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Something awesome has happened in Basel aside from the art fair this year: I finally met in person my kindred spirit, a fellow artist and a long time internet friend- Nati.

After years of making plans to visit each other, fate has finally intervened and decreed that Nati and I should be in Basel, Switzerland at the same time. Even after we made plans to meet in a certain place at a certain time in Basel, we actually ended up accidentally running into each other point blank in a completely different place in Basel. Turns out it’s a small city. Or a small world. It was a pleasant surprise, though neither of us recognized the other at first, or simply refused to believe that we could just run into each other like that in a city that was foreign to us both.

We spent the rest of the somewhat warm afternoon hanging out on the bank of river Rhine, nibbling on snacks and drinking these really cool miniature bottles of wine. Both, mini wine bottles and the whole drinking outside thing were a very exotic novelty to me, because outdoor drinking is illegal in Vancouver. The whole experience was very pleasant and I even got a little sun burn.

Nati is awesome. I’m so glad we finally met. Even if the circumstances were a little strange.

Don’t know who Nati is?  Find out by checking out her site.


31 Responses

  1. Hazel says:

    Oh wow! What an amazing experience! A small world it is, indeed. Or perhaps fate just has a way of bringing kindred spirits together.

    It must have been awesome to have finally met each other after working “together” for quite some time. You both look great and it looks like you’ve had a lot of fun.

  2. Annina says:

    woohoo you met, and in such a cool way, just running into each other!
    you look cute together :)

  3. Annina says:

    is and ED on your bag??

  4. Sonia says:

    It’s so strange and exciting view 2 of my favourites artists, in the same shot!
    So beautyful experience for both of you!

  5. ziggytaku says:

    yes Annika she have a snow white on her bag as i can see,
    I think it is so nice to meet a friend like that
    I wish i meet my dearest Kamila like that some where ^^

  6. Awww…. my two favourite artists :-)

    This was very special to read, and it looks like you two lovelies had a beautiful time. It’s nice to get to see nati, too.. I didn’t realise she had such curly red hair :-D

    I’m very happy for you both, it must have been so special!!!

  7. Orangey says:

    Wow, that’s great, I’m happy for you guys! Finally meeting a person whom has had such an effect on your inspiration is amazing. Nice to see Nati has that “Stages Of Grief” curly orange hair, coincidence, I think not? =P

  8. Ama says:

    Nati looks really sympathic. I regret never having the chance to meet her when we had her exibition in a local café.

    Nice that it felt exotic to you to be allowed to drink outdoors. Isn’t it a small innocent but very pleasurable freedom? :)
    I remember my shock when first having to adapt myself to this law (in scandinavia). Even though there are surely reasons to have it.

  9. Eiko says:

    It’s illegal to drink outdoors in Canada? Why? That makes no sense to me.

    Glad to hear that you had such a nice, relaxing time with Nati.

  10. Jenny H says:

    What a happy story! Two beautiful and talented young ladies together! :)

  11. Orangey says:

    Eiko: It’s probably not the whole of Canada, but certain provinces/areas with that law. In Vancouver, it’s probably that they don’t want you to be drunk while walking publicly on the street. Drinking doesn’t equate being drunk, but I guess it’s a safety concern…

  12. Jayne says:

    Serendipity, what more is there to say :)

  13. Ann says:

    She looks like my aunt.

  14. Crystal says:

    She’s Italian right? I thought she’d have black hair. My intelligent comment for the day!

  15. Annina says:

    another question, which doll did you/Strychnin bring to Basel, was it Cathedral? and are there pics of her there?

  16. Orangey says:

    OH, it was Amalgamation who went to Basel… no wonder she sold.

    Is it okay to cry knowing I’ll never see her again? Haha, joking.

  17. Annina says:

    aww she sold in Switzerland, cute!
    hopefully the new owner would share photos, i hope we’ll see some of them again!

  18. nati says:

    AWWWWW, I’ve just realized you posted those photos, LOL Thank you for the wonderful time we had in Basel, Marina!!!!

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