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Hello, Enchanted Doll fans. Lolita outfit was supposed to go on ebay auction today, but there’s been a change of plans.

I will be putting a new, nude doll up for an auction instead! The outfit will go to auction right after the doll. The reason I’m postponing the auction of the outfit is so that I could try it on this new doll and photograph her wearing it for a fresh look. I am also making 3 removable wigs to go with this doll. One long, for natural look. One short and stylish, and one, well, that one is a surprise. You will have to wait a few days to find out. This doll has a decorative, one of a kind thigh tattoo that was hand painted, as opposed to the usual engraving.

Auction will begin on Sunday, December 27th and end on Sunday, January 3rd. The third day of the New Year 2010.

This is a very important time for me, the time when I contemplate and catalog all my failures, accomplishments and ambitions. I sit down and write all my goals for the upcoming year and make a plan for accomplishing them. This is the time I firmly decide that this new year, will be better than the last and that I will do everything I can to make it better and happier than all the years before it. Every year I promise myself to make dolls ever more beautiful, so that my life can be filled with beauty and joy. Because beauty is ultimately what will save the world.

In Russia we have a superstition about New Year. We believe that the way we spend the first days and hours of the New Year, will determine our quality and enjoyment of our life for the rest of the year and foretell how the remaining 11 months are spent. That’s why it’s always important for one to enjoy those first days and spend them doing something meaningful and important to you. Those first days is when you commit to being happy.

And so, in accordance with this tradition I’m making this doll as a good luck charm to celebrate the beginning of the New Year at the end of the First Decade of the New Millennium. She is a symbol of all the beautiful things of the past, dreams of the present and promise of the future. She will be the last doll sold of the Old Year and the first one of the New Year.

Pictures coming soon.

Meanwhile stay tuned for another sketch for Cosmos Exploratum and my final decisions about which costume to give her.

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  1. aneemal says:

    Lucky charm, or no lucky charm, yours is success deserved by hard work. May your years be filled with both success and happiness xxx

  2. we have the same superstition about the first day of the new year being a glimpse for the rest of the year ahead.

    This is a fantastic “sneak-peek” shot too, her slender expressive fingers, and that gorgeous tattoo design… and three wigs! She sounds like she’ll be something amazing :-)

  3. noxy says:

    ah, oh geeze what lovely news! can’t wait to see the REST of her!

  4. Annina says:

    wonderful, ah, you made me happy just reading this.

  5. Astera says:

    Ehi, we have the same superstition in Italy,too! I am looking forward to seeing your new creation and I am sure it will be special. Mayple already pointed out the most lovely details…the new wigs sound extremely intriguing (*dreams*).
    Best wishes for the new year, Marina, and thank you for the beauty and joy you share with us.

  6. Amy says:

    What I can see of your doll so far is beautiful! I can’t wait to see how the auction turns out!

  7. joan says:

    do you have plans in the near future to take doll orders or will you be selling more dolls on ebay.

  8. Marina says:

    Joan and everyone,

    Because I am getting ready for a big solo show in Berlin in the summer of 2010, working on a book and developing a new, big project, I have no time to work on orders for nude, porcelain dolls.

    Therefore, my order schedule is suspended for at least 8 months until further notice.

    However, for the sake of creative rest and some variety in my work routine, I will be making a nude every now and then for Ebay. I think.

    We will see, though. I may be so pressed for time that I won’t have time to do even that.

  9. joan says:

    thanks for replying so quickly. of course i am disappointed but patience is a virtue so i will continue to hope that you begin to take orders and i am one of the lucky people to finally own one of your beautiful nudes.

  10. Ilona says:


    What a great surprise! I doubt if I will be able to afford this beauty but I would love to have her, of course. As we all would.

    Wonderful shot of her- a promise of a sophisticated nymph!

    I hope all is well with you and Chad.

    Your biggest fan ;)


  11. silvana says:

    I think around the world have to many superstition about the New Year. The important is we have in our heart the dreams of the New Year is to better than past year. The first days the new year, we think and planing for the rest the year too!
    I am curious to see your the last doll for this year! I am sure she is so beautiful!!!!

  12. Lidanting says:

    I am a chinese girl.I love this doll so much.but I am still a student,so I don’t have enough money to own one. Now, that’s my goal after I have a job! doll~doll~doll~

  13. Indigene says:

    Your dolls are absolutely amazing! What really struck me was that my family has the same concept of the New Year! So, it has always been the hurry to have the home clean, and to share it with those most meaningful in your life. We also have this tradition of the first person to cross your threshold brings the spirit of the year in to the home, also! I’m not Russian, but I find it amazing that some of these customs are across cultures, which provides substance for me at least. Have a wonderful, delightful holiday and I look forward to the new dolls that you will bring forth into the world! :)

  14. winternight says:

    She is absolutely exquisite and I love your innovative approach to the wigmaking challenge. I’m very much looking forward to the New Year and the new creations you have brewing in your imagination. I’m sure you will continue to amaze and delight us all with your work. Bravo, Marina!!!

  15. Jayne Wourms says:

    Your Lily is absolutely the loveliest thing I have ever seen! I hope she achieves all she is meant to for you! Regarding your show in Grandville Island in february, will you definitely have some nude dolls to sell? If so I was wondering if you could give me a hint as to price point. I am planning to travel to British Columbia if there is a chance to see your beautiful doll but would prefer to be able to buy one as well.
    Thanks, Jayne

  16. Matisse says:

    Your dolls are the most beautiful creations and leave me breathless with wonder. The time and creative process is astounding, and the result is worthy of the highest praise. It is a joy to see how your work has brought so much to your life and to all those who follow along.
    I am a fan now and will continue to watch for more of your creations as they warm my heart and inspire me.
    Happy New Year!

  17. Illaya Brown says:


    I have often told friends this same thing about New Years. I never really knew where I had gotten it from. I was very young when my grandfather past away. He had a huge influence on my life. He was Russian, so with a smile I realize once again how many of the cultural traditions have seeped into my being.

    I came to your blog via a posting by Eugenia of polymer clay fame. What a find your site is. Your art is incredible and an inspiration. The expressions on your doll faces are haunting and mesmerizing. I will continue to follow your blog. Thank you for taking the time to maintain this blog.

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