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I caught a lot of flak from a bunch of people for giving my Rubenesque doll smallish breasts. The argument was that they simply had to be more voluptuous on that body type. I strongly disagree with that line of thought and prefer smaller breasts for my dolls hands down, but still, I decided to make a larger chest for fun and for art. After all, I thought, why not?

And then I made it, and realized why not. I’m afraid it only reaffirmed my initial aversion to this aesthetic. They are not bad, but I can’t say I’m interested in pursuing this direction much further than this. However, I will keep this bust around as an option for those who do like it.

What about you? Now that you see them made, do you still like them?

chest 1

chest 2

71 Responses

  1. Jugend Moth says:

    I realy love small breast on your dolls. But if larger then more “real” then plastic:) Too perfect for me.

  2. mlp says:

    Much better! Now the body makes more sense.

  3. Dani says:

    I like the larger breasts as well. Not sure I like that face with the body but it is more proportionate. I like the smaller breasts on the Asian sculpt. Now I want to see another pregnant doll. I really liked state property and your explanation it the book. I haven’t seen much work of yours that I don’t like.

  4. jazz says:

    you know, i love them both.

    as a large busted girl, i appreciate that you made a doll that is bustier, but what i really appreciate is that you stick to the aesthetic that pleases you.
    i know people with your original ‘reubenesque’ style figure, so i never had an issue with it.

  5. jacquelyn says:

    ummmm, no. definatly like the smaller breasts. and if you look at pre-Raphialite paintings the woman are voluptuous but small breasted. i think the Rubenesque looks more delicate with a smaller cheet. if i could, i’d make my chest disappear, i would love to be smaller. and i’m not even that big but still. i prefer the original Rubenesque dolls.

  6. jacquelyn says:

    shoot, typo. i meant cheast and it came out cheet, lol

  7. Al says:

    Personally, I am built like the original Rubenesque body: tiny on top and bigger on bottom. It’s nice to see a doll that actually represents me!

  8. Sylvia Leticia says:

    To me, both look *Adorable*

    But the way You have always created your Rubenesque Dolls with small breasts is so tender and so You!!

    Keep up your Marvelous work, Marina :-}
    ~Warm Greetings~

  9. Claudia says:

    I prefer the first version, it’s subtle and graceful.

  10. JK Blackwell says:

    Smaller breasts still; they give a sense of innocence too which suits the doll’s complexions and expression – more mystifying that way. (can’t believe I’m talking about breasts! :) )

  11. Sabrina says:

    I think the bigger breasts look like breast implants. So I definitely prefer the smaller breasts. :)

  12. I like the smaller breasts. The Models on the Runways in Paris hardly have any breasts. LOL! Your dolls are beautiful Models! Each to his own, though.

  13. Merri says:

    Marina, I think it’s nice that those who prefer larger will have that option. But for me, I prefer smaller. :)

  14. Hazel says:

    I prefer the smaller breasts. I don’t think it looks unrealistic at all… (After all, I have a similar pear-shaped, small-busted body type… and I’m real!)

    I do, however, love experiments like these! It’s so nice to see these possibilities in reality, even if they’re not always successful.

  15. I would have to say I prefer the smaller pair. And if it was possible I would love to see them even smaller.. for some reason the larger breast seems to take away the innocence your dolls have.

    How I pray that one day you will attempt to do a doll that is more of a child type. Lets say a very very young girl before puberty. You never know!

  16. Jayne Wourms says:

    She reminds me of a breast feeding mother. Full round breasts and belly post child birth. I think she is beautiful.

  17. Bertha says:

    I like them on this particular Rubenesque or a pregnant woman. For the small busts I don’t see nothing wrong and they are the very originals that we love!

  18. Joumana says:

    I’m not for half-measures myself. My take is, if you’re not going to do actual reubenesque, which really requires more flesh all over and clearly isn’t in your line of aesthetics (I’m slim and wear European S but this supposedly curvier doll still looks two sizes skinnier than me), then I say stick to what pleases you :)

  19. Belen says:

    Truth to be told, the bigger ones make me a bit uneasy, as if they didn’t go there, I really love the smaller then, I find that one smore harmonic for some reason

  20. Marina says:

    Nursing mother with breasts full of milk….Hm, that’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t thought of them in that context… quite beautiful actually.

  21. MigMig says:

    Marina, congrats on trying on new ideas! You are not afraid to try new elements which may or may not suit your artistic vision. I appreciate you showing this new sculpt to us, even it this may expose you to criticism. Ultimately you are the creator of these beautiful miniature works of art and you will do what you want to do. And we will drool ;)

    I love the bigger breasts, they harmonize so well with fuller tummy and hips. The Rubenesque doll now looks like an ideal of a mature woman – with a childish face, though. The juxtaposition of the feminine body and innocent face looks very sensual to me.

  22. Alana says:

    I prefer the small breasts, maybe also because the Rubenesque doll has exactly my body type? But in general I think they work better with your general aesthethic. I still think she looks beautiful, even with bigger breasts.

  23. Acela Tesch says:

    I like all boob-shapes, I think she looks very beautiful either way!

  24. Meg says:

    I agree with you that smaller breasts look better with her body type. I understand how people can think that giving her a bigger chest makes the overall appearance of the body more even and harmonious, but in “old art” women often were pear-shaped with narrow shoulders, small breasts and wide hips, so this seems the better way to go in my personal opinion.

    I also don’t like the bigger breasts much because they are not naturally shaped, but rather like silicone breasts. A natural breast is not so round at the top half, but more sloping, and the curve only gets really round at the bottom half. Doll or not, I think a more natural form would look way better, even if they will of course be more perfect than on most real women.

  25. stefy says:

    I’m for the small breasts as they are more natural and as I can feel from your dolls a sense of naivété and pureness, which is more for a young girl than a woman, I find they are perfect.
    At first sight I had also the impression that the big breasts on this doll give a sense of plasticity, artificiality which could give the idea of a more fashion doll. I didn’t think myself of a breast of a pregnant mother but I find it could be a nice idea if also the belly would be bigger :-)
    This is only my opinion :-)

  26. Marina says:

    I’m entirely aware of what gravity does to breasts, Meg. I’ve got a pair. Tried the more saggy look on this sculpt, and this, um, buoyant shape looks better.

    The visual downward effect of gravity had to be reduced, as it didn’t work in any other position than vertical. Making the breasts more round all around as opposed to pulled down, makes the breasts look better when the center of gravity changes from vertical to horizontal. Like when the doll lies down, for example.

  27. Marina says:

    I knew you guys wouldn’t like it very much.
    And it only took me about 4 weeks of work, to prove my point. Time well spent, I guess.

  28. Manu says:

    I love the new breast, it’s pure work of art and they are not vulgar on the doll.
    But honestely i do prefer the small breast cause they are more appropriate with the morphology of the doll and more aesthetic, very great work!!!

  29. KarolinFelix says:

    hmm… that’s very interesting point about the gravity Marina…

    I was thinking similar thing if it comes to joints… like there are two extreme positions for ll let’s say a knee… and you have to shape the joint this way, so that it looks comfortable in both situations..

    I like the new breast, but for me, it would look better on a thinner waist with bigger hips… Your version of rubenesque is perfect with a smaller bust.

  30. Sailor_orbit says:

    I would like the big breasts if the nipples were lifted a bit more, right now it looks like itis slightly sagging, yet very perfect shape…which makes it…not something I am used to. so maybe if the fullness of the upper part of the breast was slightly less then the nipples lifted more, then that would look nice.but yea she looks less pear shaped with the big breasts. Maybe she would look good with clothes in the bigger ones? Not sure, I haven’t really seen any particular fashion on her to see how she looks. I think it’s worth experimenting

  31. Sailor_orbit says:

    Actually I really don’t mind the bigger breasts, I think she would look good in clothes

  32. lis says:

    i definitely prefer the smaller breasts, they’re more aesthaetically pleasing to me.

    the bigger bust looks a bit like she had plastic surgery.. i don’t know whether that was the intention or not but if you’ll decide to do more bigger busts, i’d prefer a more realistic shape. :)

    (incidentally, i think it’s your personal choice to do small or big breasts and i can’t believe people gave you troubles over the smaller breasts! >.<)

  33. jacquelyn says:

    4 weeks to make the bigger bust just so almost everyone can say, nope, doesn’t work. wow, the things you do for art’s sake. thats cool that you took the time and the chance anyway. kudos.

  34. Marina out of curiosity what does Chad think. Does he give his opinion?

    Its always time well spent Marina, its the evolution of your thoughts and your work of art.

  35. Jayne Wourms says:

    Nope, I totally disagree with nearly everyone here. I recognize those breast and tummy and I think she is lovely. She looks like a new mum and she is beautiful. It is a shame that she will be taken apart and given her old set of knockers as she is so perfect. I think she has just the right shape and so call sag.

  36. Nada says:

    Just so I can say. The bigger breast look good but they are most definitely distracting my eyes. They are drawn to the breasts whereas with the small ones I look much more to the face.

  37. If I had to choose, I’d take the small breasts. I think you better come to the type of dolls do. Bezozzzzzz.

  38. jacquelyn says:

    if the Rubenesque looks like a new mother with the larger breasts, i wonder what would State Property look like with a full bust. since she is the pregnent doll in the collection. not suggesting more alterations, just a stray thought.

  39. Astera says:

    I like the new torso very much, more womanly, but not excessive.I agree with Jayne that this doll now looks like a new mother and there is a certain sweetness to her.
    Also, I found your comment on gravity very interesting…it makes perfect sense but it had not occurred to me!
    Overall, I think it’s good you offer people the possibility of choosing an alternative version of the torso…and most definitely it wasn’t a waste of your time!

  40. Crystal says:

    Small is better to me. A large woman can have small breasts, they’re not always big just because a woman is. The larger are not so bad though, if that’s what a person wants instead.

  41. SleepyMuse says:

    I prefer the smaller ones (the more delicate dolls in general). The new breasts look a bit artificial like the ones of women who got them enlarged by surgery. And when I looked at ur other dolls in the nudes gallery I never ever got the thought “could someone find this naughty or look at it for other reasons than admiring art and beauty?” But on the Rubenesque model I started to think that it starts to look like something that goes into another way …in my taste. No offense :)

  42. Binnur says:

    I personally would have a tough time if I needed to choose as they are both beautiful in their own way. The smaller breasts are lovely and classic Marina but the rounder ones are just as beautiful. They represent a young woman in the bloom of early pregnancy or in state of delightful post-partum, like Jayne said. They each make a different statement and present the doll a little differently. Whereas the one is more innocent, the other is a bit more worldly but just as sweet. It’s so nice that you are giving your collectors a choice. It is time not wasted at all but time well spent in the unending pursuit of perfection. I do think the rounder breasts balance the roundness and the size of the face better but it is strictly an aesthetic choice. I could love either….

  43. Back when the Rubenesque was first unveiled and the discussion about her bust size arose I was already backing up the smaller breasts, because I am a fan of the pear-shaped body.

    I do not think this was a “wasted” experiment. You’ve tried quite a few new things recently – a double neck joint, double hip joint. Some people love them, some people don’t. I think this “larger bust” shape would look great clothed – the shape is much more suited to neatly being cupped in a filigree silver or gold bra :-)

  44. Dina says:

    I am a fan of the larger breast, not because of the Rubenesque shape, merely because I find it more personally aesthetic.

  45. Merry says:

    I like the smaller breasts. I can tell you are more comfortable with that style and they work better. Also, they aren’t THAT small. Society just reinforces the idea breasts that size are “small”.

    From a personal point of view I favor them because I am a small person with overly large breasts that I’ve despised since they first sprouted and essentially ruined my life. However, since I believed men and media I thought having an E cup on a 5′ frame was still “too small”…until recently.

    So, yeah, I have breast issues and my opinion is very biased that way. :)

  46. Marina, absolutely, not a waste of time! People like choices with everything, even breasts! Well done!

  47. Mai says:

    Marina, it’s lovely that you ask your fans for our thoughts about your work, knowing that you risk receiving a criticism or two. Trying something new is always an exciting experience, and broadens your perspective and creative potential as an artist. Ultimately, you are the artist–always trust your intuition. Enchanted Dolls are entirely your creative vision and concept; you know what will suit them best.

  48. Orangey says:

    Wow, I personally think the doll looks so much better with the larger bust. Her shape looks more harmonious to me. Of course, I was one who was *gentlycough* curious about a larger bust on this doll, and my eyes have confirmed my belief, I love it!

    Of course, if it doesn’t work for you, then… you time was not wasted regardless.

    Note: I also don’t think breast size and innocence are related.

  49. Aeroksana says:

    Love, love, love her with this larger bust! She is precious!

  50. Helene says:

    I prefer the smaller version, I find it more elegant and pleasing to the eye. I don’t think it looks unrealistic, I’ve seen plenty of women with wide hips and thighs, and small breasts. No offense to anyone, but when I see the bigger pair it makes me think “milk cow”. Maybe I’ve been too exposed to giant busts on 1/6 dolls and figures when I was living in Japan.

  51. Amal says:

    Hmm, I’m not adverse to the new bust – I think the shape in itself is pleasing and beautifully sculpted. It’s just that, to me, it somehow makes the part directly underneath look thin. Like others said, I think this option would suit some items of clothing very nicely.

  52. Ali says:

    I absolutely love them, honestly! They aren’t huge, but they’re larger and just very nice. I think the option to have them is really great and if I could ever afford one of your dolls, I’d definitely choose them!
    Both chest pieces are lovely, of course, and I generally prefer smaller breasts but these really just work very well with her! I’m really glad you decided to try them out! c:

  53. Madeline says:

    As a more rubenesque woman, I find the larger breasts to suit my body-type better, though I understand your aesthetic, and the fae-like qualities your dolls have because of them.

    However, I will say that I like the way you handled the breasts’ forms on the larger top, as they hang in a very believable and realistic way. I only say that because it’s a rare occurrence among doll artists, as many become preoccupied with the notion of clothing, and how they will look underneath. Because your dolls are often displayed nude, I feel that your attention to the realistic way they sit to make sense.

    As always, I’m xcited to see your developments and explorations, even if the end result isn’t satisfactory in your eyes. It’s exciting to be part of the artistic process, and even if a piece like this is never used in one of your decked-out, artist dolls, to know that you tried at all is inspiring to me. Well done!!

  54. Sailor_orbit says:

    I can tell that you really don’t like the larger breats, you can see it in the way you position her. You have all these subtle movements in the smaller breast picture, while I feel the latger breast picture she is plopping down like “here it is”. If you simply have the interest you can make what you want beautiful. So give yourself a chance to see the beauty or potential in your own product. Despite it being something you don’t usually like.

  55. Ginie says:

    Considering people’s ideas is very honorable for an artist , and spending all this time to give it a try is amazing …as long as it is a positive experiment for you Marina .
    Artists are exposed to suggestions ,criticism, as well as admiration and it is no easy to always please everyone , including yourself .
    Stay your own self Marina , with your own creativity and style, and if that includes changes inspired by others that’s wonderful …

    I believe that whatever you create , it will be pure beauty , yet , in this case , I personaly truely prefer the SMALL breast version .
    Offering the larger breast choice is generous of you and I am sure people will appreciate your consideration !
    Anyhow , thank you for listening to all of our opinions …

  56. Candice says:

    I like them both. As with all the shapes that exist in the world, I think there is an appropriate place an for both. And, as a nursing mother, I can see that in the larger set and actually quite like it. Although, as an artist who struggles with new ideas once in a while, go with your gut. Make work you love. It’s very kind of you to ask for the thoughts and opinions of strangers, but in the end, you’ve got to make art for you. There will always be those who love your work and those who will find something to complain about. Thank you for allowing all of us to be a small part of the process. You are amazing, keep doing what you do!

  57. Marina says:

    On the contrary, Salor_Orbit, I’ve invested so much love, effort and time into making those breasts, that it’s genuinely upsetting now that I don’t feel they work well on the doll.

    I made them to the best of my ability, setting out the create the most beautiful large-breasted porcelain doll in the world.

    Not sure if I succeeded here, but the fact is that I don’t begin anything with lesser intentions. No half measures. My philosophy is: If you can’t commit yourself 100% to the work you’re doing, then don’t bother doing it. Life is too short to waste it on mediocre things.

  58. giperborea says:

    I definetely like the smaller-breasted version! Looks more delicate and more beautiful to me. Great experiment though!

  59. Anna says:

    Definitely not, don’t get me wrong! They are so well done, but I’m with you in that aspect. I think they don’t fit in these body or in any body. Your dolls are enchanting and magic because their fragility and tenderness. I feel that putting so much breast breaks that image.

    But as I said before, they have been done with the perfection that characterizes you, so even if I don’t love them, they are so well done!!

  60. Sailor_Orbit says:

    ah okay good to know. Maybe this time it didn’t work as you like but look how you progressed greatly over time. I believe you will eventually find a more besetting set, when you practice with them a bit more. Sometimes doing it in one go isn’t enough, but practice or produce over the years you will find something suitable to your taste. Don’t lose hope that you will eventually create what you envision. Though personally I really don’t think it’s bad at all, it’s different. Maybe you will create a different body type that’s more of an hour glass shape or more pin up looking yet still follow your aesthetics. It’s a challenge!

  61. Ceejay says:

    I have postponed posting so far as I have been considering these breasts. To use an awful phrase or pun- I find “they have grown on me”. I like the more voluptuous shape and like the world – things come in large and small sizes. I think these are lovely larger breasts and get away from the representation of feminine beauty as being the androgynous slender small breasted figure as being the state of perfection.

  62. I think most of us liked the smaller breasts because that is what was offered with Marina’s dolls. Sometimes, we have to sleep on anew idea and then we see it in a better light. I, for one, am liking the new sculpted breasts more and more as I keep looking at them. I think the new version is well proportioned too. It would be hard for me now to choose.

  63. Merri says:

    I have to agree with Ceejay & Sonia….the more I look at the larger breasts, the more I like them for the Rubenesque doll. There was never any doubt that they are beautifully sculpted, I think it was just the ‘shock of the new’ syndrome.

  64. Maria says:

    I think that with the bigger breasts she is more proportionated, before i felt that there was something wrong with her body, now it fits ^^

  65. marc says:

    Tho I think this is a strange thing to be commenting on – I have to say, I MUCH prefer your original sculpt. The smaller frame looks more elegant,and in proportion with the rest of the body. I’ve run into this when designing game characters – one solution we did try was to sculpt a bra (granting cleavage) right into the body. Since that is one item of clothing, with it’s compression effect, you can’t dress up in fabric. Just an idea for the bosomy look, without the zero-gravity silicon impression!

  66. Ashbet says:

    I think that all of your sculpts are lovely — as a large-chested woman with a voluptuous figure, I really like this one (it reminds me of Renaissance paintings.)

    Most of all, I’m glad you’re offering options and different body types, because I enjoy seeing diverse representations of the human form, especially when brought to life by your divine hands! :)

  67. jennifer says:

    i like your style personally i dont have issues with small or large or what not. i am big busted myself. but the large opition does look more implant than your normal style does and not natural or tear shaped or looks soft as natural are your normal thoughts first comes across. large natural breast spill over how they say it they also dont look firm or pointed. i much love your first idealism and vision

  68. joan says:

    small breasts rule!

  69. Danielle says:

    Without reading all previous posts my answer to your question is that that is the one thing that I have always felt makes your dolls different to many of the regular bjd’s. They are more angelic, realistic, sensitive and appropriate small. This is one thing I commented on a blog. I find the commercial doll makers, particularly the bjd’s have got it wrong, bigger is not better, it adds a totally different layer to the look of the doll, one which is not appropriate or tasteful in my view. I’m with you Marina, stick to the smaller version, its special. x

  70. Kim Ba says:

    The larger ones look like breast implants! Small breasts definitely :)

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