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I’m afraid I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys, but I can finally tell you!

There was some big news the other day, and a little Enchanted Doll played a role in a grand announcement. This was a top secret doll that I made last year and was finally unveiled (not literally, the doll’s veil remained intact).

I was asked to create an Enchanted Doll of the beautiful Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, as an engagement gift by her partner Li Chen

One of the conditions I had for taking on this commission, was that I would have a complete creative freedom to design her Enchanted wedding gown. I used vintage French lace, Victorian millinery, parts of antique Kinfisher pin, dazzling Swarowsky crystals and of course, hundreds of Pearls to create a tiny wedding dress fit for a queen!

Enchanted Fan sits on a Napoleon III era French Globe de Marriee, which was traditionally used to display wedding momentos, such as the wedding tiara, corsage and shoes.

Because Fan is an actress, I wanted the doll to channel The Golden Age of Hollywood. I fell in love with photos of Vivien Leigh and Veronica Lake and tried to create a similar atmosphere in the photographs.

Now that I am no longer bound by the vow of silence, I am free to share photos of not only the finished doll, but the work-in-progress shots we took along the way.

I hope this doll brings good luck to the happy couple! Best wishes to the two of you and I’m glad I could play a part in this grand union!

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27 Responses

  1. Merri says:

    Totally and absolutely gorgeous!! The dress is a dream!

    • Mônica says:

      I agree with you. I want her. She’s my object of desire. Just amazing, outstanding… More than gorgeus, everything is perfect.

  2. Elena Kurtik says:

    What an amazing doll! Such a mysterious and unusual. It seems to me, it’s still not quite a portrait of the actress, everything is more interesting.

  3. crystal Bernard says:

    There is just not enough words in the English language to express how stunning she is! She will go down in history as one of the all time great dolls of Enchanted doll! The eyes are mesmerizing! What an expressive glow of great expectation for a bright and wonderful future she has! Such a direct and sexy gaze, like she just came into the church and she sees her handsome groom waiting there for her at the front. And that breathtaking dress! Fit for an Empress! So much intricate work, lace, and little bows, adorable!!!!

  4. Sonia Anne says:

    Thank-you Marina, for including us in, on your very well kept secret! The doll and her gown is truly Enchanting and is unimaginable that a gown like this could ever be designed by anyone, but only, you! The bead work is dazzling and perfect in every way! The headpiece is ever so intricate and of a very pretty color, as is everything about this special engagement masterpiece. The Bride is very soft and innocent looking and resembles a Princess, waiting for her big day, truly a fairytale! I am overwhelmed at the beauty of something so elegant and beautiful and I too, wish the happy couple, a life of everlasting happiness! Marina, I am sure you will now be asked to design wedding gowns, how exciting that would be, just me, dreaming…………

  5. Sarah says:

    So beautiful- she really does look like Fan BingBing. Love the intricate details of the dress, the puff sleeves and the insane amount of pearls, and the pretty headpiece. I’m sure the happy couple is thrilled.

    Is this a new face sculpt?

  6. ace says:

    i love her so much! i noticed there was a new doll in the gallery yesterday and am super excited to find out about her!
    she looks so soft and gentle! i’m in love with her eyes and something about the body blushing seems different from usual, and i’m in love with that, too! the dress is, well, enchanting c:
    everything about her is so breathtaking. i could stare at her for hours!

  7. beautiful,bautiful,beautiful!!!!!!!
    I cant take my eyes of her…..gongratulations Marina!!!!!!

  8. Mila Gil says:

    ¡Muero de amor! !qué maravilla de muñeca!
    Sé que nunca podré tener una muñeca tuya, pero es un privilegio poder disfrutar de tu trabajo aunque sea solamente en fotografía.
    Realmente creas magia. Muchísimas gracias por crear estas maravillas.

  9. Susan Hatcher says:

    I love your dolls. Let me know when and how to get one. Again I love them❤️

  10. Gaynor, UK says:

    Wonderstruck once more! A very engaging Enchanted Doll! Lucky Fan!

  11. Anna says:

    Oh Marina, she is exquisite. I love the Hollywood lighting where her face is more illuminated. You are a genius, such detail, so achingly beautiful. Love love love. <3 xx

  12. Karla says:

    Everything of this doll is so beautiful, her face looks so much like Fan’s features. The dress is stunning, all the details, I don’t know which part I like so much, if the details of the skirt or the chest.

    You’re a big influence and inspiration to me and my illustrations since I saw your work. It was after a contest just finished, 2011? But I can’t find the 2012 contest if there was one. I remember I thought I was to late but after that I keept checking on your work.

    Some day I will have a doll from you,
    Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of humans in the world.

  13. Carmen says:

    This doll and her dress are just amazing. I’m so in love with this dress and all the details.
    I was wondering if the dress will inspire the actress’s own wedding dress.
    The dolls details are just great, really like the eye brows and her many lashes, very dramatic. your work is always such an inspiration for me. been working with lace and some beading, nothing like your intricate work, but trying to do more details.

  14. Colin Savage says:

    Marina, Sharon and I are stunned by the pinnacle of beauty that you achieved with the portrayal of Fan Bingbing. Truly a work of genius. Congratulations!

  15. Jill Jackson says:

    Enchanting, Marina, as always. I am sorry to say I am not familiar with the actress, Fan Bingbing, but seeing your creation ensures I will look her up immediately.

  16. Greg Watson says:

    Simply amazing Marina…………..what a fantastic piece to celebrate a wedding………….unforgettable !!

  17. Karen Kessin says:

    What an amazingly romantic betrothal gift! Please tell us how it came about!

  18. Robert Doherty says:

    What an extraordinary piece of art Marina! Exquisite! It looks just like her by way of Enchanted Doll! Marvelous detail and craftsmanship! <3

  19. tiff says:

    I love your work and have been following for many years but I must be honest and say this doll’s face does nothing to my heartstrings. Best Wishes though!

  20. Kristin Aquino says:

    An incredible family heirloom to be passed on for generations.
    Beautiful and thoughtful as always.

  21. Sonia Anne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to both of you, Marina and Chad and also to your loved ones! I am very grateful and thankful for all that you both have done for me.

  22. Lineska says:

    So lovely and beautiful. Thank you for your precious creation your follow are so magical. Do you teach others how yo do it? Thank you ❤

  23. Davidmokchiwah says:

    My lovely and beautifully. I hope to have a good!

  24. kennan says:

    this doll is so beautiful,she is a famous actor in our country.

  25. Margaret Watkins says:

    Hello. You have incredibly beautiful dolls! You have discovered your talent, it’s great.
    Each person has his own talent. Someone is very beautiful draws or dances, someone can well write a paper for me or even whole books, etc. It is important to understand what he does and do what he likes. Then you can make your hobby work or vice versa. The main thing is to get pleasure from it …

  26. Tess says:

    She’s exquisite! What an wonderful romantic request from her now husband and what an intriguing commission! You must’ve had so much fun! (if not a bit of stress) I love her mouth – It sits so beautifully on her face. She looks like she has a playful secret.

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