My new home studio and kiln room!

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So, on top of making new dolls for the Vogue photo shoot next week, I’m also right smack in the middle of moving to a new place. My new work studio is pretty awesome, but it’s been kind of ridiculous with everything happening at once. Timing is not ideal, but that’s the only way we could meet the deadline. For the last two weeks I’ve going back and forth between the two places since my new studio is not set up yet, and I won’t even get a chance to do it until after I get home from the shoot, because our last moving day also happens to be the day we have to catch our flight to New York. We’ll just throw all our stuff in the new apartment and leave for the airport. Sort it out later. Sleep later too.

I’m pretty excited about the kiln room too. Having been a spacially-challenged city-dweller my whole life, I’m thrilled to finally have a room just for my kilns. Feels so decadent. Can’t wait to try it, but in the meantime I’ve got some wigs to finish. I’m coordinating their colours to the product being advertized. Can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s gonna be awesome!


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  1. Crystal says:

    That’s really exciting! Congrats on the new place! Wow! What an exciting life! Can’t wait to see pictures from the Vogue shoot.

  2. Jayne Wourms says:

    What a light and airy studio space. Good luck with the move and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the photo shoot!

  3. Merri says:

    This looks fabulous!
    Looking forward to pics from the photo shoot!

  4. Aeroksana says:

    Marina, congratulations on the new apartment! Is it rental, or now yours own? I just love it all: clear large windows that giving plenty of light, air and space, the fresh combination of white and green colors (my favorite combination), and even checkerboard floor! I dream of a checkerboard floor, ever since she saw him in one of the video clips of Freddie Mercury! Someday I will have too)) And soon this space will be populated by divine Enchanted Dolls – it seems that all my favorites met together here!
    I wish you a lot of creative enjoyment in this new wonderful place! And successful shooting for Vogue!

  5. BB says:

    The apartment looks pretty awesome !

  6. I would love to work in that space! It must feel, like you are up in the clouds! Congratulations!

  7. Marina says:

    Yup, it’s ours. No more renting!

  8. Merri says:

    Your own….well, that’s even better! Congratulations to you & Chad, wishing you much happiness there! :)

  9. Glynis says:

    Marina,hope you and Chad have many years of happiness in your new home.

  10. Amal says:

    Ooh, congratulations! I’d say owning a property is pretty much as good an investment as owning an Enchanted Doll! Hehe

  11. Cjoy says:

    I am SOOOOOOO happy for you. It is beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  12. Aeroksana says:

    Oh, then congratulations are tripled! When a person has a property, it is considered to be confidently standing on their feet and wealthy person! I think that your parents are also very happy for you!

  13. Orangey says:

    How exciting, huge congratulations to you! It looks like a wonderful location and a beautiful airy space. Please do update us when you’ve “made it your own”, decorating-wise! ;)

  14. Annina says:

    congratulations on your new place, and i agree with the others, please show us once you’ve made it your own!

  15. Kris says:

    Beautiful home!
    Beautiful view!
    I am sure the view will bring you much inspiration!

  16. amina says:

    is it an accessories story?

  17. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Wow!! It really looks Spacious, Cozy & Elegant.
    An invitation to create Art for the Heart :-}


  18. Crystal says:

    I keep checking and checking this blog for something, anything! I need to know what’s happening!

  19. Erin says:

    Hey, that’s so awesome…congrats on your new place! (Even though you’ll be sleep deprived for awhile. =( ) Oooo, can’t wait to find out what your hiding from us. ^_^

  20. Danielle says:

    So light and airy, a perfect space for creating. Congrats to you guys, well done.

    Now get back to work because we are waiting for more pictures, more dolls, more more. LOL. No really take your time and enjoy it.

  21. Bertha says:

    Love your new place for the kiln. lot s of sunlight from the glass windows.

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