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Good news everyone!

Due to many requests, printed aluminum accessories can now be ordered. Just in time for Christmas. These are double-sided, full color prints on aluminum, with images of Enchanted Dolls on the front and a brand logo on the back. The prints are permanent, non-fading and water resistant.
There are 22 designs to choose from, in any of the following options: Key chains, Dog tags and Deluxe pendants with a silver crown bail.


Deluxe pendants with a crown bail.


Key Chain


A standard ball chain comes with the dog tags and deluxe pendants. It’s 30″(76cm) long, but can be adjusted to any desired length. The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD. Chain Length is 15″ (38cm).





1) Dog Tag with ball chain $12.50 CAD
2) Key Chain $13.50 CAD
3) Deluxe Pendant with silver Crown bail + ball chain $28.50 CAD

The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD.

Please choose a design or two or several here……and email to order.

12 Responses

  1. The Old Maid says:

    You have chosen great photos for these accesories, Marina! Surely they will sell well:)

  2. Hummmm happy to see we can buy them, thank you.

  3. Orangey says:


    I will be needing something with Cathedral. Oh no, there’s Amalgamation too. Lily’s is awesome also.

    Oh, decisions~

  4. Amy says:

    SO EXCITED. Thank you Marina!!!

  5. Crystal says:

    So beautiful and reasonably priced! Now everyone can have a little Enchantment!

  6. Bella says:

    YES! Thank you so much!

    I just can’t decide… ;^^

  7. Carmen says:

    Quick question what is the difference between the Dog Tag with ball chain and Deluxe Pendant with silver Crown bail + ball chain?

  8. Isabel Pacheco says:

    Oh is genial I love Marina so beautiful very very pretty line accesories

  9. Isabel Pacheco says:

    I love Lolita. Amalgamation . Beauty’s is awesome also. sister, enchanted , cathedral, my God, Oh, decisions~ I like all this line is very very lovely, I just can’t decide.

  10. Astera says:

    Beautiful idea! My favorite are the iconic Ruby one and the AI one.;)

  11. Orangey says:

    Carmen, I was confused about that too but I think the deluxe pendant is the same as the dog tag, but including the crown bail.

  12. BartuÄŸ says:

    Great your projects, I would like to be child again your porcelain babies. When we can order. I like to have your Sapphire baby, if is it possibble.
    Thank you.

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