New Costumed dolls in progress.

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These two Enchanted Dolls are work in progress. Both are still waiting for their gowns. I’m working on them now. There are more pictures of them in the Costumed Doll gallery, but once their full outfits are complete, I will be doing another photoshoot and posting more pictures. There is also a third new doll on the way. I plan to have her finished within a week. Hopefully.


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  1. noxy says:

    Cixi is really breathtaking. I LOVE her eye color most, and how it matches perfectly to her headdress. Her expression is awesome too, modest smile, or even a little smug. And when you look as gorgeous as that, why NOT be a little smug? *grabby hands* The last picture in Cixi’s gallery is my favorite. To me she looks complete already, will be exciting to see what she looks like with her outfit is ready.

    As for miss pink crown… *goes insane wondering what her name will be* Her crown is lovely, I’m very partial to pink, cream, and gold together, so to me it looks perfect. And now I rejoice, for her costume will probably have pink, cream, and gold in it as well, no? :D Oh and will she have hair? Or will she be kept a bald beauty?

  2. Blu Dot says:

    Yes, yes, yes!! Thank you for these, I’m still kind of speachless afters seeing these images!

    There is no art more wonderful than making people sit in amazement and adore your creations. I wish I could hold one of those delicate ladies in my hands!

    Congratulations on yet another successful project. Stunning!

  3. Spatula says:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow. So satisfying. Pink, white and gold is an amazing colour combination.

  4. Lori Metcalf says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Silvana says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! You are great artist, look like Sulamith Wulfing..for you creation…your sensibility is incridible!!! Your dolls so amazing….i loved the news dolls…!!!!

  6. shiny says:

    Wow… that’s all I can say. Marina, you never fail to impress.

  7. Lumina says:

    They are different from others dolls of you I have seen! Was Cixy´s headdress hard to make? And now I like her armpit hair very much!

  8. Marina says:

    A new writeup has been added to Cixi’s page.

  9. miss LK says:

    I have been fascinated with Cixi myself for years and your rendition of her has a sly energy to it! The hairpin is exquisite… it outlives whomever it has adorned and your Cixi will outlive any of us, too.

    Hope to see your interpretation of the only female emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian from the Tang Dynasty one day.

  10. Lydia says:

    Wow… love those extreme hairdresses you create!

  11. nati says:

    As someone else has written, you’re talented as Sulamith Wulfing! Probably much more, in my opinion! Your last creations are simply marvelous and well, you attention to small details and jewelry always surprises me! In a very positive way, of course!

  12. Blue Dot says:

    I got so excited I misspelled my own nick name :)

  13. Cay says:

    Hello ! I am one painter French and I launch into the manufacture of an articulated doll. I fell on your job by doing researches. It is absolutely splendid, I love! The hairstyle of the Chinese doll is really achieved. I like the tattooed doll so very much. You have big feelings and a lot of niceties. Thank you for making so share your job. (I hope that the translator does not make me say too much silly remarks). Bye !

  14. znesnoc says:

    The one with the pink headdress is a Ruby, yes? Love the new painting style for the eye definition, each of your dolls is more beautiful than the last. Your work ethic and passion is evident in the continual betterment of your craft.

  15. Sarthak says:

    if these dolls were to be alive(!!) in the yesteryears, cleopatra would have had a tough competition ! they are divinly beautiful ! and their crowns/headdress’s give them the royal heiress look !

  16. mojdeh says:

    i love them!they look innocence and really kind.

  17. Ilona says:

    Pure perfection, Marina.

    I love how your art changes and shifts from one doll to the next. I can appreciate Sulamith’s talent but what you’re doing is more. You have used this inspiration and employed it in thousand ways. I said ‘pure perfection’ but I know that your style will keep evolving with every new creation. Every new doll, dress, headpiece is a work of genius but genius that learns how to develop and grow. That is probably what real talent is. I think your work is as inspirational to many of us as Sulamith’s art is to you, if not more.

    I saw your dolls in Berlin eventually. I just had to go there. I loved them very much. (Mermaid Song’s hands are wonderful! Do they all have different hands?)

    Your attention to detail is amazing.

    Ilona xxx

  18. Marina says:

    There is only one type of hands I use, but because porcelain is soft when i just pull it out of the mold, I quickly manipulate the fingers into different positions to give slight differences to each doll. Or at least as much as I can, because porcelain dries quickly once out of the mold and re-shaping becomes more and more difficult and prone to breaking with each minute.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the dolls, Ilona. You won’t be in Milwaukee on April 7th, by any chance? That’s when my solo show opens and there will be a lot more dolls. :)

  19. Ilona says:

    Hi Marina,

    It’s very interesting to know about the hands. I thought it was quite unusual for Mermaid Song’s fingers to be apart. She could probably wear rings on almost each finger. I had no idea that you could manipulate the fingers when the porcelain is still soft! I mean, it is hard to imagine the amount of precision such an operation requires! I probably wouldn’t dare to touch the dolls when they are still soft.

    It’s great to get to know those tiny details about your work. I can’t wait for your book. I would really hope there will be more things like this. Not a ‘how-to’ quide at all, just some interesting facts and behind-the-scenes like the Kya photo shoot experience.

    I would *LOVE* to be at the Milwaukee show but can’t see it happening, unfortunately. It’s a ‘bit’ far from the UK. ;) But you never know, weird things happen in life!

    Quite seriously, there is a Strychnin Gallery in London, too, you know? Have you considered exhibiting there?

  20. Ilona says:

    I meant Kia, of course!

    One thing I’d forgotten to mention- the tattoos all over the dolls’ torsos really do look stunning! There is so much detail that they are a pleasure to look at on their own but I think their positioning is also quite crucial and works great.

  21. Murjani says:

    Everything is so perfect, it is a joy to look at.

  22. These dolls are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see their costumes.

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