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Some more peeks of my current projects. Making more molds. These shots were taken just this morning. So tired… I wish I could just go to sleep, but my mind is restless…13 hours spent in clay, water and plaster up to my elbows don’t think I can stand the feeling of clay on my hands any more…skin is so dry and tight, I just want to jump out of it, like a lizard, God I wish I were done with this already but there are so many more…oh my god I hate making molds so very much alas, that’s what it takes to make what I want to make and I will make it so help me god…at least I’ve got a few more episodes of the Tudors left why is the iPad screed so shiny and reflective? is my nose too long? why did Henry the 8th come to hate Anny Bolyn so much? did he really believe she was a witch? my fingers are so pruney I wonder how much water they can absorb before the skin starts falling off the bones… can that happen? if only this part would just set already so that I can take it out and clean up I should also sweep before I drag these plaster crumbs all over the place I really need to clean  this place up, if only I were finished with these stupid molds already…I need some hand cream…


…man, my orange tree is going to freeze outside if it keeps getting colder, I wonder if I ought to pull it back in? I should stop dropping my flipflop every time I tuck my knee under so that the chair wouldn’t roll over it and get stuck every time I move, and why do I have to tuck my knee under every time I sit down anyway? I, like, don’t even notice how it happens…god, my knee is so sore I wish I would just stop doing that, when is this mold going to set already…?Ouch! pay attention when you’re using dental tools if you want to keep all your fingers…perhaps a knife would be better to trim this seam…this towel is covered with clay I need a new one…Chad? Chad?! damn, he is wearing headphones in there…I’ll have to put this down and hope it holds for a few seconds…ohh for crying out loud, that stupid flipflop!!……

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  1. Alexandra says:

    WOW, Marina so beautiful face in different style from old ones.
    Will she be from porcelain?

  2. Merri says:

    I’m beginning to understand why it’s said that people suffer for their art! You certainly sound like you’re suffering at the moment Marina but it will all be so worth it. This new face looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. Zwiebelprinz says:

    Wow so beautyfull!

  4. Linda says:

    Looking forward to seeing the latest. Its nice to see what you are doing behind the scenes. It helps to see what actually goes into making one of your dolls. You are a gifted artist. Thank you for sharing & inspiring others!
    Henry ended up hating Anne because she didnt give him a son. That is what he wanted the most. Also he broke away from Rome, Defied the church & back then THAT wasa big deal. Divorced his first wife, who didnt give him a son. Of course he declared himself head of Church & State of England. He had Balls which Anne was holding in her hands. To make himself look good he had to blame someone. For all the turmoil he caused. Unfortunatly Ane had many enemies also & she gave Henry no sons as she promised him. She was very savy & beautiful but she could not give Henry a live son. Elizebeth I was Henrys & Annes greatest acomplishment. Anne saw to it that she was in line to the throne.

  5. Merri says:

    ……. Oh, and no, your nose is not too long !

  6. Amal says:

    HA! We have yet to witness a dollmaker who enjoys the mould-making process. It’s a drag – so many moulds, such small pieces and all needing maximum concentration. I guess it’s not like some of the other processes where you can ‘zone out’. But, it has to be done – like finishing your plate, or finishing your homework.

    Are you making new moulds because the previous ones degraded? Or have you made modifications/new pieces?

  7. Jayne says:

    Breathe in, breathe out…..Repeat…
    It will all be worth it, as you well know :)

  8. Nune2010 says:

    You work very hard, but the result is very always beautiful:-) I enjoy reading your story a lot.

  9. She looks particularly beautiful, the face, reminds me a little of Io.

    It’s great to see the faces at this stage, the colour options seem endless, with so many different opportunities.

    She could have dark eyes and midnight hair, or golden locks and pale features, she could have ruby lips or ones soft and pink… But I guess all hat is a while away yet, but something to look forward to, to get you through the mold-making process!!

  10. Amoreen says:

    I remember that someone said one day: ” Art does not require a sacrifice” (it was post about State Property and the motherhood, I guess). If this is not a sacrifice, I don’t know what to say!!! Although your art is a passion for you, Marina, we all know that EVERY SINGLE THING has its price. I can just say: thank you for paying yours! That hard work you do every day keeps giving so much joy to the people all over the world. And this is a TRUE GIFT.

  11. Nada says:

    I hope you get some sleep!

  12. Glynis says:

    Oh bless ! You sound really fed up love!! And we just sit back enjoying the fruits of your art/labour soooo thank you and keep smiling, hey was that a hint ??re Anne Bolyn to your next project cos we have some lovely Gothic buildings in England too,did I guess did I did I did I !!!??

  13. Yan-yi says:

    Someone needs her beauty sleep. =P

    It’ll be enormously satisfying for you when the molds are done. We’re hanging in there with you. Go Marina!

  14. Amal says:

    I can’t figure out what those pieces in the bottom right-hand corner are? Anyone??

  15. KarolinFelix says:

    I was wondering the same Amal. It looks a bit like a hip without the rest…. mm…

  16. KarolinFelix says:

    this face… so peaceful.. looks like carved from marble.

    If this is what I think it is..

    Can’t wait!!

    and..ughh.. I know what you mean about clay Marina… I did clay sculpting and it can really give you a carpenters skin.. unless you use ton of cream afterwards. But at least you know it’s all totally worth it. Do you still marvel at your older dolls?

  17. Lora says:

    I recommend Emeinence’s line of skin creams. Yes, they are a little expensive BUT a little goes a long way and it keeps moisturizing for hours!! Sleep with it on your hands and you won’t feel so tight.
    And I cant wait to see the finishes projects!!

  18. Amal – I figured they were the backs of the knees or elbows photographed up close, everything else seems small in perspective because they’re further away. Further behind them I can see the knees with the ball joints and pouring cones still attached….

  19. kelly says:

    I tuck one foot under when I sit down too. I’m trying to improve my posture- plus that knee hurts from an old judo injury. Beautiful face you’re molding! Can’t wait to see what beauty you create this year, Marina!!!

  20. Annina says:

    those pieces are of course the ass! haha i had to say it, but seriously, i don’t know what they are, puzzling! o_O

    i want to say, wooooow at the first picture, i love how smooth that face looks, is that wax? it looks so amazing, i want one! a completely white face, mmm!

    and as for your post, i really enjoyed reading that, it’s like being in your mind while you’re working.
    fingers crossed (and moisturized) that this stage will fly by quickly so you can be done with it!

    such blog posts are among my favourites, thanks for sharing!

  21. Annina says:

    oh i know, headbacks! because heads are in two pieces up to some point?

  22. Amal says:

    Karolin – Ooooh, what do u think this is?! ?_?
    Annina – Lol!! Is it porcelain? Marina said she goes through the mould-making process twice? So the 2nd time might be with porcelain? Also, I’m 99.99{9..}% sure the heads are cast as one piece. That line visible in the other photo is a seamline, before Marina cleans it away.
    Monika – you might be right, but they don’t look like the knees in the back of the pic. The shapes don’t look quite spherical?!
    Me no know… boobies?! >_<

  23. Rebekah says:

    They look like double hip/thigh joints to me, along with open topped thighs and possibly new knees, but maybe that’s all I see after spending months prototyping double thighs for my WIP.
    I do recall rumours of new legs.


  24. Crystal says:

    The face prototype is so smooth! What material is this? Did you spend hours sanding? I have to laugh about my questions since I don’t really expect to get an answer! LOL

  25. Merri says:

    Amal, Karolin mentioned in her reply to the first new mold sneak peek, that she hoped this was the face of Valentine. This doll was her entry in last years birthday contest (with the filigree torso) and Marina remarked that she would ‘love to make this doll’. I hope it is – this would be truly amazing!

  26. Merri says:

    Ah yes, and another clue! Rebekah is right, the thighs are open at the top where normally there would be a closed ball joint. The pieces in the foreground must be a combined hip/thigh joint. Could this be a modification required to accommodate a metal filigree torso? Oh, I hope so !!!!!

  27. Amal says:

    Aha! Thanks Merrijane ^_^ Yeah, I think Rebekah’s got it right too! Wow, EDs that are even more posable!!

  28. Annina says:

    wow my mind is boggled, and now i’m so impatient to see the new dolls O_O
    but we must wait (grrr i don’t like waiting) ;)

  29. All that has been said was all passing threw my own thoughts. I hope you galls are right, would love to see the doll with a very slim filigree torso. There is the artiste Marmite Sue from Tokyo who does the lace type torso. I think Marina being the master in her trade will do something that is for sure not out there. She is the master in doll making and for sure will kick us off our feet. We are in ahhhh every single time and just blown away. Even if her doll making has some unpleasant down falls, I am sure she would not give it up for anything in the world. She loves what she does and it shows.

  30. Diana says:

    Hang on Marina! The face is so serene and beautiful… I am sure you will blow us away :-) I like to draw/paint very much but there are also things I HATE TO DO in order to make a picture perfect, but in the end I am always happy when I see the outcome and the troubles are forgotten :-)))

  31. Ruth says:

    Hey Marina,?Maybe someone needs to design you your very own, very good custom made chair?? :-)…..take it easy & relax when you can, it will be so worth it in the end!! can’t wait for the prettiness!!!

  32. Alex says:

    Dear Marina.
    Your work is fabulous and it is pretty inspiring to share these moments with you.
    Any idea pf when Enchanted Dolls will be available for ordering?
    By the way, congratulations on the book. Looks great.

  33. Astera says:

    Dear Marina! How much work!
    All the pain you are enduring (just like labor! ;)) is worth the results, though, as one can tell from the astonishing beauty of this new face.
    It’s fantastic to have more frequent updates from your blog.I know you have little time for this these days, so I really appreciate your effort to share news and pictures with us all. Thank you!

  34. Crystal says:

    Now that others have pointed it out I DO think it’s that doll from last years birthday contest, the one with the fancy filigree waist by Karolin. Yep! Even the face looks like it.

  35. Ilona says:

    Lol, Marina, you poor, lovely, hard-working thing! I so feel for you! I am not a huge fan of mould making myself… I always delay the process… :S

    I love this entry to your blog- so stream-of-consciousness-y and giving us a bit of an insight into your work, into the real you and the not-so-pretty things you also have to put up with…

    Thanks for sharing this!


    I also have been working weird, very vere long hours but hey, I have what I wanted- I also make dolls, just like my inspiration- you! Lol. It does take a lot of time; I also had to invest a lot (just the price of the kiln, hmmm…), my heating just broke and I can’t afford to fix it at the moment, as it’s extremely expensive here in the UK. So I’m thinking of moving my casting to the middle room (remember it?), which has become my work space anyway (porcelain dust must be all over the walls by now- what do you guys do with that stuff?? Hoover it? :) )

    I hope you’ll soon be done with your moulds…

    Have you thought of making a silicone master mould for your plaster moulds (a positive silicone mould of the negative plaster moulds of your dolls), so that afterwards you could reuse the silicone master for your next plaster ones? It should be much easier, probably faster and hopefully gentler on the fingers… I am going to try that.

    Lovely seeing a bisque face of an ED in the clay…

    Warm hugs from- also very cold- London,


  36. MysticKim says:

    Your dolls are a testiment to your undying devotion to completing the tasks that are necessary to create such beautiful enchantresses. Please never stop giving your best even in the time of exhaustion. Please do get some rest so that your creativity is not stifled.
    I hope one day to own one of your creations!

  37. Chivi says:

    Me encantan tus creaciones, son toda una inspiración para mí. Lo que haces realmente es divino. Saludos desde Perú .

  38. sailor_orbit says:

    is the face resin or clay? it looks really clean and smooth for clay, so I am guessing it’s resin. If you don’t mind telling, please do.

  39. Marina says:

    It’s neither resin nor clay. It’s a secret.

  40. Annina says:

    Marina, ok it’s a secret, but can i have one? :D
    ever since i’ve seen that photo, i want a white face like that!!!
    just to look at, and keep in my pocket as a talisman, and to run my fingers over its smooth surface! *dreams*

  41. KarolinFelix says:

    For me too <:

    It’s like the Greek sculptures…
    or from lost Atlantis.. and you’re uncovering it from layers of clay where it stayed intact…

  42. Astera says:

    The more I read, the more I become curious to see your new projects completed..and also to read the book. It seems almost like with this first volume you have sealed a period of your creative career, right before entering a new artistic phase.
    You are reworking many different aspects of your doll making process and I am sure you will surprise us all with the innovations…:)

  43. Orangey says:

    A SECRET? It’s not porcelain? Hah. The smoothness is incredible. I love this post, it made me laugh, you’re brilliant, and your ability is mind boggling. It’s nothing short of amazing, your dedication to the art. Good luck!

  44. Glynis says:

    I wouldn’t know where to start in making these little treasures so forgive me if this sounds really silly – but is it some sort of silicone type thing, well that sounds mixed up even to me!! But you understand what I’m trying to say – I hope !! Phew, it’s ok I’m going away now!!

  45. Marina says:

    So I hear you guys like the white marble look of the face, eh? Hm…

    Have you ever seen one of my pure white prototypes assembled? I must have posted pictures of it in the past.

    I don’t understand though: Why would you want a blank head?

  46. Orangey says:

    Pure white prototype: No you absolutely have not posted anything of the sort!

    Pictures, I demand it! :p

    I prefer to see painted dolls, for the record. Without a face it simply seems unfinished, but amazing nonetheless.

  47. Annina says:

    because, i don’t know, it seems special, you know like something you wish to find in the sand on the beach, like shells, something precious.
    the purity of it being unpainted is beautiful to me. (not because i don’t like painted ones, but i simply like both)

    i think i’ve seen a white assembled porcelain doll of yours in an online magazine, can’t remember which one, it was to show a comparison between a blank resin, porcelain and a painted resin, i think…

  48. Sarna says:

    I think i know one of the new things in the new mold.
    On the second photo there are some leg parts like knees, thighs and… hips. The closest parts on the photo are the double hip joints that will allow the doll to pose with legs curled as an embrio, am I right, Marina? :)

  49. KarolinFelix says:

    This face… White and delicately shining like that… It reminds me of church tombstone statues carved in white marble… And somehow seems sacred… With blank eyes watching the time pass by.

  50. Amal says:

    Annina – I found it, it’s in the ‘Doll Reader’, April 2010.

    Karolin – I like your explanation. Yes, a blank doll is somehow timeless. She is no-one and everyone at the same time.

    Marina – I reckon that if you made pendants from pure white porcelain, they’d be just as popular as the silver.

  51. emily says:

    love her soo much reminds me of the model daphne groeneveld and i think she is the most stunning women alive. i think it would look amazing with a celtic cross tattoo on her back.

  52. Annina says:

    aah you’re right Amal, about the Doll Reader, that’s where i remembered it from!

    and i have to agree with Amal about porcelain face pendants, although personally i’d love it just as a talisman, no ring in it, just the face in porcelain, to keep in my pocket. :)

  53. KarolinFelix says:

    talisman.. pendant.. or a ring. <:

  54. Glynis says:

    I completely agree with these comments about the head,it would be like carrying a fairy stone around, but really I would like the opportunity to buy one of your completed treasures more than anything

  55. Crystal says:

    I think it’s that ethereal ghost look that attracts everyone. That stark icy white skin, hair and pale eye look.

  56. collette says:

    Love your work. You are a busy bee. and your post made me giggle. Especially the bit about the flipflop. I have the same problem!!!!!!

  57. Alisa says:

    this reminds me of that guy from greek mythology who spent day and night making a statue of Aphrodite… just don’t arry your art. hehe

  58. I think one of the reasons so many have found themselves drawn to the all-white face is due to the pearly white Classical Greek and Roman sculptures. Whilst it is true that in their time they were brightly painted, the paint wore away and all we have left is the base essence of the hand of the sculptor, the white carved marble, the serene expressions. Due to this people associate that pale marble with the height of civilization, with mythology – with the gods.

    I too find myself drawn to the blank face. She is less like a doll and more like a spirit, a relic from the past – she is perhaps… much more mysterious than the painted faces. Which reminds me of a quote from Albert Einstein: the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

  59. lee says:


  60. Annina says:

    Monika you’re so right with that description, you nailed it there!

  61. I have to say those lips are the ones of Bride of Frankenstein’s……..

  62. Amal says:

    “It’s neither resin nor clay. It’s a secret.”

    – like, top-secret? is it composite? ^_~

  63. Tess says:

    Try Kerodex- it is a skin protectant I use when mixing caustic glaze or when clay starts to dry my hands out too much. It is not a moisturizing lotion, but creates a very very thin barrier that keeps your hands from drying out. I recommend!

  64. website here says:

    I just want to mention I’m very new to blogs and actually liked you’re blog. Likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You amazingly have incredible stories. Thanks a bunch for sharing your web site.

  65. Reannah says:

    What’s the point in complaining? So, I found the picture of your doll’s beautiful face on pinterest and in hopes to learn something clicked on the picture just to come to your page and discover 2 paragraphs of you complaining about how much you hate the process! What a blow to inspiration. If I were you, I’d be way more careful about what you post next to your artwork. The picture is no doubt beautiful, but your words really deterred me. The way I portray you is as someone who focuses on how unpleasant creating is. Quit complaining and start inspiring others with your words (you’ve already done so with your work), if you want to be a true artist. A true artist is someone who appreciates the creative process. That’s my advice for you. Also, next time you want to vent, write it down in your private journal. That’s what journaling is best for. ;)


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