Lolita on ebay today by 3pm Pacific Time

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I’m just in the process of creating the listing for Lolita on Ebay. The auction will last for 7 days and will close on Sunday, Sept 27th. The highest bidder will have until Thursday, October 1st to pay in full. I am leaving for Europe that weekend and the doll must be shipped before 4pm on Friday, October 2nd. If for some reason the payment is not received and the shipping  doesn’t take place on Friday, then I will be forced to void the whole transaction, go on my trip and consider the second highest bidder as a buyer after I return from Europe in a month. Or, list the doll again. So, ladies and gentlemen, please make sure you’ve got all your funds in order when bidding.

I’ve thought long and hard about making a longer layaway plan, but after considering it very carefully, I decided against it- four days is all I can do this time around. Lolita’s outfit will be auctioned off upon my return.

I’ll see you on Ebay in 2 hours.

Good luck.

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  1. miss LK says:

    Hi Marina,

    Did you mean Thursday October 1st instead of November? I thought it’s the month of October that you will be in Europe…

  2. Biscuitbear says:

    Another great photo. She deserves a room to herself in a museum!

  3. Marina says:

    Thanks for pointing this out to me, miss LK. I am apparently a whole month ahead in my head.

  4. ice yuki says:

    Hi, I can’t found Lolita in eBay!!!
    Please tell your link …. I want to bid your doll verymuch

  5. Marina says:

    It’ll be up in a minute

  6. nessa says:

    will there be a direct link from your blog? because i can’t find your listing on ebay.

  7. noxy says:

    Hey Marina! While wandering ebay, I found this:
    It looks like they just copied and pasted various pics of yours on to a picture frame and are now selling it. Is that allowed?

  8. Anchesenamon says:

    noxy,I also noticed this frame. Somebody is making money on MArina’s printings.

  9. aneemal says:

    Yeah, I saw that too. Funny interpretation of the words ‘inspired by’, huh!?!

  10. Marina says:

    The frame is totally ok.
    I dont’ mind other people making some money off my work if it doesn’t infringe on my intellectual property, damage my reputation or affect my income.

    Besides, even if I did have a problem with this frame being sold, I couldn’t do much of anything since the photos were taken from a magazine and were appropriated for use by the owner of the magazine.

    This is nothing, really. Thank you for your concern. Stay vigilant against potential Enchanted doll intellectual property infringement.

  11. shasha says:

    Love the way you think Marina:)may god bless you and your talent every single day!

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