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I finished a new, Costumed Porcelain Doll. She’s been in the works for over three years. I’ve been surreptitiously adding more layers to her face and more jewels to her veil for the past year and a half, and it’s finally feeling complete. It didn’t for a long time, but when her eyes started ‘speaking’ to me, I knew it was time to put the paint brush down. I’ll reveal her name and her costume in the next post. In the meantime enjoy these nude nature photos and help me select one to make into a print. Tell me your favourite.

A Mid-Summer Dream

This Doll’s eyes were inspired by one the earliest memories from my childhood, of the illustrator Macoto Takahashi. I believe his work had left a profound and irreversible aesthetic imprint on the formation of my young subconsciousness, because I can still see his influence lurking in the faces and themes of my dolls. I keep looking for the origin of my aesthetic; the beginning of my style and my path as an artist, and I think he might have been it. Or perhaps I was drawn to his work because it already resonated with my emerging identity. It’s like a dream I can’t remember.

Forest Spirit

In mid-summer all the luscious, moss is dry and yellow. The only patches of green are to be found in shady woods, where the sunlight is speckled and cool. I laid The Doll down into a bed of green moss at the base of a Douglas Fir. There was a small patch of sunlight, and the porcelain just came to life, glowing and shimmering like moist human skin.

All The Stars Below

Gallium Triflorum, also called Fragrant Bedstraw is one of my most beloved plants. It blooms in tiny, delicate little stars along the pathways and smells sweetly on contact. When I place the doll into the mids of it, its fuzzy stems tangle in with her soft hair as if they want to be a part of her.

Dog Assistants

I have three of them. They are not very professional, I’m afraid. The spotted Anya usually takes off first to chase Bald Eagles in the sky. The ginger Sadie likes to waddle off and eat rotting deer carcasses in the forest, then nap in the shade. The curly Bandit, on the other hand, has separation anxiety and wants to stick his little snout into all my shots. Like I said, all three are very unprofessional and kind of smelly. But they are my crew, and I love them.

Blessed By The Bumble Bees

We staged these shots in a sunny and fragrant glen of Daisies, Foxgloves and Gallium Triflorum, with Bumblebees buzzing all around us. I said to Chad that it would be really cool if we could somehow photograph the doll with bumble bees. A few moments later, 3 bumble bees flew right into the frame and hovered over the doll just long enough for us to get a burst of shots. One of them worked out! They must have heard us talking, and came to bless the doll with their presence and fuzzy bums.




Bumble Bee Blessings

Assistant Number Three


19 Responses

  1. Kristin Aquino says:

    Love “Blessed by the Bumble Bees”, “Star”, and all the shoes with your assistants!
    Sorry I couldn’t pick a #1 either!
    Stunning as always!

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Marina,

    Glad to hear you’re having a print made.

    I can’t really say one stands above, but am fond of A Mid-Summer Dream (a great close up), All The Stars Below (which has a great sense of peace). Loss I have a pull towards, and Immortality as well.

    Not familiar with Macoto’s work – but just looking up some images – yes, I can see the eyes in your creations having a relation to his art. Very cool.

    Love your work. -R

  3. Amal says:

    I love ‘Forest Spirit’ because of the glorious way the light hits the porcelain and we can appreciate the full form of the doll and then ‘Immortality’… because that’s what your dolls are.

    Thanks for letting us trail along beside you, with the fuzzy bums and smelly assistants! :-D

  4. Kennedy & Lana says:

    Wow! She is breathtaking. Such a unique and delicate beauty with starry eyes. It almost looks as if she is about to cry – hopefully the bees didn’t scare her too much! Hehe. ♡ My twin sis and I love Bumble Bee Blessings, the second photo from the bottom. Her costume is bound to be amazing – but I must say, I love seeing your girls au naturale!

  5. Amal says:

    So if you repaint a fired doll, you can add layers including white on top of existing colours and it withstands the firing and retains opacity over other colours?

  6. Anna says:

    Seeing these pictures, makes me so happy, she is so beautiful. So full of heart and soul. Woohoo for a print or prints, that is awesome news. ‘Blessed By The Bumble Bees’ is such an amazing capture, I’d love that in print form. ‘Forest Spirit’ I love because of the deep contrast and I totally agree with what Amal wrote. I adore the softness of ‘Mid Summers Dream’ and in particular ‘all the stars below’. As though she is merging with nature. Thank you for sharing these pictures. So lovely to see beautiful you. Big love to you and your crew from all of us (and our smelly two unhelpful assistants, who still manage to be the cutest dogs in cute town.)

  7. Orangey says:

    Oh gosh, I’m wavering between All the Stars Above and Blessed By The Bumble Bees

    All The Stars Above is so aesthetically dreamy, the white against green is so fresh. And the tiny little buds appear as the constellations of the sky, I love how they decorate her hair and the atmosphere, like little balls of light.

    Blessed By The Bees is a beautiful close up composed of lovely pops of colors, I love the flowers surrounding her and think it makes a classic photo.

    If I had to choose only one, I think I would choose the latter. Can’t wait to see her costume.

  8. Jacquelyn says:

    Bumble Bee Blessings is so ethereal, i think that one would make a great print. i love that you made another Rubenesque doll, and her eyes are lovely. can’t wait to see the veil you made for her.

  9. The dolls with the name of the photos and colors seems like it’s going to be a goddess, maybe something like a star or moon goddess.
    By the way, it’s susprising Macoto it’s on your inspiration library. I love his work too and I uploaded not so long ago his book with yours in the same photo. Both are my treasures.

  10. Sonia Anne says:

    I love this new doll! As usual, it is difficult to pick a favorite, but after looking at these divine photos, a half dozen times or more, I pick ” Bumble Bee Blessings “. The Bumble Bee is considered to be an
    ” endangered species ” and I feel that a print of an Enchanted doll with a Bumble bee buzzing around her face, would be great. I also love the colors in the photo. Dear Marina, thank-you for sharing!

  11. Carmen says:

    She is just so amazing, love the roundness of her face, so angelic.
    all the photos are great but if I had to pick one then : All The Stars Below
    Its very captivating and is speaks to me of a fallen angel, a bit sad heavenly creature far from home.
    Lost in the woods … many stories can be told.
    In regards to Macoto Takahashi, I remember his anime/ illustrations from the 1970 & 80’s. I remember some kind of stationary or cards with his illustration from my childhood.
    Most likely his work and other like him infused my love for anime and Japanese culture.

  12. Kayleigh says:

    Blessed by the Bumble Bees is my personal favorite. There’s something almost Rococo about it. Of course, I’m biased because I’m a beekeeper… All of them are lovely, however! Forest Spirit probably comes in second.

  13. Els says:

    All The Stars Below is my favourite. Such beautiful photos. I look forward to seeing which one will end up as a print.

  14. shantiera miller says:

    These shots are amazing! the doll looks so ethereal as if she belongs in the forest. Like a spirit. As for the prints, the blessed by the bumblebees one has my favorite composition. I love all of the colors.

  15. Jacquelyn says:

    ok, i just was looking through the blog and this is the doll you posted pics of last July, when both of your kilns broke. i thought she looked familiar, i couldn’t place her at first. now i’m really curious as to who she is and how her costume will look. sorry if i’m a killjoy here, but i couldn’t help noticing.

  16. Crystal says:

    “All the stars below” and “Immortality” are the pics I favor. She is lovely and I am very anxious to see her costume!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  17. Diana says:

    I remember very clearly years ago when I first saw her! I just thought that she is my most favorite girl so far from you! This Rubensbody with a face that reminds me so much of Amalthea from the last Unicorn… Immortality and A midsummer dream are my favorites but I also love the pic you took years ago Black Orchid:

  18. Gatynor says:

    She’s incredibly beautiful! My favourite is the penultimate pic, it captures her expressive eyes and delicate features.

  19. Anthony says:

    It is INCREDIBLE to finally see this beauty complete after all of these years. I remember meeting her in person when I met you so many Moons ago no Marina, and she was truly CAPTIVATING. Her gaze is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Such a glorious doll, and perfect character!!!! Marina yet another masterpiece my dear <3

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