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Oh, Daphne my Daphne! I’m afraid I’m growing more attached to you every day. That’s unusual for me… How will I let you go now?

ebaydoll 311

ebaydoll 313

ebaydoll 312

This braid tiara was inspired by the hair styles of Greek ladies from antiquity. Like Daphne’s hair, it’s made of silk fiber. I think I will include it with the doll. There is still that new metal accessory left to reveal before the auction can begin! Soon my darlings, soon!



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  1. Anthony says:

    SUBLIME!!! Just devine perfection Marina <3 this girl is everything I have ever dreamed in an Enchanted Doll and then some… I just have no more words to desbribe just how truely perfect in every way shape and form she is. I ADORE this girl… I CAN NOT WAIT for the auction. My lady lucky and the heavenly angels be on my side^^

  2. jacci says:

    love her. just…wow.

  3. Holly Weinberger says:

    She is truly beautiful! It is so hard sometimes to let things go when you have put so much of yourself into your art. I am so looking forward to seeing her on eBay.

  4. Crystal says:

    Well you certainly know how to take pictures that show a doll at her most gorgeous! Not that this doll could take a bad picture! Love the braids, they take her from wild forest sprite to a serene Lady of fragile beauty.
    Can’t wait to see the metal accessory!

  5. Mai says:

    “… How will I let you go now?”…

    How indeed. That is the question!
    With the sheer magnitude of the beauty of this doll, I imagine it will be very difficult to part with such an achievement.

    Cannot wait to see her crowned with her mysterious, magical accessory.

  6. Astera says:

    She is gorgeous and so perfectly balanced. The braid tiara is beautiful and ingenious…but it’s the metal headpiece that I am itching to see. As always, lovely pictures!

  7. Anthony says:

    I guess my first comment didn’t go through :-/

    Marina she is SUBLIME!!!! Just absolute and utter perfection this stunning nymph is. I really have no more words to describe just how breathtaking this girl is <3. I fall deeper and deeper for this girl with every set of pictures you post…. Ohhh I can not wait for the auction!!!

    And to see her metal accessory!!!! Whatever could it be?!?! I've been racking my brain for the past month about it^^

  8. Carmen Eve says:

    I have no idea how you can sale your beauties, i would be too in love with all of them to part with them. but i guess as an artist one must sale in order to keep making more and create more.

  9. Marina don’t let her go…you don’t have to….She is beautiful. Loving the 3rd pic of her.

  10. Orangey says:

    You’re a braver woman than I, Marina, you’re a braver woman than I. I would probably opt to making a twin of each doll I produce so I can keep one and sell one. She looks exquisite. Once again, her braided hairpiece is magnificent.

  11. Holly Weinberger says:

    Marina, she is truly beautiful! It is so hard sometimes to let things go when you have put so much of yourself into your art. I am so looking forward to seeing her on eBay. (I’m sorry if this appears twice. I seem to having some trouble getting through.)

  12. Oli says:

    Dear Marina! If you don’t want to sell her, you don’t have to. Everybody will understand. She is the most beautiful doll in the world!

  13. Arianne says:

    Oh, Please keep her. You must take pictures of her once a month for us and make some amazing ornamentation and clothes.
    I think we have all fallen in love with her. The detail in the lips and the expression are amazing, and we will all die a little inside if she disapears in some fabulous personal collection.

  14. okti says:

    Just beautiful :)

  15. sara says:

    She is so beautiful

  16. jacci says:

    she’s just lovely. such a beautiful face, I mean…just, wow. and her tattoos are gorgeous. I love the color used for them, that kinda periwinkle blue is perfect. Marina, she is exquisite.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Dear Marina,

    she is so lovely and her eyes are soooo beautiful and full of expression! I can understand that it will be hard for you to let her go…
    Will the metal-piece be earrings??? Or does all your new dolls have earholes? I am sure I saw earholes by Daphne on a close-up photo ;-)

    Best wishes from Germany!

  18. linda says:

    She’s lovely Marina. Will the head dress be an accessory available for purchase sometime in the future?

  19. Marina, don’t do it! Just kidding! I could never, ever, let Daphne go, if she were mine! The braid tiara is so delicately, pretty, made for a real Princess! Good luck for a successful Auction on Daphne! When, oh, when, is this going to happen?

  20. Amal says:

    I especially love the braided tiara – it’s an amazing piece in itself!

  21. Santina says:

    What a beauty, just as striking everytime I see her ! Looove the hair blowing in the wind look too :D completely empathize with you Marina!

  22. Santina says:

    What a beauty, just as striking everytime I see her ! Looove the hair blowing in the wind look too :D I completely empathize with you Marina!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh, Marina. She is stunning and so special; I understand when you say it’s gonna be difficult for you to let her go. I know I couldn’t do it. Can’t wait to see more of her.

  24. isabel Pacheco says:

    I love simple adorable.

  25. Love the moody, dynamic shots

  26. Sylvia Leticia says:

    No words to describe her Beauty…

    May I invite her home :-}

  27. Merri says:

    So much soul behind her eyes…no wonder we’re all captivated!
    I love, love, love the braided tiara. Wish you could make it available to order. :)

  28. Bertha says:

    Love her eyes! Beautiful !

  29. Crystal says:

    Marina, I remember in an interview you were asked about how you let them go and I think you said something to the effect that after all, “I make them to sell them”.
    And you are going to have a lot of heart broken collectors if you keep her. Like our new forum member…..Anthony.

  30. MissLK says:

    No one can truly own anything on this earth. You will let Daphne go and move on to the next project :)

    Daphne will have many ‘custodian’s’ in the thousands of years that she is going to live.

  31. Yy says:

    It amazing of you to be able to let them go, for there are artists that hang to their work. And then their are ones who can give the most perfect ones away because they know they will continue making such beautiful, and even more impressive ones. It’s very brave to do that, harsh and so depressing too.

  32. Maria Soares says:

    ooooOOOOOoooooooo i can’t speak…sublime!

  33. Dani says:

    So……..the month is drawing to a close, when will this beauty be auctioned off? I had a dream that you decided to keep her and made another doll to auction off Marina. Lol. I know she won’t be coming to live here but it is always exciting to see who wins your beautiful creations. I always keep fingers ant toes crossed it will be someone in one of my groups so I get to see tons of pictures. I still have yet to see one of these beauties in person. One day I will……….sigh.

  34. Ilona says:

    Hi,Marina!I like them in this order:#1,#4,#6 and #7! Where you can buy the Russian version?

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