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The deadline for the Enchanted Doll Contest has been pushed back to March 16th, to allow for the entries that got delayed by the Olympics (Canada Post put all packages coming to Vancouver under extra scrutiny the past few weeks) and other shipping problems.  With the cut-off deadline being pushed back to the 16th, the announcing of the winner won’t be until the 19th.

I have started going through some of the entries and you guys aren’t making it easy on me to pick a winner.  So much incredible work already, I’m having Chad document everything so that it can all be seen on the site (if anyone had anything that they didn’t want posted on the site, entry/description/name, let me know in an email at

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  1. noxy says:

    Oh well that’s quite a relief to many folk I think! You guys are so kind to do so! Any word on when we’ll get to see the prize doll? :D

  2. Jayne says:

    That is sooo generous of you.:) Plus it gives you more time to open all your pressies.

  3. daniseyu says:

    good news,i will get more time to make my things.but i maybe still late for the contest because i have to prepare an exam

  4. Karen says:

    Have a HAPPY Birthday on a well deserved day! Take time for some cake and icecream! Hopefully your gifts will all arrive on time. Get some rest!! Karen…in Nebraska :-)

  5. Annina says:

    that’s quite helpful for you guys, i was wondering how you could open, look at, document and pick a winner in 3 days, now you have some more time!
    it’ll make it hard to wait though, eek, i need to get busy so i don’t refresh the site too much and break it ;)

    i’m with Noxy, any idea when you’ll show the prize doll?

  6. LindaB says:

    I came to see if the prize dolly had been unveiled yet, knowing that tomorrow was the big day! But, alas, I suppose no pics for a few days yet. *sigh* That’s cool, no problem… I have patience…LOL! ;)

    Thanks for the update, Marina! Happy almost Birthday! :)

  7. Jean says:

    ahhh i hope we will see the prize doll and the presents soon :D *wanna see <3 greatings from germany <3

  8. Thanks for the update. I hope you take time away to enjoy your birthday! Feliz cumpleaños.

  9. Annina says:

    it’s now the 16th here in Sweden,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marina, lots of cake and enjoy your day! ♥

  10. Eva says:

    Well, happy almost your birthday! :)

    I will try not to get too antsy while waiting for all the lovely present photos (and the doll photos, of course ;). I’m really looking forward to seeing what sorts of things other people were inspired to make!

  11. Kasia says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Marina, I wish you joy, all the pleasures, and a really bussy year!

  12. Orangey says:

    Oh gosh, this is crazy waiting for the winner! I can’t wait to see what everyone has done because I know these people probably outdid themselves with the entries. Good luck choosing!

    I didn’t enter (school ~_~) but it’s still exciting =P.

  13. […] everyone that I kinda disappeared. Anyways I was working on getting something done for the Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest but never really actually finished anything sadly. I’m still gonna work on finishing all that […]

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