    To small for an column….hum…

  26. Mariella says:

    Have no idea but coming from you it must be someting awesome :D

  27. Marina says:

    You guys are so close….
    Here I’ll give you a clue:
    It will be multifunctional and some uses have already been mentioned by several people, but not nailed. Yet.

  28. Amal says:

    A bannister for a stairwell, a niche type, minbar type …thing… multifunctional pillar?! One end of a swing?! …I give up!!

  29. Erin says:

    “Perched upon a pallid bust of Pallis…” Is that how the quote goes? It looks almost tall enough to be a column, but sort of too tall for a pedestal. And anyways, I can’t imagine you making just the head of a doll. Will it be like a plinth for a statue?

  30. Uyek says:

    The vertical supports of an aedicule or bower?
    I am very curious to see what you do with it!

  31. Hazel says:

    Errr… a huge doll closet that opens up to a mini-room with a doll throne?

    *head hurts trying to catch up with your brainwaves* xD

  32. kelly says:

    My first thought was part of a very fancy grave statue/ funeral monument, but those don’t usually have jewels. I think that it looks like not the leg but a post of a canopied bed. That would be an awesome bed!!!

  33. your attention to detail blows my mind, marina.

  34. sunflower says:

    A pedestal? A throne?

  35. znesnoc says:

    Okay, something to do with your “holy trinity of womanhood” project… my initial guess was a clock tower, but perhaps it is a pillar for a doorway, as another poster guessed? Or the frame for an arched doorway or stained glass window? If it’s a pillar/archway thing, i can easily imagine State Property standing under it like a saint in the old stained glass windows of cathedrals, with her flowing hair and “halo”…

  36. Shiny says:

    I have to say Marina, for not being good with straight lines, your edges look pretty razor to me. As some one who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, level or grid (and I’m not kidding here) I’d love to have your ability.

    Just looking at the pictures makes my hands hurt!!

    I’m wondering if it’s part of an altar. Although I haven’t worked out how one would wear an altar yet…

  37. ziggytaku says:

    it is podium i think or display stand

  38. ziggytaku says:

    look awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Annina says:

    something like a portal, like znesnoc said, a pillar for a doorway.
    maybe it could be the pillar of the side of a mirror, so if you make two like this and add an arch over it, it would look like and arched doorway, portal, background for the holy trinity. or maybe instead of a mirror there would be a curtain or coloured glass…

    and it could be used in many ways..

    either way it’s really beautiful!

  40. Dollutional says:

    I’m with Ziggytaku. It is some kind of fancy stand for EDs.

  41. Astera says:

    Could it be some sort of canopied seat or a window, instead? I am so curious!
    Anyway, as everybody has already pointed out, it is really a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  42. hachu says:

    first thing that came to mind was a display box? Fancy roman-inspired post for a piece of artwork, like a decoration inside a room for ED’s.

    Or something relating to a temple post.

    Has someone already got it, and we are being teased now? :)

  43. Jayne says:

    Ok, I’m with Ms Noxy, it’s a pony, with fancy legs :)

  44. Ren says:

    A headstone/marker for a grave.

  45. Uyek says:

    Thinking (and laughing) about Noxy’s post …

    What about the first of four legs on an ornate Trojan Horse?
    After dark, the Hellenic themed dolls hidden inside come out to wreak havoc!

    When is the big reveal?
    What can it be?!

  46. […] this object, I suppose I should tell you what it is already. All the guesses, with the exception of a pony, were pretty accurate and […]

  47. Marina says:

    That was fun. Thanks everyone!

  48. Melanie says:

    Amazing!!! The completed piece will be worth the pain!!!!!!!!

  49. Sarthak says:

    They are just so fabulous ! I wouldnt have the heart to light up/burn these candles !

  50. Sarthak says:

    oops ! i mistook them to be candles, sorry !

  51. Марина says:

    Марина, твои работы – это просто фантастика! Невероятно!

    Слов просто нет – это выше всех похвал, критики, комментариев…
    Спасибо тебе за эти шедевры, за те впечатления и эмоции, которые они вызывают!

    Удачи и вдохновения!

  52. Jhon says:

    – #1 I LOVE his eyes! #2 I LOVE his ears #3 He is the most adorable ltltie guy, his parents must be absolutely bawling and laughing after looking at their precious son! You did an amazing job.

  53. Anna says:

    Marina, it’s looks so much amazing! Maybe it would be crazy and silly question, but what model of wax heating pen do you use? Or it hanmade?

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