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Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ve coveted an airbrush for years, but was always intimidated by the sheer coolness and sleekness of this little high-tech tool.

I love tools because they provide my hands and imagination with a vehicle for expressing my ideas and realizing my dreams. I never hesitate to purchase equipment which will increase the efficiency and quality of my work, because I consider it a worthy investment in my career. So, understandably, I’ve become a bit of a tool junkie.

The only reason I didn’t already own an airbrush, despite wanting it for years, is because I couldn’t justify the spending of significant funds, nor the time commitment it would require, on a tool that didn’t really have a practical use in my doll-making methods. No matter how much I wanted it to, an airbrush just wasn’t suited for my application and I really had no interest in using it for anything but dolls.

Well, all that changed when resin Enchanted Dolls came into the picture and brought a necessity to expand my painting methods and techniques. Now, an airbrush is no longer an expensive novelty, but a necessary and a valuable tool in achieving my new creative goals. At least that’s my hope. I hope it’s everything it want it to be, because that neat little set up over there, cost me almost as much as one of my ceramic kilns. I’ve never actually tried airbrushing and don’t even know if I’ll like it.

Yep, I may have just wasted a bunch of valuable resources, but it won’t be the first nor the last time I do that in pursuit of a vision. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as I go….and if I fail…..oh well….life’s full of risks.

After all, what are the options – not trying?

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  1. Leah says:

    I think you made a good choice, I’ve been looking at getting an airbrush set for a very long time as well, and it happens to be by the same brand as the one you purchased XD imagine that. Be sure to post pictures of how it works on your resin dolls, it would be wonderful to see what an airbrush is capable of doing on resin (since I am considering using resin as well). I am so happy for your new line of dolls, and hope to see lots more of them in the future :3

  2. Jayne says:

    Way to go Marina! Just remember that more tools equals more possibilities and not everything is art, but everything is art supplies :)
    Have fun.
    Jayne x

  3. Not trying is not an option! Today I tried my first BJD makeup and for a moment I thought about not trying because I’ve never done this before but then I realized that I’d never know whether I could or couldn’t do it, liked or disliked doing it. So I tried. And I love it! (as for the result, let’s wait till more practice comes *^v^*)

  4. kelly says:

    My early airbrush experiences always ended in bent needles. Not sure how I bend them, but it leads to splattering! It will be worth the time spent getting used to the tool though, you just can’t blend like that by hand! At least not with acrylics. In my experience. Good luck, if anyone can master something, you can!

  5. Milan says:

    Best thing I learned about an airbursh is the thin layers you can paint to create depth.Once you get the hang of it it’s a great tool to use besides hand painting.Thinning your paints is the best bet and taking the needle cap off.It’s easier to bend the needle but you will get finer lines when needed.Besides making your own colors this website sells very good airbrush under freestyle paint.

  6. Linda says:

    You will do just fine…. You are trying new things and you are improving. Its not called failing, its called learning and trying new things. Great things happen when you have the courage to try. Never ever stop trying !!!

  7. Ariel says:

    Once you get used to the different methods of building up colours…airbrushing can be so delicate and natural looking. Not like my first efforts: lumpy and drippy at the same time. Thankfully the paint wipes off while it’s wet, eh?

  8. Iren says:

    Dear Marina, please check your e-mail, i sent u the questins for the interview.
    Best wishes,

  9. Cay says:

    You are right Marina: it is necessary to invest and to be delighted: it will suffer in your creations if you’re not frustrated and smelling you restricted by technology. And your dolls are well worth it!

  10. Crystal says:

    There is a wonderful subtle effect that only airbrush can give. Good luck with it!:)

  11. Ilona says:

    I’m sure you’ll learn how to use it very quickly Marina! And once you can control the tool a 100%, you’ll master the technics needed for painting resin dolls. I think you’ll probably come out with some new methods, too! :)

    I would love to own an airbrush but have been using soft pastels for my dolls so far and I love them. I still can’t justify buying an airbrush but there’s no comparison between what you and I do! Apart from your incredible talent, I wish I could have your determination but, like I said before, you never cease to inspire me, so who knows, maybe one day I’ll spread my wings a bit more.

    What have you been using to paint your resin dolls so far? Sorry if I missed this information somewhere.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the airbrush! Who knows, maybe there’s a whole new generation of Enchanted Dolls coming!

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