Layering eyelashes in China paint. I just love painting lashes.

10 months ago 4

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  1. shantiera says:

    Amazing like always. you tend to make the most simple things look so easy.what I wouldn’t give to sit in on one of your doll making sessions!

  2. I would think that painting eyelashes is one of the more ” difficult ” things to paint. But your skills are amazing and no one paints them as you do!

  3. Sharon Harmon says:

    Perfection. China paint is such an interesting medium. I love the way you layer and manipulate the most delicate of lashes.

  4. C. M. says:

    I am utterly captivated. There’s no way I could ever afford somethong so beautiful (no idea but I assume it would thousands on thousands on thousands to bring one home) so I am placating myself with obsessing over the magic via photos. One day I will publish my book and make a ton of money and commission my main character and it will be the best money ever spent.

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