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I do love to bead me some lace!

But I hate it when this happens!

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  1. paulina says:

    That is so frustrating, especially because i have seen the pretty cases where you keep your beads. By the other side, i want to see Cinderella !!! And the other beautiful stuff that you have been maintaining in secret all this time :D. Greetings Marina, i love very much your work, you are an extraordinary artist and a constant source of inspiration!

  2. Anthony says:

    It is truly mind boggling the sheer amount of teeny tini beads needed to make anything when beading :-0….. Is this a piece for Madame Pompadour? It looks amazing!!!!

  3. Santina says:

    That piece of beaded lace is gorgeous! just seeing that mini disaster on the floor would make me anxious, but I think the contrast between the dainty beaded lace and the frustrating mess really captures how much effort is put in, and how much painstaking detail is needed to create something so wispy and elegant that I now have a new appreciation for beaded lace! On another note, will the second Cinderella be making a second appearance, because I am dying to see her!!!!

  4. Phoenix says:

    Hi Marina,
    I know EXACTLY how that feels! It happens on my desk too from time to time LOL. The lace looks amazing! Such a small piece but so much work put into it… Best of luck for the next steps and for Cinderella :-)

  5. iki says:

    Really pretty!, We are dying to see the new dolls!, Madame Pompadour, Phryne, Theodora, The new rubenesque, the matchstick girl… many unrevealed dolls.
    Also you never published the bride, i´m always curious about what happened to her…

  6. Ginie says:

    Oh noooooo !!!! Poor Marina !
    Courage for all the bead hunting (I’ve been there too …)
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the lace piece : marvels as usual I’m sure !

    • Jayne Wourms says:

      How beautiful your beading is. So sorry about your spilled beads!!

      I am currently beading sat on the edge of my couch and the heavily patterned area rug underneath has taken on a grainy feel. I did give some thought to sorting out all the mixed up beads from spillage, but opted for a lidded container and am passing them on to the kids. I do however, go after the swarvoskis, those suckers are spendy!!

  7. Sonia Anne says:

    Pretty lace and beads!

  8. Maia says:

    Such a pretty mess!!! (and I love that lace and beading)

  9. kennan says:

    Super beautiful!
    Super fine!
    I admire your patience very much.

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