Lolita is going to ebay auction on Monday.

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These are Lolotia’s one of a kind undergarments. I wanted to photgraph them on her even though she will be sold nude. I’m very thrilled with how they had turned out. She is wearing a 24k gold plated corset and bra with 24k plated bronze stilletoes. Her stockings and a French fan are hand made and embroidered with applique designs, pearls, Ruby and 24gold plated beads. Corset stocking laces can be easily unclipped so that the corset can function as an outer garment and be worn with any skirt or pants. A hair ornament of Zirconium, Austian crystals and swan feather completes the period look and can be work with different wigs.


I’ve just shot these earlier today and Chad just finished editing them. All day I’ve been playing with different looks, combinations and compositions and definitely want to have another couple of photo sessions to capture them, but I don’t want to make you guys wait any longer so I will list the doll on ebay on Monday and shoot later. I think these are pretty descirptive already.


I’m very pleased with how gold plating looks on this corset. It doesn’t always work for everything, and I had my doubts about this one. It was quite expensive to have a piece of this size plated with a heavy plate and I had spent a lot of time considering whether the result will be worth the effort and the money. But like with everything else, considering only gets you so far and then you just have to do it, to really know. Sometimes you regret it and sometimes you don’t, and this was definitely a very successful experiment. I find that once I get some project or experiment into my head, there is really no choice for me after that point than to try it. I may spend days or weeks or months thinking and agonizing and weighing my options but at the end of the day I know that I’m just delaying the inevitable. I’m going to do it- no matter what it costs or how much time it takes. If it persistently captivates my imagination then it’s worth doing it. What else am I supposed to do: Not do it and wonder about how it would have worked out for the rest of my life? Anyway. More photos.


The corset laces up at the back.


Love these shoes.


And finally in this photo I’m just being silly. I think. Maybe I’m serious. The ship ornament is so out of proportion to the body that it’s almost like a parody of the flashy, over-the-top fashion of Rococo period. This wig is not meant to go with this doll, but I just wanted to try this composition and see what it looks like. And to be quite honest I love the result.


Funny story with the ship ornament. It’s a found object. Remember when I mentioned that sometimes I have magic thoughts that can materialize into actual objects and occurrences? Well, I think that I dreamt it into existence. After I had made this wig months ago, I thought I need to put something crazy-beautiful in there in the high style of Rococo. It sat in a box all summer until last week I took it out and decided to do something with it. A ship ornament was such an obvious  cliche that I amost dismissed it as tacky.

Yet, it stuck with me and I found myself mentally returning to it. So, a few days ago I was walking home from a dentist I decided to stop by and look for my ship ornament in this antique shop on the way. Why not? Incorporating found objects can be very effective. I didn’t actually expect to find one though. I mean, come on: what are the chances of me finding something so obscure right away? I stepped in and walked straight to a shelf filled with old, useless rubbish and the first thing my eyes happen to rest on was a tiny, filigree tall ship figurine, sitting amongst a pile of disappointing clutter like a diamond.

I couldn’t believe it. It took me 3 days of thinking about it and less than a minute of semi-actively looking for it to have it in my hands. It’s like the universe just dropped it into my lap. Pretty cool. I took it home, removed unwanted parts and the base stand and embellished it with Rubies, Emeralds and Pearls. Not sure how this experiment will end yet. But that’s the fun part.

And that’s all for now. Thank you and good night.

36 Responses

  1. Anne (UK) says:

    I am just totally amazed at these new photographs of Lolita!
    The other pics of her are gorgeous and make me desperate to own her if only I had the cash but I’m blown away with the sheer beauty of her in the gold plated underwear.
    I know how hard it is to create clothing in fabric for this small scale so it’s mind boggling how you’ve made the corset and bra in metal Marina!
    Those bronze stilettos are fantastic too.

  2. Biscuitbear says:

    I’m totally speechless. I’ve been “collecting” dolls for 13 years and this is, seriously, the most wondrous, amazing, out of this world stuff I’ve ever seen. Beautiful doll + exquisitely made underthings + amazing wigs and accessories + 18th century-reminiscent atmosphere = heart attack. Until I found out about you I thought the best doll artists were in Japan ; but now you are eons ahead.

  3. Biscuitbear says:

    I forgot to say, I demand these photos in the book, or even better a special edition booklet about Lolita!

  4. Drycha says:

    so… amazing… Every your doll make me… really enchanted :)
    love all her stuff, beautyful shoes, great corset, haircut…

    I love your works…

  5. Cay says:

    It is marvellous! You always succeed in surprising us and in pushing delicacy farther!

  6. Anika says:

    Absolutely decadently gorgeous!

    Wow, I’m totally blown away <3 <3

  7. She’s amazing. The accessories are amazing. You’re amazing!

    I think, that shot of her in the short wig, all dolled up, is my favourite ED photo yet.

    What else can I say besides I’m blown away.

  8. sarahdipity says:

    I love all the details in the costumes you create, and this one is no exception. It is quite impressive. I love the stockings!

  9. Laura says:

    Amazing doll and beautiful accessories !!!! The corset, bra, head ship ornament, Rococo style wig, shoes looks gorgeous together. I love this doll a lot!!!!!! You are right Marina, the universe can do magic things like you just experienced and much much more. If you see something in you mind you will hold it in your hands. It’s works all the time.

  10. Amy says:

    Wow! It is all so gorgeous! Is there any chance you will be listing the lingerie in a separate auction?

  11. kelly says:

    Awesome, as usual! The stockings and little soft skirt contrasted with the metal corset is so cute.

  12. annina says:

    this is just the most amazing doll outfit i have seen ever, oh wow!!!
    i so agree with all that Biscuitbear said!
    Marina you are the queen of dolls and doll outfits!

  13. Melissa says:

    She is by far the most amazing ED for me. I love all of her details. I love her nude shots with the short wig and I love her clothed shots in the lolita wig best. The outfit is incredible. It’s feels unbelievable and I must keep scrolling back up to make sure she is really there.

  14. Little Lina says:

    Oh how absolutely beautiful this piece is! It’s so dreamy and romantic. The corset, shoes and ship are brilliant, and I think invaluable.

  15. Dollutional says:

    Wow! I showed the shoes to my daughter. She said they were “pretty sweet” — the ultimate compliment from a teenager. I think shoe designers should get some inspiration from you.

  16. ~Mia says:

    Marina..dearest Marina….
    I don’t know if I could say this to other artists…but you constantly in every turn surprises ,amaze,astound,stupefy,and AWE us !*!*!

    ~**~ Thank You ~**~~* from the bottom of my heart. Truly and Most Sincerely.

    You cannot be compared with any other artist/doll artists..because imo, you are completely in a different plateau- different world of existence. Sigh..

    It’s wonderful to dream-to think of something and have it present itself to you …

    The level of discipline and sacrifices you have had to make—when you yourself see somethings so beautiful that only you have created…how gratifying it must be..please know that you share and give joy to us who will continually admire and be awed by your Superwoman powers….

    btw- I hope you had received the email I sent to you regarding being on the list for anything you create that you decide to sell or take orders for… corset,silver collar,anything! *hearts* please let me know if I need to re-send because I sent more than one(sorry) over time and before you made the announcement..

  17. miss LK says:

    Congrats, Marina! The undergarments and accessories completed her look – she is indeed the Lolita! The colors are striking, full of youth and opulence.

    Thank you for being who you are and continue to inspire us although at the costs of your own sleepless nights of agony…

  18. winternight says:

    This is really an extraordinary doll. I think this may be my favorite piece yet, but I just said that about the silver collar doll, so I guess you just keep topping yourself! Seriously, it’s amazing to watch you grow as an artist and I am loving each new piece more than the last. And it’s good that you listen to your muse and see what may seem to be a whim through to completion. Isn’t that ofen the spark of imagination that brings art to new heights?

  19. Lydia says:

    Oooooh I am working on a figure with the same hair style and a huge house on top of it!!!!! I was inspired by the Marie Antoinette movie by Sofia Coppola!!! Mine is not finished yet……and it will look totally different……I am just a bit shocked…..

    Your dolls are amazing!

  20. what will happen to this gorgeous little outfit once Lolita is sold separately? It is such a gorgeous set… Will it get a new doll, perhaps one with a large wig like in the last shot? It could be “reborn” on a new doll as more of a rococco piece?

  21. Claudia:S says:

    This is a masterpiece! So stunning it takes my breath away!

  22. Tirelessartist says:

    I love to wach you ideas developing, Marina. The Rococo stile wig looks avensome with ED. The ship… well as you’ve said – it is cliche – even so looks great too :) The only thing which is a bit to big in this composition – those rubies.. But I think, I do not have to tell this, as this is still not finished project. Now I am anctiously waiting to see your interpretation on the rococo stile dress.

  23. Manü says:

    WOW, there’s no word to describe that work Marina, the doll and the accessoires are very beautiful, i love, i love, i love
    i hope to have enougth money to win the auction

  24. silvana says:

    Wow Marina! for each doll you surprise me for your imagination and creation. The Lolita is amazing and perfect, now the corset, the bra, acessories and shoes, so amazing and perfect!!!! No words to describe about your beautiful job about Lolita! Congratulations!!!!

  25. Laura says:

    I can’t wait for the auction, where this beautiful doll? I am so sad!!!

  26. joan says:

    the gold gilding is amazing. everything is just so exquisite.

  27. elle says:

    LOVELY, unique and superb dolls you have designed..and they’re all made by you,,, I hope some really rich people support your work because it deserves some serious cash

  28. frjunkie81 says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! you are an amazing artist! always admire from afar one day I hope to own one of you precious dolls!

  29. Courtney says:

    How serendipitous! Though I really enjoy that your clothing and accessory design is more out-of-this-world, or rather, out of your imagination instead of always following traditional clothing or historical costumes, I still can’t help thinking it would be fun to see her in a big poofy Rococo-style dress! Can’t help it! Love that period!
    Serious props, as always.

  30. Mapiurka says:

    Amazing and wonderfull work!
    you’re a great artist
    thank you!

  31. Liza says:

    i absolutly ADORE the shoes. they’re amazing. and the corset. so much detail.. incredible. keep up the fantastic job :)!

  32. Sharon says:

    Your dolls are so beautiful, I am excited to hear you will be producing resin dolls, I am such a fan of your work. Blank dolls would be amazing, as many of us like to do our own painting, but I know I would never wipe one of your incredible faceups, so I might not buy one for the sheer fact that I could not paint it. I know that is selfish but it is so much of the joy for me (as I am sure it is for you). It might be fun for you to see how others interpret your work (makes begging puppy eyes)

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