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My Darlings! Happy New Year!

I’m back from my vacation and I have something personal to share with you today – a commemorative short film of the 9th annual, week-long New Year’s Extravaganza with a couple dozen of my closest friends. It’s a tradition of ours to rent a house some place remote, cold and snowy, preferably with a frozen lake in the back yard and riding slopes near by, and spend the last week of each year together. We skate, play pond hockey, ride and ski, play board games, dance, hold wine and scotch tastings, cook big meals and watch movies together while it’s snowing outside. Also polar bear swim. Life doesn’t get better than this. It’s pure Canadiana!

Big thanks to the group cinematographers, our own Benjamin Taft, Lewis Bennet and Adam Bognar, for capturing these precious moments of happiness which we can revisit until it’s time for us to celebrate the passing of yet another year together. I can’t wait. Love you guys!

Join me briefly for 8 minutes of my life beyond dolls. Click on the Vimeo icon in the corner to view it on in HD quality. There are two parts: Ice hockey and Polar bear swimming. Enjoy my Canadiana!

A happy Vaseux Lake new year celebration from Benjamin Taft on Vimeo.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Wow,looked like a lot of cold fun! I guess every part of the world has it’s own traditions and things they like to do, and that’s wonderful.

  2. Sailor_Orbit says:

    Wow you guys must have some great immune system to be in freezing cold water. And extremely adventurous to skate on a frozen lake that could possibly crumble at a weak spot. Very intense…crazy to swim in the freezing cold water…seems great to be living life to the fullest

  3. Ginie says:

    I wish you a year of wonders , fun ,happy times , health , and creativity of course !

  4. Christianne says:

    You sure are living the life to the fullest, but jumping in freezing water..NOT! Goodness must feel like pins going threw your body….Happy you guys had a great time…

  5. Anthony says:

    NOW THAT is how you bring in a new year^^ Wow Marina that was magical!!! Thank you so much for sharing that. It was so beautifully filmed and you all looked like you had an absolute and utter blast!!!! Happy New Year dear!!!^^

  6. Lots of fun , in a Winter Wonderland! Have to say though, that I was sitting on the edge of my chair, watching the polar bear swim! Who won the Hockey game? Skating on an outdoor pond or lake, is the best! I did it all the time in my younger days. Thank-you for sharing your amazing Christmas Holiday! Now, I’m going to watch it, again.

  7. Sharon W. says:

    That was great Marina, I am from Canada and have never done one of those cold swims and never will. Also I was worried someone would get lost under the ice and not be able to get out. I do have to say you should be in the Olympics. That run you did from the water to somewhere warm broke the world record I think.

  8. Astera says:

    Oh, the merriment! A perfect way of sending off the old year and ushering in the new one. The cinematography was excellent, as was the choice of songs. These are sweet memories to have indeed. :)

  9. Crystal says:

    Yes the music was quite interesting, who were the artist’s singing? Canadian I’m sure!

  10. JugendMoth says:

    Oh thank you for sharing!!! I just love, love, love these videos, its so inspiring to watch them!!! :*

  11. Holly Weinberger says:

    Absolutely loved it!! Thank you for sharing!

  12. ziggytaku says:

    My goodness it look like so much fun ^^ Remind me of Magadan and how i was us to play with my friends on the snow and icy river >.< gyaaaaah brinning back memories!!!! So love it ^^
    Happy Holidays to you guys ones more and have a wonderful prosperity year ^^

  13. Jayne Wourms says:

    Looks like a nice way to recharge the batteries, and failing that I am sure the polar bear dip rebooted the whole system!

  14. Alexandra says:

    Wish you a wonderfull year!

  15. Taltal says:

    Looks like the Okanagan Valley to me! :) Such a lovely little video

  16. Taltal says:

    Looks like the Okanagan Valley to me!! :) Such a lovely little video

  17. marina says:

    It is Okanagan Valley! In Oliver.

  18. MissLK says:

    Happy new year! 2014 will be brighter and merrier.

    I wonder what everyone had in mind when plunging into the polar bear swim… Must be a surreal experience of enduring the extreme coldness, even just for a few minutes.

  19. marina says:

    I can tell you what I had going through my mind, Miss LK:

    “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this! Somebody stop me! Why are you all just standing there?! I’m taking off my coat right now! Why do I have such ridiculous friends!? Peer pressure IS a real thing!”

  20. Taltal says:

    I have got friends who live in Oliver, and my family still lives in the valley. I have been a big fan of you and your dolls for a long time but never really got to tell how inspiring and magnificent you creations are!

  21. Phrases says:

    I…I just can’t imagine…That is really wonderful! I stopped my real world and traveled to 8 mininute fairy….That’s how a real New Year has to be celedrated! Marina, you have awesome friends. I hope,you enjoyed yourselves in that magical place…I did)
    Have nice holidays!
    PS I’m sorry if there are some grammar mistakes in my message.I’m from Russia))

  22. Maia says:

    Wow. Very magical!!! Beautifully filmed as well.

  23. Bertha says:

    Glad to see you guys have such a lot of fun. Very courageous group of friends you have. Lovely firm really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing something different from you dolls!

  24. Tiasdolls says:

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. These are truly precious memories.

  25. Anna says:

    What a wonderful video. What a beautiful life :) That looks like it was precious. Thank you for sharing. So cool. (forgive the unintended pun)

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