Long Awaited Crown

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Sterling Silver Crown

Well, today is a good day, Enchanted Doll fans. There will be lots of new photos uploaded on the site tonight, including a photo of the Gold body ornament.

Remember that Sterling silver head ornament line i announced several weeks ago. Well, I finally finished the first one. This piece is based somewhat on Agnetha’s crown, but is quite different in design. I carved it in wax and had it cast in Sterling Silver. This is the very fist trial-cast and it didn’t turn out that great. The next one will be better. At this point it’s in the first stage of completion. The pieces will be sold in different stages and prices will be different for each one.

Stage 1: Cleaned and polishes,’naked’ silver

Stage 2: Enamel is applied to granules to create the illusion of stones

Stage 3: Additional silver ornament is added to the piece. Eg. discs, dangles, chains, etc.

Stage 4: 24k Gold plating

I have yet to determine the prince for this particular piece. I will post a picture for each stage as i continue to work on it.

We’re shooting all day today, so keep your eyes open for more!

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