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My biggest inspiration and driving force in my work is a German Artist-Illustrator, named Sulamith Wulfing. I discovered her amazing work in 2002, and it has been the biggest influence in my creative development and establishment of my stylistic expression and direction. The minute I saw her work, I knew what I had to do with that seemingly unrelenting subconscious craving to make dolls. Discovering her, gave me a visual language to say everything I always knew I wanted to say with my work, but didn’t know how to say it. Her unique vision and technique, appeals and resonates so strongly with my own sensibilities that I don’t know where Sulamith Wulfing’s influence ends and my own vision begins. Sometimes I feel as if my dolls are composites of her paintings. And i think that perhaps that’s what they are ment to be.

I can feel the influence and her aesthetic in every aspect of my work and try to emulate her visual language, but in a different medium, format and methods. It is my mission objective to capture the same magical, ethereal quality with my dolls, which she was so effectively able to convey with her work.

Marina and Echo

I consider Sulamith Wulfing’s work to be pure genius. She is the Mozart of visual art. Looking at her drawings one can see the ease and freedom with which she drew, pulling the most beautiful images from her seemingly infinite imagination and putting them on paper in astounding detail and intricacy. She had a brilliant and unique mind and an original aesthetic in her work. It’s as if her visions exist on a completely separate plane of perception and being, apart from all the familiar art influences and iconographic imagery that fills up the Louvre and the Uffizi art galleries. Although much art in those museums is quite important, it’s all the same: an endless parade of similar-looking nudes, virgin Marys, plump women, Popes and Christs.  It’s as if all those supposedly great masters of Renaissance went to the same art school and studied from the same teacher and painted the same model. Sulamith Wulfing on the other hand created her own, completely unique and previously unseen visual style.


Sulamith Wulfing was very prolific, but much of her work was destroyed during WWll. Her books are very rare and expensive. I’ve been collecting them over the years, one at a time, and they are precious to me. If my house is ever on fire and i can only save one thing, I will take those books and everything else can burn, because the profound inspiration the provide me with, is priceless.


Even though Sulamith Wulfing’s imagery provides a sort of foundation for my own Enchanted Doll aesthetic, I would like to believe that I’m somehow expanding and adapting her style to create my own, original and unique work. And I can only hope that to some people, my work will mean as much as Suamith Wulfing’s work means to me. However, I feel as if my abilities and imaginative capacity pale in comparison to Sulamith’s divne talent.

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  1. Cloudy-Chan says:

    wow if your house was on fire you wouldn’t save your doll moulds? (that would be kinda hard to do though)

    If my house was on fire I would want to save my art books ;3

  2. Lumina says:

    Well, Cloudy.Chan, I think that if this book are inspiration to Marina they are priceless, they inspire her to made new dolls!

    This post is very good!

    And this photo of Banshee is my favorite, I think that your art, Marina is impresing!

    I didn´t ever before hear for Sulamith Wulfing but she is also fantastic! I can see why she is your idol!

    To me, your dolls are inspiration and it is so nice that I can read what did inspire you to make them!

  3. Sue says:

    Oh, Sulamith Wulfing’s illustrations are
    magic…as are your incredible creations! Yes, I can see where you have been inspired by
    her work, however your wonderful dolls are
    so much your own. Inspiration is so important – it fires the imagination and flows into the creativity.

    Thank you for posting about this artist – I’m off to google her.



  4. annina says:

    ah i love sulamith wülfing’s art, it is as you say so unique! i discovered her some years ago (i can’t remember when exactly) and was surprised how i had never heard of her before, her art is just so special. i only have one book of her so far, it’s a story of marie of romania and Sulamith illustrated it, it’s called “Miracle of Tears”. maybe you have it too? i love the illustrations in it.
    she (sulamith) is one of the only artists i can think of who drew/painted “energy” and things unseen, that’s why i love it, because well i am one of those people who believe in all this (elves, fairies, …). :)

    how cool that she is your inspiration, i can see now!

  5. Judy Richardson (Jinky) says:

    I am not familiar with Sulamith Wulfing’s art…. but I will certainly be looking into it now! I can surely see the inspiration… but you do have your own unique voice… and yes… I feel certain that to many of us your work does mean as much to us as Salamit Wulfings does to you. I think your art is captivating!!!! . Thats the only word I can think of to describe how I feel about it! It just reaches me on some level I can’t explain Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  6. Judy Richardson (Jinky) says:

    I see I have left the h off of the name! I wish we could edit our posts! :)

  7. Blu Dot says:

    Hi, interesting to see a source of inspiration of my favourite doll artist :)

    Some strong words I would not necessarily agree with on “traditional” art. I never knew this artist before. Her work is beautiful, elaborate and may seem quite magical, but I prefer the dolls. Maybe it’s something I have about 3D work. Anyway, interesting to see the way her work is echoed the costumes, etc.

    Thanks for offering an insight into what’s happening in the creator’s head!

  8. Silvana says:

    Hi Marina!
    Had never heard of this artist before … and I’m delighted with the little of her art that you posted … I’m passionate for his work and think you perfectly captured the beauty and lightness of her work in their dolls … It’s as if you that your life through their illustrations dolls ….. …. I’m fascinated and I wanted both a doll … but for now its only dream …. you know is fantastic … loved on this tremendous artist.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. Erin says:

    Probably every artist of any type feels that way when it come to their heroes. Her work is beautiful, and I can see the connection between hers and yours.

  10. Nita says:

    I have loved Sulamith too many years and noticed the influence in your dolls:) This ebay seller ( distinctivebooks) sells those rare books and shares large images so, I save all of those!
    Im glad to see that you continue her style and pay respect to her too. Your work is also inspiring and has your own touch as well such as the asian and steampunk themes!:D

  11. Jasmine says:

    Her artwork looks beautiful but I have to say I am so much more inspired by yours. I know you are not looking to compare, but I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of your creations. You have taken the inspiration from Wulfing to a whole different level, the dolls are so fragile and frightening and beautiful at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it! You have to be one of, if not my favorite modern artist. You should feel proud of yourself for your unusual talent, and that you are able to create what we don’t even realize we imagine.

  12. Catharine says:

    I was introduced to Sulamith’s work about the same time you were! An online friend mentioned my work brought her to mind and to this day its the highest complement I’ve ever received. (Although I know I’m very far from from achieving her magical transcendence) I completely understand being swept away by her work as it strikes a chord deep within.

    The beautiful thing about your dolls is they have that quality, So lovely that it hurts, communicating so much of our experiences. I’m delighted that you are inspired by Wulfing, and am glad her work is being celebrated and brought to life.

  13. Dear Marina,
    I would like you to know that your work is being a real “inspiration spring” for me: art is not my job, even if I would like it;I have been drawing and painting since I was a child: I begun sculpting two years ago, but I don’t have much spare time so I can dedicate to my passions a very little time.
    Your dolls inspire me and give me the strenght to keep creating despite difficulties and tiredness…
    So thank you
    Art makes life worth living

  14. Jo says:

    A friend of my pointed me to your site, I think your work is unbelievably beautiful and pristine!

  15. […] her confidence, Marina is humbled by the work of her “mentor,” Sulamith Wülfing (read more about Wülfing on wikipedia and see some of her artwork on, and […]

  16. Eva says:

    How lovely!

    Are these her books or is there some other, more expensive set that are harder to find?

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